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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 20 Part 2

20-2. For the time being, Let’s learn (Part 2)

“Ouch! My shoulder! It hurts! My bone! It’s gonna break! Ugh!”

“Why? Your achievements are acknowledged, so you’re invited! So, Why!?”

“I don’t like to stand out. Anyway, let me go, or it really gonna break!”

“Ah, Sorry.”

Finally she released me. This damn girl! Can’t she control her strength better when moving by reflect!?

I really think that my shoulder’ bones would be disconnected… no, I mean broken.

I wipe off the tears that came out from my eyes while massaging my shoulders.

“I know that for knights, honor is important. Not just for career advancement, but also for building the trust from other person, because It’s a result that can be shown.”

“Even if you’re not a knight, isn’t it the same? If you gonna live in this world from now on, your achievements will be a great weapon. You’re weak, and if you have no position too, you’ll be having a hard time, you know!?”

“Yeah, but I’m sure you know what does it mean when suddenly some strangers stand out, right?”

I think it’s cowardly to bring it to such a topic, but it can’t be helped, if I want to explain it.

Illias is a woman, but she has made great achievements as a knight.

And what kind of problem does it cause?

“That’s… but you know… “

“You can do it because you have friends you can rely on.”

Illias stop her talk.

It’s not just her ability that allows Illias to be able maintain her current position.

Lord Ragdo and his corps, who recognized that ability and assisted her, are great help for her too.

Without them, Illias mentality would be…

“We… are we not reliable enough to be relied on?”

“It’s not like that. Granpa Kara, Maya, Mr.Ban, and you, Illias, I think I could relied on you guys.”


“Well, don’t be so tense, relax.”

Then I pull both cheeks of Illias, who was staring anxiously.

“It’s just been a week… Since, I came to this world. I’m in a position where I was thrown out here without knowing anything.”

She make a strange face, but I look into her eyes and keep talking.

“I don’t even know who will be the enemy or ally. Who to rely on, How much should I rely on, I need to be careful while finding it.”


“It’s not like what’s you’re thinking right now is bad. Just think that it just me being coward.”

“…You …Coward?”

“Of course. When I came to this world, I almost died.”

Being attacked by Bear and Slime, It traumatized me you know? It even came out to my dream for the past few days.

Oh ,and the murderous intent directed by the bandits to me, that’s scared me too.

“Even if I know that I could rely on you, Illias, but I can’t always rely on you. That’s why, as a self-defence, I want to avoid actions that inadvertently make me stand out and increase the number of enemies I have. That’s it.”

“So, we still not reliable enough huh…”

“Hmm, let me say it in different way, think, Is it possible for Illias to entrust his life to someone who has met for a few days, no right?”

“That’s.. Probably true, but…”

“You can say that I’m selfish, but for now, the one I relying on the most is you, Illias.”

“Mmm… That’s unfair…”

“That’s why, the invitation, I’ll pass.”

“I see… Lord Ragdo ordered me to persuade you to join, but… it seems I’ve no choice but to give up.”

“Ah, I will go then.”


The expression she made, Yeah, I love this kind of face.

Sure, I want to live cautiously, but it’s not good to put my benefactor in a bad position.

“Well, if it’s just a normal invitation, I’ll reject it. But, your honor is on line, right?”

“Hmm, that’s right… that might be right?”

“Anyway, I’ve always in your care, so isn’t it common sense to repay it?”

“Ah, ah, yeah, yeah?”

Illias make a confused face.

It’s a funny face, but I must not laugh at it. Or I’ll be strangled again.

“If it was an order in the first place, say it first. I’m also an adult you know?”

“S,Sorry… Hm?”

Illias make an unconvinced face, but let’s end this talk since the purpose was achieved.

“By the way, what should we do with this child’s name?”

I talk to Illias while lightly patting the girl’s head.

“Name? Oh right, we still didn’t hear it from her.”

“In the village, they called her, ‘The Cursed Child’. And It seems that her parents died a few days after she was born. I don’t think anyone knows whether she was named or not.”

“I see… Then you need to give her a name. She is a child of the Black Wolf, right?… How do you pronounce black in your world?”

