Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 21

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21. For the time being, Thanks for the meal

We studying simple common sense until evening.

Then Saira came back and I was kicked out instead.

After waiting for a while, I heard a voice saying that I could go inside, so I went inside.


There was a figure of Wolfe dressed in avant-garde clothes.

Contrary to the heavily armored Illias, it’s short-sleeved tops and shorts that receive a rough image with a concept that is ‘easy to move’.

After that, it seems that the sleeves… it is it an open shoulder or something like that?

By the way, her hair tied and on one side of her bushy ear is piercing…. wait, her ear doesn’t have hole, so it is non-pierce earring.

The main color for the clothes is black, and there’re some gold line on it.

But, to be black, Saira’ sense of color is like that of ‘Yakuza’ or ‘Mafia’…. Nevermind, Let’s not think to much about it.

“Wolfe-chan’ skin is white, to make it shine more, I that black is good, isn’t that right?”
[TN: ‘chan’ in behind her name, in Japan they usually add that when calling a younger girl, I leave it… cause it sound cute.]

“It’s not like I don’t understand what you mean, but doesn’t her leg shown too much?”

“Bro, you’re like her dad!”

“Even if I have a daughter, she can’t be this old already.”

Illias is eighteen, and Saira around the same age as her I guess.

I forgot to asked how old is she in that village… Let’s ask them next time.

“Hmm… then how about now!?”

Using the left over cloth, she added parts like the skirt of the armor, an ornaments like tasset.

Wolfe Illustration

Certainly the exposure has decreased, still, you can see her dazzling bare feet from the front.

“Not bad… Anyway, your skill is good.”

In just a few hours, She made a full-body clothes, even shoes and ear accessories too.

And now she just fix the clothes in front of my eyes. One word to describe it, She’s amazing.

“Right. It’s my first time this kind of work, but I was fascinated by it.”

“I’m honored to have Lady Illias say that!”

“Sorry to say this, but I’m an amateur when it come to clothes…”

Still, Saira is very happy to hear that.

Maya is also saying that. And I’m sure that her skill is good.

What’s left is just design sense.

If you ask me whether it looks good or not, sure, it looks good.

However, this kind of style is mostly seen in manga and anime.

And Comiket. [TN: It’s Comic Market, the world’s largest fair for the one who like anime and mange.]

“This kind of design rarely seen in this world, but I think it looks good on her. What do you guys think?”

“Yeah, not bad. But… hmm…”

“It’s a bit too avant-grade. But it’s look good on Demi-Human, I guess.”

“Right, I’ve the same opinion. But it’s good enough to say that it was specially made for Wolfe.”

So, all of us have no problem with the clothes.

“May I have you make clothes for Illias too, next time?”

“Eh! Is that okay?”

“What! My clothes!?”

“I would like to see what kind of clothes you can make for humans. And I have know anyone other than her to try it.”

“Isn’t there an option for yourself!?”

“Oh, Right. I also want to see clothes for men. Make something simple but nice, okay?”

“Okay, leave it to me!”

“And for her, make it as you like.”

“Wait, Me too! Make it simple too!”

“You’re still young, You should try a lot of different style.”

“Aren’t you look young too!?”

“That’s why, I want something that appropriate for my age.”

What I’m wearing right now is the clothes Illias lent to me, which seems to be his father’s.

This isn’t bad, but it makes me look younger.

Will it look different if I have a more big body?

“Shisho, Shisho…”

My sleeve is pulled by Wolfe.

“This is Wolfe… Wolfe’ clothes!”

“Yeah, It’s pretty.”

“Yeah, Yeah!”


Somehow Illias make a pondering face, but never mind her, I have something to say to Saira.

“By the way, I have to pay for it. How much are the materials and production fees?”

“Just pay me for the materials. Since, I’ve fun while making it!”

“I can’t do that. Having someone else make things means, also buys that person’s capabilities. And if it’s recognized by someone, they have to pay for it.”

If I pay only for the materials cost, it will certainly be cheap.

But whether it’s eating out or shopping, there are various costs involved.

Transportation costs for equipment and materials, facility maintenance costs.

Labor costs to buy time of the person who’s doing the production.

Finally, it is the production cost to buy the skill that they have polished.

The manufacturing industry can produce high quality at a low cost because all of them can be prepared.

However, in reality, all such expenses have been put together as production expenses, and even that is being cut off.

