Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 23 Part 2

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23-2. For the time being, Getting a job (Part 2)

What on earth did touched this person’s heart? Was there something from me that he liked so much?

Hmm, I don’t know, it’s like ‘This guy, his skill is not bad!’, that kind of feeling…

After all, while playing a romance game, I remember the time when my liking suddenly increased with one option that I choose.

I gaze at Lord Ragdo as to askiing what happened.

“He is such a King. Please go along with him.”

“If it’s you say so…”

Unlike before, Marito sits in a chair in a comfortable position.

It’s more like a young friend than a young king.

“First of all, let me thank you as a king. My knights who tied up in chivalry were played good by the wicked bandits.”

“No, It’s because Dokora have a good skill. And by chance is on their side.”

Really, what’s wrong with his tone, it’s too casual. And Lord Ragdo doesn’t care at all.

Without the first encounter, the bandits could not be captured and information could not be retrieved.

“Even so, isn’t it your wisdom that pulled out the information and made Lady Ratzel defeat the leader?”

“That’s…. might be true.”

“You don’t seems to want to brag about it huh.”

“You can’t be proud of how you can take advantage of people’s weaknesses, right? And the one who should be complimented is Illias.”

“Hmm, which part of Lady Ratzel that I should praise?”

“Her resolution to accept all of what might happen to her while walking the chivalry path to become like her father.”

Illias didn’t like the way that I took.

Still, she did it because she understood and accepted it as necessary.

“She may be slandered if she use a cowardly hand. She may put a dirt on her chivalry. While understanding that, she still prioritized the quickest solution.”

“Certainly, even if I give credit to Lord Leanor and other knights, it’s hard for them to be devoted to thinking about the Kingdom. Especially, when they are in their position right now.”

“Do you think you as a King could corrected it?”

“It’s not that I can’t. However, if I do that, the movement behind the scenes of this kingdom will become more insidious…”


“Still, It’s a fact that they have to admit her ability. All she have to do is shut up with her achievements. If they still barks, it’s howling the losing dog.”

“If only she could differentiate between herself and others.”

“In that area, Lady Ratzel is still inexperienced.”

I pour him the Alcohol, he take a sip and continue talking.

“I would like to thank you for the Black Wolf tribe. And I’m sure It would have been easy to control them with the strength of this kingdom.”

“Don’t say such a dangerous words. My reputation as the wise king will go down you know?”


Sigh, Good grief, How should I say this?

Oh yeah, I knew what it was like.

This guy behaviour is similar with someone, when they are so excited.

“I’d like to hear a lot about the story of your world, but let’s finish the main topic first.”

Marito raises his hand. Lord Ragdo walks up accordingly.

Lord Ragdo comes close and takes out a book from his pocket.

A familiar book, it’s a book left by Dokora.

“And here, you brought out the topic I wanted to avoid the most…”

“Well, sorry, sorry. But it’s important, even though it was a word from your world, you didn’t read it right?”

“I was told that in this world, just wanting Resuscitation magic would be a death penalty.”

“Isn’t it okay if you just read it secretly?”

“Grandpa Kara was there. I don’t want him to be a lie accomplice.”

“By the way, I couldn’t read the inside at all. Definitely the language is from your world.”

“I guess so.”

“However, there are some illustrations, some of the was something like the magical composition. From my analysis, it seems to be the basis of Necromancy that is said to have been used by the bandit.”

Dokora lost his job, maybe because he saw that book, or the Necromancy inside it.

It’s no wonder that the book contains information about Forbidden Resuscitation Magic and Necromancy if it’s related to the Demon Lord.

“In fact, research on Resuscitation Magic is still forbidden in intercontinental agreements. And If this is a kingdom with strict rule on Forbidden arts like Mejis, we will find you and sentenced you to death.”

“Even if I didn’t read it?”

“If you can read it, no need to questions you more.”

What a terrifying country… Isn’t it to the level of a witch hunting?

“Isn’t it nasty…”

“There are still many areas in the Mejis territory where people cannot live in due to the Demon Lord. The area where heavily damaged by the Demon Lord is so sensitive to this kind of topic.”

It’s not that I can’t understand If he said it like that.

Japan, which has had its area dropped with nuclear weapons, has a particularly high hate to nuclear weapons.

Because they know the terror from it.

There are still areas where you cannot live in because the radioactivity in that area still strong.