“Hmm, ‘Kuro’, ‘Koku’, ‘Burakku’…”

In order to convey the Japanese word, she need some knowledge about it for the Possession to working.

“None fit her image very well… What about white?”

“‘Shiro’, ‘Haku’, ‘Howaito’, if it a combination word, something like ‘Byaku’..”

“Hmm… Wolf?”

“‘Rou’, ‘Okami’, ‘Urufu’, and the famous wolf folklore, ‘Fenrir’. some different name for it were, ‘Hróðvitnir’, ‘Vanargand’..” [TN: In this line is ‘ウルフ’ (Urufu) it’s basically wolf spelled in Japanese.]

Well, considering the meaning, there’re some name I want to avoid.

“‘Urufu’ has a nice ring.”

“But, in my world the one using that name mostly men.”

“Hmm… Change it a bit to make sound softer… How about ‘Urufe’?” [TN: in source, ‘ウルフェ’ (Urufe) or (Ulfe) but both of it sounds weird, so I’ll translate it as ‘Wolfe’.]

Wolfe… Yeah, it just slightly different but it sound softer.

But it’s like if someone name ‘Taro’ and you put ‘ko’ behind it and became ‘Taroko’. she just forcing the name to sound like a girl’ name.

Sure, it doesn’t sound bad , though.

“Wolfe… Well, not bad. It’s decided then.”

I made eye contact with the girl and speak.

“From now on, you’ll be called Wolfe, that’s you’re name.”

“Hmm, Wo… Wo, fe?”

“Wolfe, It’s W-o-l-f-e, Okay?”


Apparently she like it.

I make eye contact with Illias, and we laugh at the same time.

Today. this child, Wolfe, It’s the beginning of a new life for her.

We take Wolfe, who keep murmuring her own name, to Maya’ place.

Lord Ragdo was talking about the events in the office of King Marito, King of Tiez.

“It seems that there was a tribe of Demi-Human staying in the territory of Tiez for a long time. And the fact that there’re still a lot of unexplored area around is a problem.”

“Yes, and it was discovered by a merchant in this country, Ban. Together with Illias’ collaborator.”

“Bandit subjugation, Books about the Demon Lord, And this time discovery of Demi-Human, He never fail to amaze me. Did he receive the invitation to the dinner party?”

“That’s, I confirmed it to Lady Ratzel the other day, but she said, she don’t have the chance to talk to him yet. So, I gave her day-off until she told him.”

“Haha, Even Lady Ratzel, a stubborn person, seems to have a hard time. If she can’t handle it, you need to personally make a move.”

“As your command.”

“If that still doesn’t work, I’ll leave this room and go see him, myself. So you can take it easy.”

“It seems, i need to work hard.”

Lord Ragdo laughs bitterly and King Marito laughs happily.

“So I received an application from the merchant Ban, to establish an equal relationship with the Black Wolf tribe as much as possible… But, Their military force are insignificant compared to ours.”

“What’s wrong with that? They are those who have lived in this territory for many years. To suddenly taxing those who lived without our support, I know we need to exploit them, but it’s not humane. Just let them like until they want to go under us.”

“The forest there is a rare forest, It will benefit the kingdom, but I’m sure the merchant will profit a lot from it.”

“Let him be. It’s the result of his hard work.”

“As your command.”

King Marito stretches out and walks up to the window.

There are someone out there who make a change in this country.

Faster, He want to see that person as soon as possible.

He feel more exited than meeting a noble daughter who was said to be a beautiful woman.

If that collaborator was a woman, His love life might spark, or he might even have a love affair. He’s a curious king who likes interesting things.

King Marito while thinking a man, who’s somewhere in this kingdom, was smiling.

“Okay, It’s done. And it seems there’s no problem.”

Maya successfully cast Possession to Wolfe. I’m not thinking that it would be nice if it have some side effects. Not at all?

I’m not that kind of person… Maybe.

By the way, She replenished the Possession cast on me with mana.

It’ll be a horrifying story if It had run out of mana at the Black Wolf tribe.

“Wolfe, Could you understand me?”

Illias speak to her.

Wolfe looked a little surprised, but nodded.

“Alright, try to talk something.”

“Hm, Hmm, Good weather?”

“You don’t make a mistake while casting it, right?”