There’s a theory saying, ‘There is no qualification to seek quality from people who take it only for granted’.

“Well, then… I guess around this much?”

“If you the price is the with cost to make it, what about for you? So, I guess around this much.”

“Wait, Wait a minute, I’m not even have any store yet…. And my skill is not that good…”

“Listen to me. Think that this is not a mass-produced clothes, but an order-made clothes, and if it’s order-made, it’s mean you’ve the right to get this reward. That is why we need to hone our skills. To create value for the reward.”

“Ye, yeah!”

“If you feel like you don’t deserve this, just keep polishing your skills. At least those who are here, recognized your skill”



“That’s right.”

If you lose sight of the value of things, what waiting you is hell.

While demanding with low cost, Producer’s position that want to make something high quality is ignored.

And when that rumor spread, motivation to make decreased, and the quality will not improve.

Novice maker will decrease, and only those who can preserve will survive.

As a result, products that do not look good are displayed.

“Yeah, yeah I understand bro, then look forward to the next outfit!”

Did I ignite Saira’ craftsmanship? She responded with a motivated smile.

“Okay, Please make it simple for me and flashy for Illias.”

“Hey! don’t be so mean to me!”

Anyway, I think the result will looks good on her. So isn’t that fine?

After parting with Saira, I gonna study for a while before I leave the church.

While checking Maya’s schedule, it seems that in the future, I need to sent and pick Wolfe up here.

But to got homework to do at home…

Now, I can read letter because of the Possession. If I can use that well to practice and memorize it, I’m sure I will make some progress.

I must also consider having Wolfe learn how to fight.

It’s a waste to leave her talent like that.

If she can learn it well, cost for hiring guard will be cheaper… Nevermind, Let’s not think it to much for now.

Even so, Wolfe is still stand out.

Sometime I could see the line of sight of passers-by to her.

The light that shining form her hair was suppressed by Maya, but still her clear white hair is beautiful.

Her white skin is also a factor that catches anyone eyes.

If you add animal ears and a tail to it, you have no choice but to pay attention to her.

It will be necessary to promote exchanges with the Black Wolf tribe at an early stage and familiarize the people with Demi-Human.

However, they too have lived in a closed world.

They will have a hard time remembering the rules and law here

If they are thrown in sudden, various problems can occur, so it better to take it slowly.

“Well, this is my home.”

“You mean my home.”

“Woo, Wooow!”

The room on the second floor, the back right is my room, the front right is the room of Illias, and the front left is the warehouse.

Naturally, the vacant room on the back left will be Wolfe’ room.

“This will be Wolfe’ room. You can use it freely, but don’t forget that it’s your room, so don’t forget to clean it.”

“I understand!”

“If you feel lonely at night, you can sleep in Illias’ room.”

“I understand!”

“Wait, isn’t it suppose to be your room…. oh right, that’s not good.”

“I can control myself, but still, it’s not good for my mental health.”


I have to teach her how to clean.

Wolfe literally knows nothing.

Don’t spill your meal, Don’t get your clothes dirty, etc. Basically, She don’t even know the basic proper etiquette.

In the future, there will be many troubles because she do not know common sense.

I have to teach patiently each time.

By the way, the first thing Illias taught her was how to use the toilet.

I don’t know what kind of disaster happened while she taught her.

“Alright, let’s go to ‘Dog’s Bone’ for dinner.”


Wolf eating ‘Dog’s bone’… Hmmm….

Nevermind. I don’t need to think it too much.

“By the way, you can’t cook?”

“I used to do it in Japan, but I’m not familiar with the ingredient here, I remember it a bit while in ‘Dog’s Bone’, but it’s not to the level that I can use it well to cook.”

There is no problem with cutting vegetables, but I have not fully grasped the combination.

There is no problem if it is a dish using meat and eggs that have almost the same taste, but….

“Beside, salt and sugar are valuables here. The different between here and my world are too much.”

The basics of Japanese cuisine, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso. From all of it, sugar, salt, and vinegar are valuable items here.

Soy sauce and miso doesn’t even exist.

It’s to the point I want to say, ‘What am I suppose to do?’.

Here is abundant in spices, so it’s possible to make something like curry, but I’m not detailed in the spices either.

In the first place, even the spices’ name are different here.

“Hmm, then I’ll teach you next time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll learn at ‘Dog’s Bone’.”

