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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 22

Next ch is the longest ch in this Arc, so it will be 2 part.

22. For the time being, Let’s prepare

Today, I’ve muscle pain too, but.. I’ve started to got used to this.

In the first place, when I got told that my muscle pain will be delayed and comes down at a later date, I thought that’s absurd and terrible, but many said that this is the purpose of exercise.

If they say so, I’ve no choice but to stand it.

I believe my body will adapt to it and I will be able to live my daily life without difficulty in the future.

What happened today, Illias seems to have been off duty since the day before yesterday, so she will go work today.

Maya said she was busy today, I know it because, I’ve talked with her about future study schedule.

Anyway, I get up from bed.

I wondered what Wolfe will do today, so I go to knock her room’ door.

But, there is no reaction. I don’t know whether she’s inside or not.

Hmm, I think there’s no need to knock.

“Wolfe, It’s morning! Wake up!”

And I open the door.

But, There is no one in room.

Hmm, is she in Illias’ room?

When I think about it, I heard the sound of Illias’ room door opening.

Illias with a sleepy face, shows up. Usually I saw her in armor, so when I saw her using plain clothes it feel fresh, but It’s the first time I’ve seen Illias in nightwear and… it’s really fresh.

“Good morning, Illias.”

“Hm? Good morning… Today you’re here, huh.”

By the way, it was my first time to say hello in the morning to Illias when I’m still in her house.

“Is Wolfe in your room?”

“Yeah, She suddenly came in at midnight… It seems she can’t sleep. Maybe, because it’s too different with her usual.”

Illias stretches lightly.

“But, well, it’s not that I felt unpleasant with it.”

“Maybe, because it make me fell that someone recognized me and relied on me.”

Personally, I’m surprised that Wolfe was honestly fond of Illias.

She strangled her benefactor when she met her for the first time, and she also forcibly washed her.

It’s just one night, you know.

Is she feel something when she tried to sleep last night, so that she change her opinion about Illias?

“Are you going to work today?”

“Yeah, the day before yesterday I got a vacation, and ordered to invite you to the ceremony. And yesterday, I went to the forest to help you.”

“You had not a good holiday, huh.”

“Thanks to you!”

She tried to go to report everything after returning, but it seems that Grandpa Kara would report in her stead.

I think Grandpa Kara wanted Illias, a female, to stay in the barracks to wash Wolfe.

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, Maya seems to be busy today. Maybe I’ll go to Mr.Ban’ place to procure clothes.”


“Are you okay with me going to tomorrow’ ceremony wearing plain clothes?”

“….Oh, Right.”

This girl… Definitely, She didn’t think about that.

I’d like to ask Saira for clothes, but yesterday, was her holiday means that she’s working on “Dog’s Bones” today.

And anyway, I’m curious about what kind of plain clothes she would make…

“So, You can’t bring Wolfe. We need to think where to keep her..”

“And… Even though I’m the one who invited you, I can’t help you with preparation, I’m sorry.”

“It also take a lot of your time…”

“Indeed, Good grief.”

Then, each of us get ready to go out.

Wolfe woke up, she was sleeping in the clothes she had borrowed from the barracks.

I think she looks fine as it is. But she’ll stand out too much. So I asked her to get change and ready.

She can change clothes on her own, but she can’t tie her own hair yet, so Illias help her.

After that, Illias went to work.

Also, I was given the food expenses for Wolfe.

It seems, the one who have Himo-Life became two now.

“Well, Let’s go.”


First of all, Let’s go to the market and have breakfast there.

Maybe skewers and fruits are enough to fill our stomach.

Wolfe seems to be happy to eat, but she doesn’t eat that much.

She had been living in that kind way until now. It’s no wonder that her the stomach is smaller.

When we had dinner last night at ‘Dog’s Bone’ she ate a lot, maybe that’s because the food was delicious.

“Yesterday’s food is the best!”

“I know, but please refrain saying that in front of other shops, okay?”


Still, she’s stand out. So, we go to Mr.Ban’ place as fast as possible.

The receptionist bring us to the usual room, and Mr.Ban came after we wait a while.

He report to me what happened yesterday.

Mr.Ban was supposed to be responsible for the trade between the Black Wolf and Tiez from the state.

