Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 20 Part 1

20-1. For the time being, Let’s learn (Part 1)

“Hey, what should we do!?”

“I,I don’t know. Of all times, Why did she came now!?”

An emergency meeting was held with in secrets between Lord Ragdo’ corps.

They are also aware of the abnormality in Illias’ appearance.

“Suddenly Illias got off duty halfway through and couldn’t be contacted until now. And for her to coming now means…”

“It took a lot of time for my subordinates to find her, and it took a long time for her to come to this place.”

“It’s a road through the forest, didn’t you leave a guide for her!?”

“Ah, when I heard that the Kid was safe, everyone was relieved, and fall a sleep inside the cave …”

“And I was teaching the child how to release mana.”

“That means…. she were searching through the forest all night long!?”

Everyone take a glance at Illias.

“What are you guys doing? Well, well, I’m jealous that all of you’re in a good terms. Hahaha”

Immediately return to the strategy meeting.

“Kid, Please do something!”

“Isn’t better for Grandpa Kara to do it! Anyway, aren’t you guys their superior?”

“I, I can’t do anything. You saw my wife right? Her temper is the same as my wife!”

“I came all the way to help you, Kid. So, Kid, do something about it!”

“Ah, why did you say that!?”

And they pushed me with wonderful cooperation.

These guys…I, I’m going to remember this!

Well, now I have no choice but to face Illias.

She was working in the morning, but suddenly she got off duty.

Although the reason is not clear, no one know what she did after that.

After I was abducted, Mr.Ban contacted Grandpa Kara and organized a rescue team.

I didn’t tell her anything this time either, and, I wasn’t at home.

Maybe Illias was moving around when Mr.Ban’s subordinates search around and she cannot be found.

Hmm… why did she look around when she got off-duty? Were she looking for someone who was on an adventure outside the kingdom?

When she searched around the city during the day, then Mr.Ban’s subordinate finally found her and contacted her.

And, based on Illias’ personality, she would have rushed here.

However, the situation is that there is no guide that informed her our location. So, She had no choice but to enter the forest alone.

She continued to search all night while I was doing various things in the Black Wolf’ village.

But, when she finally found me, everything was settled. And now, that person, who would have been worriedly searching for a long time, stand in front of me.

At this point, more than anger, I bet she feel empty…

“I’m sorry… Sorry for making you worry.”

I don’t have time to think a detailed strategy for this. So, First, I should apologize.

“Yeah, You know how much I’ve worr…”

Then I embrace Illias.

“Wha.. What’re..”

Unlike when hugging the girl, Illias body in armor is hard, and above all…

It, it hurt!?

I felt as if I hit a rock. No, it’s not the time to think about that.

Hey, you guys, don’t just whistling and watching me!

“You were desperately looking for me until you look this worn-out. Really, Thank you.”

“No, well… Erm… Isn’t in natural to be worried?”

Over-action here to thank you and pour in with momentum!

“Even though I don’t know the details, I bet you’ve been looking for me all the time, and always been anxious. I’m really sorry to make you go through that. Thank you, I’m really happy.”

“Yeah… I’m glad that you’re safe.”

I felt the danger diminishing from Illias.

Alright, just keep like this!

And I can safely go back home after this!

By the way, after this, I just need to do the last push, maybe something like ‘Let’s have a nice meal and alcohol at ‘Dog’s Bone’ later’ would be enough…

“Hmm, all ends well. But if Illias was in time, things would have been done sooner, right?”

“No, no, you know, he said ‘If Illias is here, she will solve it all with her brute strength’.”

“That’s maybe true.”

Mr. Baaaaan!?

Grandpa Karaaaa!?

Why you guys talk something like that at this timing!?

Hey, I could heard you muttered 『Ah, this’s bad.』!?


I heard a high-pinched voice in my ear.

I need to ran away… I tried to leave, but for some reason I couldn’t move.


In the current situation, it look like that while Illias hugging me, I’m stiffened.

But in truth, Illias has her hand on my back and it’s firmly fixed there.

What’s this? This is so hard that I can’t shake it!?

It’s like something like a steel, restrained me.

“What they’re talked, are that true?”

“No, no… Erm…”

“Speak honestly.”

“Erm… There are various complicated circumstances, And when I talked about wanting to do something like tricking them rather than solving it with force…”

“You said that you’re glad that I was not there?”

“No, no, not really… At that time, my mouth just slipped… Ouch! Hurt, it huuurt! Stop, please stop! Ugh.. This Damn Gorrila..”

My ribs and spine scream at the last minute.

Oh, this is something I’ve seen on TV.

If I was not mistaken, A bear… Ugh…

As the nostalgic memories passed through my mind, I lost consciousness.

“Good grief. I understand the situation, but couldn’t he said it in a better way?”

On the way back, In the forest, Illias walks as a vanguard while saying that.

If an obstructive bush comes into view, she pull out her sword and clear it off.

The young man lost consciousness, and Grandpa Kara is carrying him on his shoulder.

“Still, to fainted just by that. He’s just pathetic.”

“Hmm, Don’t say like that, even for me, I will feel that it was a hell.”

“Rather, to did that around the waist. I’m sure it’ll more effective on me. You’re so scary.”

“Even more you wear an armor, I can’t feel any happiness on that.”

She lift her sword to cut off the obstructive trees.

Oh, She couldn’t get the sword out again.

So, She hit it while the sword remain the scabbard.

It seems that rust has accumulated on the scabbard recently, and the sword may not come out.

From how it looks there’s no problem with the scabbard, but still, she have to take it to the blacksmith early.

“Grandpa Kara, Grandpa Bol, Did you said something?”

