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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 19

I think for the next ch, I’ll split it into two part…
It just slightly shorter than ch 18, so it’s good enough to be split.
Oh, and 5 more ch before the end of this Arc one, and I’m thinking that, after the last ch of arc one, I’ll post the Illustration from the LN for this arc that I found on the internet.

19. For the time being, This, Can’t be helped

Illias was off duty in the morning at the command of Lord Ragdo.

Find him, and invite him to the ceremony and dinner party, and make sure he accept the invitation.

The serious Illias walk around the city immediately, and start searching for him.

But she can’t find him.

It seems that he visited “Dog’s Bone”, but he left the place after eating.

And they don’t know where he go.

She walked around the church where Maya is, then her home, even the market and various places, but she can’t see his shadow or figure at all.

At this point, she even wonder if he intentionally hide from her.

And when she notice, the sun has already set.

“Even if I wait, or search for him, I can’t see him… What should I do?”

The meow of the stray cat that answers it echoes in vain.

She went home several times, but there is no sign of him returning.

At night, the places that are open in the city are lesser.

She went around to some place including “Dog’s Bone”.

『 Definitely, I will find you, I’m sure of it. 』

“Where are you…”

Still he can’t be found.

Even if there was no physical fatigue, mental fatigue was steadily accumulated and appeared on her face.

It can’t be helped. Let’s just go home.

If after all this this, he’s in home…. huh, never mind, that’s enough.

Thinking about that, she go home.

Then there was a person waiting there.

“Finally, I finally found you!”

Apparently someone looking for her.

However, Illias has no idea, who is that person.

“Hmm, Who are you?”

“Ah, I’m one of Sir Ban’ subordinates.”

Ban, speaking of which, it seems that the owner of a large trading house in this town had such a name.

Even after her parents passed away, she never had the opportunity to visit such place.

Then, the memory of drinking with him in “Dog Bone” pass through her mind.

He said he visited a merchant with such a name.

And she try to guess… maybe… Oh, are you there?

She feel relief that she could finally get his whereabouts.

“Maybe. just maybe, is it about the young man that stay at my place?”

“Yes. Actually, it seems that he got kidnapped by Demi-human.”

“… Huh!?”

Illias’ overtime work still continues.

The next day, I visited Obaba’ place in the morning and started talking.

“Regarding yesterday’s negotiations, I would like to add one condition.”

The surrounding black wolves buzz, only Obaba is quietly looking at me.

“Why so sudden? Boy, you already agreed with yesterday deal. Do you want to take your words back?”

“No, yesterday deal was already set. It just, if you accept my additional condition, I will promise you, a reasonable compensation for it.”

“Hmm, what is it?”

“I promise that when you’re in negotiation table, I will make it so that both parties will always on an equal footing.”

“So, you say, if I don’t want to accept it, we will never be seen as equal?”

“No, but I will just prepare you the seat. I will not do anything more than that. So, everything will depends on your skill.”

“I thought I said that we alone are impossible.”

“If you have confidence in your skill, there’s no need to accept it. As promised, I will still prepared the seat.”

“…Could you tell me what is that condition?”

“I want you to give ‘The Cursed Child’, the opportunity to leave this village.”

The surroundings buzz again, but it even more noisy than before.

Obaba raises her hand and silences them.

“Let me ask you one question.”


“Boy, it seems that you’ve gotten quite attached to her. But, could you tell me why should I give her to you?”

“I have two reasons. It for the sake of ‘The Cursed Child’, and for your own.”

“I bet she would be happy to leave this place. And we also happy to give her away. Still, just giving her the opportunity to leave, what is your aim for doing that?”

“Anyway, The detail of giving that opportunity… hmm, who’s the strongest here?”

I see around the surrounding black wolves.

After a while of silence, a man raised his hand.

He has an exceptionally good physique, and his personality as a warrior is perfect.

“It’s me.”

“Then, you will duel with ‘The Cursed Child’, if she wins, you’ll set her free.”

“So, you want me to battle to death with her, is that right?”

“No, It’s enough to just make one of you unable to fight. Still, I won’t say anything if you want to battle to death.”

“Hmm, I see.”


“The boy is same with us. He pitied her, but also hate her. That’s why he want her to duel with you, and let her die with ease. Next time, when we start trading, He don’t want to see ‘The Cursed Child’ in this village already, so he want us to deal with her now.”

