Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 23 Part 1

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23-1. For the time being, Getting a job (Part 1)

“It suits you well.”

The next day, I change into a formal dress for the ceremony at Mr.Ban’ Trading Company.

Hmmm, I should have asked for it to not be so flashy.

The design reminiscent me of a medieval aristocrat. Is this kind of sense common throughout the world?

However, if that’s true, I’m worried about the future of Saira, which has a sense that maybe only some of the people like.

After all, she should find a teacher who will teach her the basics, not just self-study.

Wolfe is waving his tail with interest when he sees this outfit.

“Shisho, I feel like something is off!”


Unlike Illias father’ clothes, the crampedness is very painful.

I have no choice but to think that it is better without a corset or wig.

While feeling the crampedness of wearing a suit for the first time, learn the minimum etiquette from Mr.Ban.

When I was doing that, Grandpa Kara came in a carriage.

“Oh, Kid! I see that you ‘Dressed up to the nines’!”

“And you’re wearing the usual armor?”

“No, no, It’s different.”

And he show me the armor.

Ah, the design is the same, but the decorations are increasing here and there.

The armor itself is barely have any scratch and is beautiful.

“So, you have armor just for ceremony, huh.”

“It was covered with dust and was hard to wash, you know.”

I know that. At the time of a sudden ceremonial occasion, I pull out leather shoes that I usually don’t wear.

So, I board the carriage and head for the castle.

Tiez Kingdom is surrounded by huge walls.

The area where the market and the ordinary citizen’s house are located is visible through the gate.

The “Dog’s Bone” and Illias house are here.

As we go further inside, the number of luxurious buildings where the wealthy people live will increase.

Maya’s church is in the middle of ordinary citizen’s house and luxurious buildings. As we proceed, I could find Mr.Ban’ Trading Company and the houses of knights with names like Grandpa Kara.

And as we go further, I notice the Tiez Castle that is surrounded by walls.

The height of the walls of Tiez Castle is about half the height of the outer walls, and there is a moat around it.

Only the bridge is the way to go in to Tiez Castle.

After completing the inspection in front of the bridge, we cross the wall.

The castle itself reminds me of the one from the Middle Ages, but the impression of the surroundings is like a military facility.

Many stable and barracks can be seen.

I can also see the knights’ training grounds here and there.

In the city, I saw only knights who were patrolling or guards that standby at some points, but the one on this site, are they active every day?

Then, in front of the entrance of the castle I get off from the carriage and undergo further inspection.

I can see a Magic Sealing Stone of a certain size in the decoration at the entrance.

Hmm, I see, they also consider the security measures against magic?

It will be a check against those who change their appearance by magic.

Proceed through the castle and arrive at the ceremony.

Many knights and aristocrats have already formed a line in each place.

It doesn’t seem to have started, so I can hear the voice here and there.

They eyes that are directed at us are not a few.

Some are the knights, but most of them are aristocrats.

A rare black-haired young man who appeared with a veteran knight like Grandpa Kara, of course that’s a good reason to look.

Grandpa Kara comes with me to the aristocratic space.

“I guess it will start soon.”

I can hear various talk in my ears.

Rejoicing that the bandits have been subdued, talks about future national trends, and other talk too.

However, I can hear unpleasant voices such as “Even though she’s just a woman,” “What kind of underhanded hand she did,” and “She don’t know her own position.”

Then, I gently look at Grandpa Kara.

From his expression, he doesn’t look angry, but I can’t feel the calmness that I usually feel.

He know, if he rebuke them here, it will disturb the ceremony.

Besides, this kind of thing is a daily occurrence.

I’m really glad that Grandpa Kara are on Illias’ side.

Eventually, a person who seems to be a high-ranking official comes forward and announces the start of the ceremony.

He talks about the process of subduing the bandits this time and the results of the subjugation.

And King of Tiez appears.

He’s a young man.

I imagined a dandy king with beard, but the impression I got is that he was a young politician.

However, as expected of King, his appearance is imposing.


I feel like his eyes just saw this way… is it just my imagination?

Then the ceremony of receiving compliments and rewards from the King begins.

The leaders of the Knights who participated in each operation are called and kneel in front of the king.

Received a gift from the king in recognition of his achievements.

I also noticed Lord Leanor in the red cloak and Lord Fowl in the yellow cloak were.

And an old knight wearing a turquoise cloak appears in front.

Listen to the called name. Is that person Lord Ragdo?

I have never seen him, but I feel a convinced by his appearance.

“And lastly, Lady Ratzel!”

Illias, who I didn’t know where she was until now, came out.

She wears armor that is somewhat better than her usual armor.

Her figure is that of a dignified knight that I saw several times when subduing bandits.

The figure of someone who keep polishing their strength.

“Let’s commend here for her various achievements in the subjugation of the bandits, and above all, as the hero who successfully defeated the leader of the bandits.”