For the time being, merchants can only do trade with them through Mr.Ban.

Taxes on being in the territory are exempted until they are under Tiez asylum. After explaining the contents of the asylum, it will be left to their judgment.

“The troublesome bandits have been subjugated, and if it’s just a beast, they will be able to manage on their own. So, for the time being, it seems that you could maintain equal standing.”

“Yeah. But, I’m sure when they know our technology and development, they will start asking for our support.”

“At that time, you plan to ask Maya to cast Possession on you, to do negotiation with them, right?”

“Yes, in consideration of what you said the other day, I’m going to have Maya cast Possession on my trusted subordinate.”

“However, in order to speak and understand their language, it is necessary to give the spirits the mana of the people from their tribe, so it seems it’s better for me to accompany at first?”

“Even if you’re not going to accompany us, I think there’s no problem, but it will be necessary if you want to fulfill your promise with Wolfe.”

“It’s a pain to be in that position, but since you said that it can’t be helped.”

“I will give you a proper reward, so please do your best.”

Now, We talk about my share from the expedition.

The main rewards are money I got for cooperation in discovering the Black Wolf, and as an intermediary in concluding negotiations.

And after trading with the Black Wolf, I will receive a few percent from the net profit, excluding the costs incurred by it.

If the profit is 10,000 yen, I can get around several hundred yen.

Depending on the size of the profit, it’s okay even if they may set a limit for my share. They set a condition that they can renegotiate the intermediary fee every year, but I will receive another benefits such as getting preferential treatment to what I want in the future.

This case is something that happened unexpectedly, I can use it, but I can’t rely on it.

My purpose to get a funding for the spreading luxury goods, that’s also why I went search for new resources.

“Oh, Right, I was invited by Lord Ragdo to come at tomorrow’s ceremony, so I was looking for clothes to wear there.”

“Oh, I guess so. It’s only natural that you the one behind the bandits subjugation is invited.”

“Can you make it in time?”

“Of course. Let’s measure now and contact the clothing store. By the way, when it comes to clothes, Why Miss Wolfe looks like that.”


“Oh, this is what I asked from someone who is aiming for a clothing store in the future to make. Do you remember the child that were with me, when I visited here for the second time?”

“Yes, she was Ms.Saira who was a waitress at “Dog’s Bone”. So she made it huh, hoho.”

“You can make it as an export product to sell to The Black Wolf tribe.”

“As expected, you’re like me. Let’s talk about it in detail next time.”

“Right, this will be a opportunity that might never come again for her.”

For Saira, Wolfe clothes are a good advertisement.

Anyway, from the beginning Wolfe is always stand out no matter what. And of course, the avant-grade clothes that Wolfe is wearing are also attracting attention.

Perhaps it’s not too far away for Saira to become independent.

“I’m also looking for a place to keep Wolfe for a day… Except for Illias and Maya, Mr.Ban seems to be the most reassuring…”

Wolfe for some extent are okay with Mr.Ban.

It was this him who taught her how to break the chain in that village.

Grandpa Kara is trustworthy too, but I can’t ask him because Wolfe was wary of him, after I asked him for that acting.

“Okay, Don’t worry. Let’s keep her here, when you change clothes here tomorrow.”

“As you can hear, Wolfe, tomorrow please wait for me here.”

“Hmm… Okay. Mr.Ban’ place, I’ll wait!”

“Good girl.”

After that, I chatted while having tea, and had the clothes shop that arrived take my measurements and arranged the clothes.

Now I’am be ready for tomorrow.

I have a lot of time now, and some money in my possession.

While think about today’s plan, we go to the market.

After finishing meals and shopping, we went home.

“Alright, so it’s time for Wolfe to study.”


The first thing to teach is how to use home facilities and tools.

For now, I will focus to teach on how to use the cleaning utensils.

I will explain how to use the bathroom and the water well outside.

Once she understand to the level that I approved, it’s time to study the language together.

While reading a children’s book, we write a word with a stick on the sand in a container.

It’s better to write it a little larger, but for memorization, I think it’s good enough.

Books read through Possession are not only readable. The meaning of the sentence can be understood too.

Of course, it’s not like I could understand the real words and it’s meaning.