“I, I see..”

“It’s okay even If you want to think that way. So, do you accept?”

“I don’t mind. I accept.”

“Really? I’ll keep your words then.”

“But there’s no one in this village, who want to kill her, and later got cursed. So, you won’t complain if he just make her on the verge of death right?”

“Don’t worry, whether he plan to kill her or not, in the end, that man will have to fight with everything he’s got.”

“I will?”

Suddenly, One of the black wolf came from outside.

“Obaba! Men with weapons are at the entrance of the village!”

“It seems, your pick-up has come.”

And we all head to the entrance of the village.

There stand Grandpa Kara with the members of the Lord Ragdo’ corps, and also Mr.Ban.

Everyone is armed and creates a tense air.

Grandpa Kara starts walking straight when he sees me.

However, he stops halfway and looks back.

Another knight of the Ragdo corps starts walking, and facing Grandpa Kara.

The knight’s weapon is a huge mallet, he’s a man who play an active role when subduing bandits.

He called Grandpa Bolveracti…. Grandpa Bol, yeah. [TN: in source its written ボルベラクティ , not sure what the right spelling, so I will write it Bolveracti.]

Two of them set up their own stage, and the Black Wolves disappointed by the sight.


At the same time Grandpa Kara shout, a flash of spear attack Grandpa Bol.

Without saying, he catches the spear, that’s coming with a speed that is invisible to the eye, with a mallet.

At that moment, a roaring sound and a shock wave were generated around them.

Grandpa Kara vs Grandpa Bol Illustration

Grandpa Kara does not stop his thrust.

However, Grandpa Bol handling it well, and when found a gap and he swings down the mallet.

Grandpa Kara barely avoids it, and the mallet pierces the ground.

The ground vibrates and shakes the houses in the village.

Yesterday, I compared them with the black wolves once and gave them some superiority and inferiority.

Needless to say, I can’t compare the black wolf with them, their movements were just too overwhelming.

Every time their weapon meet, a shock is transmitted to the village.

The black wolf who sees it cannot stop their astonishing expression.



Finally, the blow with all they got collide, d a particularly large shock is generated.

Some of them could hold their feet from the shock, but some of them, feel down on their knees.

“Fuu.. I think this is enough.”

“Your skill not even declining at all.”

“You too, Fofofo!”

The two laughed as if nothing had happened.

I walk up next to the strongest man in this village and call out.

“They are not going to fight. Because they came in a small number, so he only want to show that their strength can’t be underestimated.”


“Well then, Let’s start. They will do nothing, and just wanted to see. The duel of the strongest Man in this village.”

The man squeezes his weapon tightly.

There can no longer be an option for him to cut corners.

After being shown such a performance, if he try to show a fight bellow that level, in front of the knights and in front of the tribes, he will publicly show the difference in ability.

Even if they can negotiate on an equal footing through dialogue, they will be under pressure in the future exchange.

If they can proof their tribes strength here, they cannot stand equally to humans.

While the villagers are preparing to bring the girl, Grandpa Kara walks up here.

Then thank Obaba, and stand next to me.

“How was it? Was it like what you hoped?”

“It was a good performance. After this you could see something interesting.”

“Really? But I’m a little bit concerned…. Beside the role that I need to do after this….”

“I’m sorry. From the member of Lord Ragdo’ corps, I always requested to you the most.”

“If you say something like that, I can’t blame you then… Oh, it seems she came.”

A girl is brought here by the villagers.

She’s poked by stick from behind and led to the open space.

Seeing this scene, the spear held by Grandpa Kara makes a noise.

“Please do your best to restraint yourself. Even though I think it’s the hardest for you to do.”

“Yeah, just trust in me.”

“I will give you a sign when, okay?”

I turn to Obaba and point the girl.


At the same time as his reply, I stand up and walk to the girl.

The girl is trembling.

But, it’s as expected, the line of sight from the surroundings is too much.

I whisper in the girl’s ear.

The girl open her eyes bigger and looked at me, but I ignored it and returned to Obaba and sat down.

In the center of the open space, the strongest warrior in this village will fight the hated cursed girl.

“Boy, you got me good. After you show that kind of performance, he can’t loose his arm…”

“Maybe, It will end in an instant.”