“But, the place where Dokora, the leader of the bandits, once worked as part of the dark side, it is also Mejis.”

“It sound so fishy….”

The dark part of the country, which should be more sensitive to Forbidden arts, He got the Forbidden arts from there and was driven out from there.

It’s unclear if it was in that Kingdom from the beginning or if it was stolen from a neighboring kingdom, but Dokora have obtained it and looked inside.

Then he was chased out by the kingdom and arrived at Garne.

Is he learned Necromancy while lurking and being a thief in Garne, and then fled to Tiez?

“I wish this book was just sealed. If it existed as part of research, it would be a problem on this continent. That’s why I’m currently investigating the origin of this book.”

“I don’t want to get involved in this if possible…”

“That’s why I would like to request you to analysis this book.”

“Didn’t you heard what I just said!?”

“Well, don’t worry, I will guarantee your safety. So, Do you know what you need to do?”

“What you want to know is… how much information this book has, right?”

He nodded.

Marito wants to know how dangerous this book is to be considered as Forbidden.

If this is just a biography of the Demon Lord, it’s not a big deal.

However, it was certain that there was enough information to learn Necromancy.

Furthermore, it cannot be said that there is no description about the Forbidden Resuscitation Magic.

And if there was a kingdom that was studying it…. it will be a bad story.

“Who knows about this?”

“Only me and Lord Ragdo, I haven’t told Maya from Yugura church.”

“Even Maya?”

“Yugura Religion Sanctuary is in Mejis.”

I see, you can’t carelessly say it then.

Mejis, the country that was chasing Dokora, may know that Dokora has this book.

Maya’s position is Chief of Yugura branch in Tiez.

She might be have quite a few exchanges with Mejis, where the sacred place of Yugura is located.

Wait, I asked Maya to get the documents of Dokora before.

The probability of that documents came from Mejis is high.

“I had Maya check the identity of Dokora. Most likely she know that Dokora had the book.”

“In fact, they had that kind of movement. Didn’t you arrange and choose them to support Lord Leanor?”

“Yeah, Beacuse I heard that priests know how to deal with Necromancy.”

“Lord Leanor reported that he feel that they searching around their home base during the purification of the undead.”


“In addition, they requested to accompany as the undead countermeasures in the base survey at a later date.”

“But the book is in front of us now.”

“Yeah, thanks to you for collecting it first.”


“You don’t have make such a complicated face. I know that Lady Ratzel and you are intimate with Maya. Anyway, she’s not from their intelligence team.”


“As someone from Yugura church, it’s only natural to find out who might have something about Necromancy. You can said that is her obligation.”

That’s true. The image that Mejis condemns anything that touches the Forbidden Magic was filling my head, that it changed the image of Maya in my head too.

“I think the reason she was moving without telling you was that she wanted to keep you away from that.”


Maya doesn’t like Necromancy and Resuscitation magic.

And She doesn’t want anyone to be involved in it.

“But what would you do if I’ve talked to Maya about the book over here?”

“At that time, Maya would have come to talk to me directly. Then I will took appropriate measures. The fact that she didn’t came, means that you didn’t told her yet, right?”

“That’s right. The only one who know other than us is Grandpa Kara.”

“Lord Domitorkofkon has been instructed not to speak out to anyone from Lord Ragdo. What I personally care about is whether you talked it to Lady Ratzel or not.”

“I haven’t told Illias yet.”

I ust explained that I was taking a walk at that time.

Anyway, I didn’t want to give further problems to Illias, who was so depressed already.

“Lady Ratzel’s mother is Maya’s best friend. That is why she still have friends. And I’m sure Lady Ratzel, who was worried about talking about the book, was most likely to consult to Maya.”

“I see. But what is the reason for hiding the existence of books?”

“The main reason is that Mejis can’t be trusted. It can be seen that the story of Tiez subdued Dokora, which was being pursued by Mejis, I’m sure 80-90% that the story has been passed down from Maya to them. But Mejis doesn’t say anything about this book.”

If this is the reason Dokora was chased, it’s likely that Mejis is looking for this book.

In fact, even if you look at Maya’s actions to search for belongings of Dokora, who use Necromancy, it can be seen that there was an instruction from Mejis.

If Mejis is innocent, it’s okay to tell Tiez about the book and ask for help to search.

Of course, the cautious Maya might said to them that she just searched it around and could not find it just in case.

It is possible that Mejis is hiding information to avoid unnecessary confusion and because of the danger of Tiez gaining knowledge of Necromancy.