“I see…”

Illias has a slightly disappointed face.

Well, after talking about relying and not relying, does this make her feel down?

But Illias has something else to do.

“Illias, when you got off-duty, I want you to teach Wolfe how to fight. You are the only one I can count in this regard.”

“O,Okay. But couldn’t other knights do it?”

“If it just basic training, sure. But Wolfe have same amount of mana as you. So, only Illias could teach her ‘That way of fight’, isn’t that right?”

“Right. I understand. Leave it to me.”

“But, Please teach her how to control and adjust her strength at anytime.”

Otherwise there will be dead people. Especially the man here will be a corpse.

I can’t say that the tackle she did in barracks still hurt.

“How to adjust huh? I’m quite bad at it, but…”

“I know.”

“… I see… How about I train you too?”

“I have something else to do, so I think I don’t have a lot of time to train.”

“Still, It’s better than not at all.”

Illias saying while nodding. I’m worried if I’ll be bullied.

Anyway, we arrived at “Dog Bone”.

Oh yeah, when it’s only Gozz and Saira who’s working there, the shop closed three days a week. But now, it became two days a week.

With the daytime business starting to be better, Gozz gonna have a hard time from now on.

But, The burden on Saira has not increased much.

This is because the Knights’ wife, lead by Grandpa Kara’ Wife, are now in rotation with Saira.

Maybe most customers think, I want a younger waitress!

But I’m sure no one will say that, if they still treasure their lives.

I’m sure the presence of Saira will be a healing oasis for the regulars of this store.

But, Well… No, let’s not think this now.

For the time being, we sit on the seat on the edge.

Still, Wolfe stands out, a lot of people take a glimpse to her.

However, there are no customers who tries to get involved with us.

That’s why Illias who is sitting in the same seat, look a bit sad.

“Hmm, Boy, that’s a cute girl you bring there.”

Grandpa Kara’ wife put the alcohol the on the table with a bang.

I haven’t ordered yet though…

“Oh, please give Wolfe a non-alcohol drink.”

Illias is eighteen, she’s barely safe to drink.

But Wolfe is probably out.

If it’s a problem whether the body already familiar with mana or not, I think she’s okay, but she have to obey the law.

“I’ll bring it right away. Is there anything else you want me to bring?”

I take a quick look at the menu on the desk.

The number of dishes I don’t know is increasing.

The recipes that wives came up may have been added.

I don’t know what kind of food it is, so I leave the order to Illias.

While I was waiting, I heard the explanation of an unknown dish on the menu.

“Hmmm, is it that kind of food?… There are more dishes for women, maybe because there are dishes made by women. If this is the case, it’s time to think about the next stage.”

“The next stage?”

“Ah, now this shop is starting to flourish as a restaurant that serves dishes that incorporate salt, which is a favorite of aristocrats. So, the next step is… It ’s sweet made with sugar.”

It’s a tavern full of men, so I postponed making sweet, but when I looking at the surroundings now, female customers are beginning to be seen.

Perhaps the husband who was satisfied with the taste invited his wife… or something like that.

If salt becomes cheaper later, the spread of it use will accelerate at once.

After that, I can gradually do the same thing on other luxury items.

“Sweets huh? I don’t have fruits, but…”

We receive the food we ordered.

Wolfe is curiously smelling the scent.

And she start training holding a spoon.

I gave her food at noon, but it was appropriate to say that the scene I saw is a beast was devouring food.

So, in order to live like a normal person, it is necessary to learn some manners.

“Wolfe, eat like how I do.”


I say that and demonstrate how to eat it in front of her.

Oh, this soup is delicious.

Did the wife of the veteran Knights also have the opportunity to come into contact with salt before?

Or is she simply good at cooking? The taste is like it cooked by someone who is accustomed to handling salt.

The reason why it feels a little unsatisfactory is that my tongue still remembers the seasoning I usually had in Japan.

Wolfe imitates my movement and brings the soup to her mouth.

Her tail stands upright for a moment.

Then swing left and right vigorously.

Then another sip, another sip and another sip.

She continued to eat with all her heart.

When eating some food that need to use knives and forks, I stop her and show her how to use it.

Wolfe immediately imitates it and eats the food deliciously.

Just looking at her give me an appetite to eat more.

Then, I gazed at Illias and laughed while eating.

“Today, be sure to not get drunk, okay?”

“I, I know!”

“Another bowl please!”


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