Unlike the knight commander who received the reward as a representative, Illias received an individual award.

A valuable sight in which her personal achievements have been publicly recognized.

The faint sound of clicking tongue and others, it is just a jealousy.

Wait, You, I remembered your face.

After that, the ceremony proceeded steadily and ended.

From a stately hall, we move to a gorgeous and beautiful hall for a stand-up party.

Grandpa Kara go to others corps.

He said that I can eat and drink as I like, so let’s enjoy the meals of the aristocrats immediately.

There are few dishes that make use of salt. But I can see that all the ingredients they use are good, so I bet it will better when I eat them.

This thing that look like a giant pistachio tastes good but is a hassle to eat.

The grilled fish wrapped in this herb is my favorite taste.

For the the alcohol I prefer the one from Gozz’ place, so I mainly enjoy only the meal.

Even so, the gaze from other is a bit….

If you’re curious, you can just come and talk to me, you know?

However, he only put the meals on a plate, and maybe he don’t know the timing to come.

Then it’s easy.

“There you are.”

When I thought he was finally able to come here, it’s just Illias.

“It’s just you huh. Did you finally finished what you had to do?”

“Yeah, I’ve finished all the greetings.”

Illias sighs lightly, but from that I feel that her mental is tired.

She is the one in the spotlight today, so there must have been greetings with various people this time.

Of course, there are many who do not support Illias.

Rather, most of the knights and aristocrats other than Lord Ragdo corps are like that.

I’m sure they said sarcasm and cynicism to her.

It might not be a bad idea to celebrate with Wolfe when she get home.

Oh yeah, I wonder if Wolfe doing well at Mr.Ban’ place…

And, By the way, could I bring the food her back? Don’t they Tupperware here?

“Lord Ragdo said that he wants to see you. Follow me.”

“Oh, okay.”

I almost forgot. Since I was invited by Lord Ragdo, I have to give him my greeting.

Food and drinks are placed in the center of the venue.

The surrounding area is a space where aristocrats and knights have a dialogue while eating food and drinking alcohol.

She guided me to there.

There was Lord Ragdo and King of Tiez.

Eh, seriously!? the king is with him?

When I glance at Illias, Illias also looks shocked.


“Y, Your Majesty!”

“There’s no need to be so tense. You won’t be able to enjoy the taste of alcohol if you are so tense like it’s a ceremony in the dinner party.”

King of Tiez laughs with a friendly feeling.

And Lord Ragdo walks up here.

“So, You are the young man. I’ve heard the stories from Illias and Karagyugjesta. My name is Salvet Ragdo. Thank for helping my corps’ knights.”

“No, They also very helped me a lot too, such as protection when I was in distress and rescue me in the case with the Black Wolf tribe.”

I’m sure he had already heard a lot about me.

That book is also in the hands of this person. I’m sure he think many things about me.

“I see, I see, So, you’re Lady Ratzel’ collaborator, huh!”

King of Tiez suddenly interrupted.

“I’m king of this Tiez Kingdom, Marito Tiez.”

He come up here while friendly smile.

“Lady Ratzel is a knight who is very brave but other than that she’s still immature and nothing worth mentioning. You once who led her to be the leader this time, I wanted to talk to you once.”

With that said, Marito Tiez asked for a handshake and extended his hand.

King Marito Handshake Illustration

King Marito was thrilled to see him at the ceremony.

Black hair, black eyes.

When he saw the appearance like what was in the report, the corner of my mouth almost curled up.

He heard that he will participate in the dinner party after this.

He want to talk to him quickly, I want to see what he is like.

Thinking about that, he came up with a plan.

He have heard that the young man is intimate with Lady Ratzel.

So, the plan is to request for a handshake with him after making her a fool.

The King want to find out what he will says.

『 Call him here. I want to test him a little when greeting. It’s a little bad for Lady Ratzel, but could you do some acting to help me out? 』

The King have already had a strategy meeting in advance

Behind him now is Lady Ratzel with a complex look.

In front of the King is the young man.

There are two possible actions he could choose.

Either refuse or accept this handshake.

Do he get angry because someone close to him is mocked?

Will he say words that will help her, or will he lose control and go on rage?

Will he kill those feelings and hold this hand?

Will he give her some face and hold his feeling this with a smile? Will he say some smart sarcasm? or Will he flatter her in front of the king?

It doesn’t matter what his choice is. This is an act to get to know him.

Well, What will you do now? Youth from another world.


The young man is a little silent

Now… He saw the faces of Lady Ratzel and Lord Ragdo which is in his sight.

Did he observe the two after seeing my actions as the king?

He doesn’t seem to be a straightforward person. But that might be now true.

Looking at Lady Ratzel’s complex face, there may be emotions that spring up.


Then he looked around and turned around and started walking.

Did he choose to refuse the shake hands and leave from here?

When the King thought that, he went to the place where the food was placed, and immediately came back.

And he handed the food he had in his hand.