It’s just when I read the word “red”, The image of red came to my head.

I tried to read the Yugura religion Bible, but gave up on the first page.

The effect of Possession may differ depending on the person’s experience and knowledge.

In that case, there is a possibility that the learning speed of Wolfe will be slower than me.

However, when I saw her earnest learning figure, I ended up in anxiety.

“Alright, Wolfe should keep writing for a while.”

“Okay, I understand, Shisho!”

It’s almost dusk, so I have to start work little by little.

I’m heading to the kitchen, why?… Right, it’s to cooking.

The other day, Illias asked me whether I could do it or not.. But, I haven’t actually tried it alone.

It’s not good to say that you can’t do it without trying it before.

That’s why I started cooking now.

First of all, soup.

I boil the water, and use it to wash the chicken bones.

Then I boil the water, throw in the chicken bones, something like ginger and garlic, and green onions into the pot, simmer it in low heat.

While watching how it looks for a while, I skim the chicken fat that came out on top.

After simmering for a while on low heat, I strain it with a colander to complete the base of the chicken soup.

Then, I add the vegetables like the soup I saw in “Dog’s Bone” to the base, and throw in the chicken in the same way.

And last, I put a little salt and spices to complete it, and some herbs for some aroma.

“Hmm, it feels a little bit rough, but it should be good.”

Now there is no danger of die from hunger.

I nodding while seeing the food.

There is wheat in this world. But I wanted to find out what kind of flour they have.

Soft flour and strong flour vary depending on the proportion of gluten contained in wheat.

However, there is only the word, it’s called only ‘Flour’ in this world.

So I bought wheat from the territory of Tiez and am experimenting with it.

If there is something that looks like bread in here, I think maybe it’s a strong flour.

“This stickiness… Is it strong flour?”

That’s why I started trial and error.

I add egg, water and a little salt and mix it all.

Keep mixing even though it so sticky.

Ignore the worry of whether this is enough or not and continue mixing for few minutes.

Apparently it form a dough.

Then I knead it many times.

Kneading, kneading, kneading, I keep kneading it.

Then cover it with a wet cloth and leave it for 1 hour.

After that, I taken out the second generation of my partner ‘Wooden’.

Actually, when I went to collect the books left by Dokora, I picked up a reasonably thick object in the forest.

And I had been gently polishing it before going to bed for the past few days.

I never thought I would use it in cooking.

Anyway, I stretch the dough, fold it and cut it.

The rest is to boil this to complete the noodles.

“It’s a little lacking in stiffness….”

It feels more like noodles for ramen rather than pasta.

Originally it made only with wheat, salt and eggs, so it has almost no taste.

Well, this is not bad.

Next, Let’s make a sauce in an empty pot.

I chop something like tomato finely, boil it down and sprinkle salt on it.

After that, I mix the stir-fried vegetables and meat and simmer again for a while.

Adjust the taste with salt, spices and herbs.

Pour The tomato sauce over the noodles, and… Tomato sauce spaghetti is done.

Wait… maybe tomato sauce ramen?

I don’t like the texture, but if you want me to rate it, it’s passable.

Hmm, In this world… Is there baking soda?

“I’m home….. What is this smell?”

Illias returns home at the right time.

“I had free time, so I tried to cook.”

“Hmm, this is similar to the soup I saw in ‘Dog’s Bone’. This is … What is this long and thin stuff?”

“To be honest, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know…. But it smell good. Let me change my clothes first.”

And three of us go to eat.

It’s chicken soup and tomato sauce noodles.

“Itadakimasu!” [TN; it means Thanks for the food. sound better to leave it in Japanese, so yeah…]

“Hmm, the soup tastes a bit off compared to the one we had at “Dog’s Bone”, but still it’s delicious.”

“There may have been some mistake when preparing the vegetables.”

“Next, This food is… It has a unique texture. But this is also good.”

“Wolfe, how is it?”

“It’s the best next after the ‘Dog’s Bone’!”

I didn’t make a mistake about how much salt I put in, so it seems that it was better than the food they have around here.

However, this is not at the level when I could proudly sell it.

Next time, let’s have Grandpa Kara’s wife taste it and ask for opinions.

“Is tomorrow’s ceremony from noon?”