“You can trust Maya, but you can’t trust the Mejis and Yugura religion behind her.”

“Yeah. From her personality, I think she’s just a good person.”


“That’s why I want to independently investigate the dangers of this book, and the kingdom that owned it.”

What should I do, huh?

The degree of danger is increasing, but there is still a desire to read this book.

And anyway it also comes with the permission and protection of King Marito.

There is a possibility that I will be noticed by Maya and the Yugura religion behind her, and eventually the Mejis of a nation…

However, if I miss this opportunity, I can see that there is almost no more chance to read it.

“I understand, so how I should cooperate?”

“I want you to translate this. Into the language of this world.”

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

“It is dangerous to leave it as a book. But that information will be recorded here.”

Marito point his own head.

“That’s why I want you to visit here every time in the future. However, if you only come to translate, there is a high possibility that Yugura religions will suspicious of you. Therefore I thought about the name of the job.”

“And that is?”

“A consultant.”

“… Explain it in more detail.”

“You’ll be in a position to tell me stories and knowledge of another world like a bard. From the sidelines, it’s like a Court Jester.”

Court Jester, huh?

It’s a position to entertain great people with small jokes and stories.

Certainly then he can use it as an excuse to Maya.

“I don’t know how much policy from Another world can be applied here, but it’s safe to say that I might get something from it. Maybe I can hear a useful story, so tell me okay?”

“That’s okay… But over there I was an ordinary person. So, I lack a lot of expertise, you know?”

“From the start, I don’t expect too much from it. Just want to listen for fun.”

Marito’ eyes are shining.

Yeah, I think that seems to be one of the reasons.

“…. I understand. However, when that happens, My visit schedule to Maya’ place will be disturbed.”

“What do you mean?”

I tell him that I am learning common sense and language at Maya with Wolfe.

“I see, It’s easy to prepare such a place here, but It’s ungrateful to change so suddenly.”

“That’s how it is. And Maya can see through lies, so it’s painful just to talk such a story.”

“Don’t worry. Preparations for the festival from Yugura Religions are about to begin. She will be busy too. Just start the talk from that.”


“Just in case, let’s decipher the book next time. It seems better for you to hurry to learn the language.”

Suddenly, I am curious about something.

But that’s not a good idea.

It seems that such a thought is due to the fact that I had been talking conspiracy with him.

However, I can’t help but keep thinking about this.

“Oh, And I want you to arrange me something.”

“What is it?”

I tell Marito the details, and he nods.

“It’s worth doing. Let’s arrange it.”

“Thank you. Then, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yeah, Let’s have a long-lasting relationship..”

In this way, the unemployed man achieved a different rank up to the position of a Court Jester.

After he returned, Marito and Lord Ragdo remained in the room together.

“You seemed to be have a lot of fun, Your Majesty.”

“Oh, he was a more interesting than I expected.”

He’s not relaxed like earlier. It is the figure of a king who talks with the oldest knight commander in front of him.

“Was my tone that funny?”

“I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“… Well, when I’m alone with him, I’ll keep it that way. It’ll be my time to take a break.”

He haven’t used that way of talking since a long time, maybe at least since he took over the throne.

Marito laughs that there is a way to use the wording that will make you scolded for being vulgar.

“And the one we just talked, I’ll leave the arrangements to you.”

“As your command.”

Marito sits where he was sitting earlier.

Did he think the king was a credible person? how the king looked to him?

He pour alcohol into a container next to it.

The king close his eyes and remember the conversation with him.

“Hmm, As expected I want him.”

“I though that you have already acquired him as a collaborator…”

“Only as that. But I want him to serve this country.”

Tiez is a Kingdom with a history centered on knights.

Therefore the stubbornness remains.

In fact, adventurers who cross the world do not gather in this kingdom.

There is an adventurer guild, but it’s very small.

This is because everyone keep relying on a knight who was trusted since long time.

Because of that kind of stiff head, even dealing with cunning bandits were made the knight to struggle.

They weren’t even aware of the existence of the Demi-Human who lived in this territory.

And the one who changed this situation easily is only one man.

His ability is not that excellent. It just that His existence has brought movement to this Kingdom.

Even before Marito became king, he felt cramped in the stiffness of this country.

“That man will be meaningful to the future of this country. So I want to make him, mine.”

With that said, Marito drank up the alcohol to dry.


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