“Please, enjoy the meal.”

Did he see the fact that the King extended his hand as a request for food?

Is that his way to ridicule the King?

It doesn’t look like that.

But how should the king react to this… Maybe pretend to be angry?

No, wait, if he got scolded and then everything will be over.

For the time being, let’s eat while showing the state of confusion and see how it looks.


However, this is a hassle to peel and eat.

If you put too much force, the fruit inside will collapse and spill out.

Are he going to sarcastic about the King dropping food on the floor?

But, if it just this much, it is nothing.

The King carefully remove the shell, take out the fruit and eat it.

It’s something he usually eat. It’s nothing special.

What’s next?


He walks somewhere again.


What will he bring next, huh!?

Wait, in the first place. This is a handshake.

However, since he left the place, the king was reluctant to call out and stop him.

When he come back, let’s talk to him.

He goes to the place where the food is placed and slips through the place….

He just left the hall like that.


The king don’t know what’s going on for a moment and make a voice.

Looking back, see Lord Ragdo and Lady Ratzel.

Naturally, both of them are stunned.

That’s of course. When the King asked for a handshake, he was given food and then left.

The king don’t even know what’s the meaning of that.

There is no sign of coming back.

Is he… really just going back?

No, no, wait!

The king was able to meet him, but to just end it like this!?

The king been thinking about various topics and questions to measure him after this. he don’t want to end this meeting yet.

Ask the guard to bring him back… No, wait, it will be an uproar if he do that.

On the sidelines, it only looks like that he goes back and forth between me and the place to eat, and then returned.

Wait, this is not the time to think about it much. Soon, Have to call him back here quickly.

The king head to the exit of the hall.

Walk slowly so that the surroundings do not make an uproar.

Still, it’s need to walk a little fast.

At the entrance, the guard bows his head.

Respond to it by hand and leave the hall.

See the surrounding, the young man can’t be seen already.

After confirming that he have disappeared, the king run toward the way the castle’ exit.

Around the corner, near the entrance…

“Are you in hurry, Your Majesty?”

The young man stood there with a smile.

In front of the surprised King Marito.

“You’re not… going back?”

“Your Majesty seemed to want to play a little game, so I just responded.”

I quickly realized that it was acting.

In the first place, I heard from Grandpa Kara that King Marito was not a person with a prejudice against men and women.

It is also the case that when Lord Ragdo gave me his greeting, he was pale.

Just to invited me, He even ordered Illias to take off duty.

Perhaps the one who wanted to meet me was a person above him rather than Lord Ragdo himself.

Who is it? it is none other than this person.

By the way, Illias acting was bad, it felt unnatural, and when I was asked to shake hands, I saw her face again, and I was convinced that all of that was acting.

If Illias, who said he was a good king, was ridiculed by him, it would be strange if she didn’t surprise when he said that at that time. However, what she showed was a painful face.

She should have learned from Lord Ragdo, who is completely expressionless.

It seemed that the King observed the action I will do, whether I would accept the handshake or not, so I took the third option.

Perhaps because of the impression of Wolfe picking up food still in my mind, I immediately came up with this.

Give him the thing that look like a giant pistachio with a shell and force him to eat that.

A decent king would be outraged at this point or try to take the talk back to a handshake.

But King Marito ate that.

That is, I took the option of waiting for my next action.

And I pretended to go get a meal again and withdrew just like that.

I calculated that King Marito, who was dumbfounded with my action, would try to call me back in a hurry.

“I didn’t expect Your Majesty to come by himself. You don’t have to so panic like that.”

From my personal experience, I was gambling that Illias would come to stop me, never did I thought that the King wanted to see me so much.

“So, you were testing me instead huh?”

“Did you get satisfactory results?”

“Pfft… Hahaha!”

King Marito spouts and laughs

“But really, You got me good. Sorry to did that, I can’t control my curiosity!”

“You should have called Lord Leanor.”

“If I did that, It will not just end with acting. I feel bad for Lady Ratzel, but her acting sucks.”

“A mischievous King.”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry… Well, why don’t we talk some more? My friend from another world.”

Then we return to the dinner party.

Only Illias was waiting with a worried look.

“What happened to you suddenly!?”

“I have to endure my laughter with your poor acting. So, I laughed outside.”


“Um, I’ve taken a liking to him. I want to talk to this guy about various things. I’ll borrow him for a while Lady Ratzel.”


Illias sighed and Lord Ragdo laughed happily.

Lord Ragdo was exactly what I heard from Grandpa Kara.

However, King Marito seemed to have a more pleasant personality.

After that, he was taken by King Marito and guided to a private room overlooking the square of the dinner party.

Lord Ragdo is by his side.

Illias seems to be talking to the members of Lord Ragdo corps in the hall.

“Well, think of this as your own home. Stop talking in reserve, and just call me Marito from now on!”

In instant, His dignified image just blown away from my mind.

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