“Yeah, are you ready for that?”

“I’m going to change into the clothes that Mr.Ban prepared. Also I’ll entrusts Wolfe to Mr.Ban.”

“I see. Grandpa Kara said he was going to pick me up, so let me tell him to pick you up too.”

“Will you not change into thank kind of formal clothes?”

“I’m going out to be recognized as a knight. So, Of course, I need to be in knight attire.”

“Oh, yeah, Right.”

My brain keep thinking of changing into formal wear and forgot about it.

She is a knight.

“What’s wrong, are you tired?”

“No, I were thinking about you in formal wear, and just imagined Illias in dress. That’s why I asked you.”

“I see, I see…”

“Shisho, it’s night. I want to sleep with Shisho.”

“I’m sorry. But last time when Illias squeezed me, it hurt my back a lot. So, For the time being, I’ve to sleep alone.”

“Ugh, Illias, It hurts, Stop!”

“Don’t spouting any nonsense!”

I stand up quietly.

And roll up my shirt.

There is a clear mark of someone’s arm on my back.

Hmm… This much huh.

Illias avert her eyes.

“Hmm… That’s, I’m sorry.”

“That’s why Wolfe, I’ll accompany you when it’s at noon, but put up with it at night, okay?”


Wolfe started studying after eating.

She doesn’t seem to be sleepy yet, so she wants to do it.

What a hard-working child!

I was impressed.

I cleaned up the dishes.

It’s bad that there’s no concept of water service or detergent in this world.

To wash dishes, you need to use ash.

Let the ash absorb dirt, rinse it with water and wipe it.

To be honest, these cultural gaps feel fresh, but I still feel a bit uneasy.

However, there is also a saying ‘To follow the town when entering the town’.
[TN; it’s like ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’]

I wonder if I should try to make soap next time.

“You wiping it very carefully, huh.”

Illias, who I thought had returned to the room with Wolfe, came here.

“If you want to help, you say it.”

“Right… Is is that hurt?… I mean that bruise..”

Oh, you mean that?

“Even though the bruise remains, It’s not that pain anymore. If anything, the back of my head that was attacked by the Black Wolf tribe is more pain.”

Bruises remain but are indistinguishable from muscle pain. Right now, The most painful thing is the lump on my head.

“Why? Are you worried?”

“That’s… Of course…”

“There are relatively few people in my world who try to train their bodies. Besides, at there, I have less physical labor to do, so my body is fragile. But, I get used to this body. That’s why, don’t worry.”

“That’s might be true, but….”

“But if you can, please control your strength better next time. Even if you think that I am like a normal man here, it still hurt. So don’t think that I’m like Grandpa Kara, it’ll end bad.”

“Yeah, I understand…”

I’m not that serious while saying it, but she is more serious and awkward than I expected.

“Don’t be so depressed. I say something bad to you and make your mood bad. So we are even, okay?”

“I understand…”

Sigh, Good grief. if you keep having such a face, it will be awkward, you know.”

I approach Illias and pinch her cheeks with both hands.


“If you keep making that face, it’s just good to make fun of it.”


“Ugh… Argh!”

Oh no, it straight to my acupoint, It hurt, I’m gonna die at this point.

“Y, You!”

“Yeah, Right. That’s good. I like people who are energetic you know.”


“Tomorrow we will be recognized for our achievements in front of many knights. So, Don’t look so glum.”

“Hmph! I don’t care anymore, I’m going to sleep!”

Illias returned to her room.

She may have been too angry, but I think she wouldn’t care too much about it.

Still, I wasn’t expecting her to be so worried… Or maybe not?

Illias tries to keep the image of a strong and dignified knight.

However, the truth is her inside is sensitive to the evaluation of the surroundings, she’s easy to get worried.

That is why she have been training and keep training, to get rid of that anxiety.

If you think so, the strength that is out of the ordinary of Illias is her own way…

“Did I think too much about it?”

After the case of Wolfe, the way I’m dealing with the other people is a bit rash.

This tendency is not good.

Let’s organize my mind a little.

I have to get back to my usual self as soon as possible.

What happened before I came to this world, I need to remember it.

Remember and trace my memory.

…Yeah… It’s okay.

My usual self is still here.


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