“No… Nothing.. I said nothing…”

Still, what does he mean by’Gorilla’?

She’s sure it’s a bad mouth, but what it means… She decided to ask him next time.

She heard the situation. He was doing his best for the girl who is now looking at him from the back of Mr.Ban.

When Illias was told what happened to the girl, she finally could understand what he was saying.

If she had been shown how they treated the girl, she probably couldn’t control herself.

She would have pulled out her sword, screamed at the Black Wolf, and forcibly took her out from that village.

He must have acted because he didn’t want the girl to stay in hell anymore for even a second.

But the way he saying… She wonder what it is.

Anger? Frustration? Loneliness?… Which emotion does she feel the most?

Is it anger, just because the thing that she searched around for a long time, ended without her knowing?

And what it is that still lingering in her mind?

“…It’s okay to rely on me a bit more though.”

Suddenly her mouth slipped.

Fortunately no one seemed to ask.

Oh, that’s right.

He came from a different world.

It would be a lie to say that she didn’t give it a special attention.

Other things he has done are often interesting.

She is interested in him.

She want to see more of what he does, up close.

She want to join, so that she can play a part in it too.

But he isn’t going to depend on her.

If she ask, he would say that the origin of this event was to get some money.

He was thrown into a different world and he have nothing here.

Still, Isn’t it okay to be a bit more depended on other people?

When he hugged her, and she strangl… hug him back, she realized something.

He was more fragile than she imagined, much more than a normal adult.

If she said it frankly, he will be less than a woman and about the same as a child.

From his point of view, the power of those around him is probably a threat.

It’s not just the bad guys.The Knights and me too…

However, if he look it in different way, it should be reliable as an ally.

“Is it okay if I count it as training?”

If he could rely on her more, she feel like she can grow more as a knight.

Until now, She always been a vague path, so she feel that it’s not a bad thing to have a goal.

She imagined that she’ll begged by him, and have no choice but to pick up her sword.

“What… What the hell am I thinking…”

Rather than an imagination, that is just a delusion

She shake her head lightly to speed up her steps.

“Still, what will happen after this?”

If Illias take the girl to to the city as it is, she will stand out too much.

Should she take her to the barracks and clean her body first?

And after that… Well, she’s sure he will do something.

Also she has to report the story about the new tribe.

There is no conflict, and it seems that everything will proceed in a mild manner.

She’s sure, His Majesty wouldn’t do treat them bad.

Going through the forest, she’ll be busy again today…

“Ah! I forgot about the invitation!”

I have a lot of back pain. Really, what’s wrong with that gorilla?

I was inside the barracks when my consciousness returned.

Grandpa Kara and the other knights have returned to their original work.

Mr.Ban went to explain the negotiations with the Black Wolf to Lord Ragdo.

He left a message saying ‘Please leave the rest to me.’, so I don’t need to worry for now.

There are no Demi-Human in this Kingdom, but it seems that there is no sense of discrimination against such people.

The only problem is that the old-fashioned way of thinking about the roles of men and women is not completely removed, but there’s no need to think about it now.

It is true that there are kingdom where Demi-Human live like normal, but it can be said it’s the first time, that a kingdom make relationship with a nearby village where only the Demi-Human live.

No such settlement has ever been found in Tiez’ territory, so only humans lived in this territory.

Perhaps in the near future, in Tiez, you may also see black wolves doing business in the market.

“Well, it’s about time.”

Illias is currently washing the girl in the barracks bathroom, It seems that the girl did some fierce resistance because Illias tried to strangle her benefactor in front of her. But, her resistance is vain in front of Illias.

If the girl was grabbed by that superhuman strength, I’m sure she can’t escaped.

Sometimes I’ll hear screams and mana releases, but let’s not think about it.

When I thought it was quiet for a while, Illias came.

“Oh, finally, are you done?”

“And you, finally are awake. It was hard you know? She didn’t want to hear anything I said because you were fainted.”

In the hands of Illias, the girl’ arm is held.

Wait, why it sound so horror?

Behind her, there’s a girl who is being taken away without power.

Yep, It was horror enough.

When the girl notices me, she run to my side while crying.

Illias is done doing her task, so she let her go.

Then, the girl who charged vigorously collides with my belly.


Ah, I forgot. This child is also a black wolf.

She haven’t done any training, but she still got some strength.

The girl whose body was washed no longer smells.

The whole body is also beautiful, and the whiteness of the skin is more brilliant than before.

Even though now is daytime, you still can see that her hair is shining.

“It’s beautiful, but if we leave it just like this, she will stand out.”

“Right, The fact that she’s a Demi-Huamn make her stand out already, and if this whiteness added too…”

For the time being, I got a large towel, and I’ll wrap it around her head.

Well, with this.. she’ll be alright, I guess?

I also hid her ears, so it’s hard to tell at a glance.

The tail is covered with the men’s shirt that is currently being worn, so it cannot be seen in the first place.

However, if she shake her tail, it can’t be helped if someone see like something moving around her ass.

“However you look, she still stand out. Well, let’s take her to Maya and do something with it later. If we use Possession on her, she will be able to communicate.”

“Right, I was thinking the same.”

“That’s because you’re the same before.”

We move with the girl.

On the way, suddenly Illias with an ‘Ah!’ face says.

“Ah, Right. I need to tell you something before I forgot.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Actually, Lord Ragdo asked me to invite you to the ceremony to give a reward for subduing the bandits, and participate in the dinner party after that.”

“I’ll pass.”

“Right? After all, the honor of being called to such a place is… Wait! Wait a minute!”

Illias grab my shoulders.

My body moves forward according to the law of inertia, but my shoulders are fixed, so my body floated for a moment.


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