“How rude. It’s okay, it’s not you, boy.”

Can’t she feel a little bit more guilty about her failure here?

Wolfe is confused by having words to convey her thought.

I explained it in advance, but as expected she is confused.

Until now, the only way she know was to shake her head.

“Hm, Ah, Hmm, That’s… Wolfe is Wolfe!”

Wolfe looks at me and speaks with confusion.

“I am Illias.”

“What about you?”

“Ah, right.”

I see, she confused how to called me, huh?

It’s okay to call me by my name, but she’s younger. But I don’t want her to imitate Illias, who calls me without any honorifics.

How should she call me? Should I ask her to call me ‘Brother’? But it’s sounds a bit wrong.

Papa? No way.

Master… No,no she’s not a Summoned Beast.

“How about Darling?”

“Please don’t teach her something dangerous.”

I think while blocking Maya’s remarks.

If I think about my future relationships with Wolfe.

Of course, I will support her so that she can live independently.

I decided to do it.

I’m going to teach her a lot.

Since it’ll be like that,

“Call me ‘Sensei’ or ‘ Shisho’.” [TN: Both of it means Teacher.]

“Well, well, aren’t you looks arrogant.”

“Leave him alone.”


“Either one is fine.”

“Sensei, Shisho, Sensei… Shisho!”

“Alright, From now on call me that way.”

“Shisho! Shisho! Shiishoo!”

Wolfe called happily.

When I think it again, you can translate ‘Shisho’ as ‘Master’. Maybe ‘Master’ is also good?

Hmm, nevermind… I prefer the Japanese word anyway.

In Japan, my image of ‘Master’ is that ‘Bar’s Master’.

Well, let’s think about future issues.

First of all, I have to think about the clothing, food and shelter for Wolfe.

“Of course I don’t mind. If you think about the burden, just think that I will do that to help you.”

“Please forgive me, I will pay the rent money properly.”

The vacant room in Illias house became Wolfe’ room.

Food.. I’ll manage it somehow. If I accept Gozz’ kindness, I don’t need money to eat for the time being.

So, what’s left is clothes. Her fluffy look is not good, it stand out too much.

Are she wearing underwear in the first place?

“Maya, Can you tell me how to make Wolfe suppress the mana leaking out from her?”

“Don’t worry about it. If there is a surplus of mana, there is no problem even if she release it diligently, and even if she suppress it normally, I think that there will be no burden on her daily life.”

This should be okay for her shining hair problems.

Even so, I think the clear white hair stands out…

She can’t always wrap a towel around her head, but not a lot of people saying something about it, so I think it shouldn’t be a problem.

Next is clothes… First, let’s bring her here.

“So, Soo Cuttee!!”

I brought Saira here.

Because she was not working today.I went to her house, and called her here.

“Why did you know her house?”

“That’s because address exchange is the first step in making friends.”

I ignore the line of sight that Illias directs here, she seems to doubt me.

“Can you make clothes that would suit Wolfe? Probably, No one sell clothes specialized for Demi-Human in this city with only humans, right? If you’re gonna open clothes store anyway, I think it’s good for practice, isn’t that right Saira?”

“Leave it to me! She give me a lot of inspiration!”

Wolfe is a little confused by Saira’ tension, but her size has successfully measured.

“Well, Wolfe. You have become able to talk to others through Maya’s Possession. However, if you keep relying on it, you will never be able to become independent. Illias, I know. I’m aware what I’m saying, so stop looking me that way.”

“Really? That’s good then.”

“The first thing to do is learn words and common sense. That’s why Maya-sensei, Please!”

I make Wolfe sit, and have a parchment and a pen in hand.

This is the figure of a student.

“Boy, do you remember what you asked her to call you?”

“I will teach her how to live. But, in language and common sense I’m also a beginner, That’s why, Maya-sensei, Please!”

So, I sit next to Wolfe.

“I don’t mind… since it can’t be helped.”

It’s not that I can’t study a language myself, but for common sense, it’s faster to learn it from someone.

In this way, we were ready to welcome Wolfe here.

Anyway, before I regret I can’t get anything next time, I have to make an effort to get what I can from now on.

Happiness is not the only thing waiting for me.

Still, let’s support Wolfe so that she can have a good life.


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