“The strongest and bravest man will end up killing ‘The Cursed Child’…. Whether he end up killing her and got cursed or not, our standing in front of your men will be bad…. Ah, is that your true aim? If so, you really got me good.”

“My true aim… You will know it soon. Anyway, you can start it now.”

“I see… Both sides, Get ready!”

The man holds a stone axe, and the girl stands still while hanging down her sword.

She’s staring at me with anxiety.

“Grandpa Kara, I’m counting on you.”


Grandpa Kara’ spear, that was pushing against the ground, tilts.



The man screams and jumps in while swinging up his stone axe.

His speed is comparable to Grandpa Kara.

No matter how you look at it, jumps in full power.

The girl closes her eyes tightly, drops her sword, and tries to protect her body with her arms.

The girl don’t have any weapons’ skill, she doesn’t even have any idea how to use it.

The man swung down the stone axe with a single stroke accurately to the girl’s arms that tried to protect her head.

…. But it shattered without trace.

“…. Hm!?”

It wasn’t just the man who was astonished. All the black wolves who were here make a face like they couldn’t believe it.

And when I sees the man who has stopped moving, I shouts.

“Now!! Break the chains with your own hands!!”

“Ah, Aaaaaahh!!”

The girl shouts and pulls her right arm back.

With all the strength she got, she sticking out her right hand to the man who’s stopped moving.

A dazzling light come out.

This is a huge amount of mana, no formula has been built, just an enormous mana that is put into the arms until leaking out to the surroundings.

But it’s not until like that one strike that Illias did to the undead, and the power seems inferior too.

However, the man who was struck by the enormous mana flew in the air, he flew over the crowd, and fly until struck to a house far away.


Everyone lost for words.

The strongest man in the village has been defeated by ‘The Cursed Child’ who they thought the weakest in the village.

He tried his best and lost in an instant.

They can’t can’t understand that, they just hardened on spot.

I sighed on relief, and tell Obaba.

“This is my true aim.”

I stand up and walk to the girl.

The girl doesn’t even understand what happened.

Looking at the palm of her own hand, she make a strange face.

“All of you! Listen! This girl that you hated, is not a cursed child!”

The sorrow and anger that I hold until now, I let out all of it as I shout.

“She simply has a genetic disorder called albino. This is not a curse, it’s just a ‘peculiarity’ that affects one in 10,000 people.”

Albino, whose existence is well known in the world of the Earth, is just one thing that have existed for a long time.

In a village where only about 100 people live, it might never occurred throughout their history.

“The mother who died from giving birth. And The father who after losing his wife, hate the child, and that stress distracted him when hunting. It’s just a tragedy that can happen to anyone.”

The girl was destined to be persecuted because of that peculiarity and tragedy.

“But you guys don’t know that. And just decided to make ‘The Cursed Child’, and blame all of it to her. Made a foolish move of seeking easy results without understanding your ignorance, that is your sin!”

Still, even if I said this much, it will not change the fear that they have for this child.

Only Obaba, who can detect lies, believe what I said.

But that’s fine. I will speak something that would make them regret.

“Still, even if I told you this, some people wouldn’t believe it. Some will close their ears, and keep thinking that their delusions are correct. So, to prove the value of this girl…”

I touch the girl’ white hair.

“Plants and trees change their appearance according to the mana contained in the atmosphere. On the contrary, excessive mana will kill the plant.”

The reason for the ecology of the plants that I saw in the ‘Black Demon Lord’s Killer Mountain’ is the same as this girl’s case.

“There is a place where transparent trees live near here. The tree grows with the enormous mana contained in the atmosphere as a nutrient, and the excess mana spills from the leaves as light. It’s the same for the shine of this hair.”

Right, that’s why this girl’s hair was shining.

Excessive mana was overflowing from her hair.

“Black is the color that receives the most light. But this girl didn’t need black color to catch the light from the outside. This is because there was a light called mana that overflowed from the inside. She was born with with an excess mana from the beginning.”

At that time, after hugging this girl, suddenly the Possession works, and If I want to guess, the reason for that is her overflowing mana was influenced the spirit that possessed me, and the spirit was soaked by it.

This girl has an extraordinary amount mana in her body to that extent.

When I try to got confirmation from Mr.Ban, he said her value was….

“She has a value that is comparable to the hero who once defeated the Demon Lord.”

“This girl is not ‘The Cursed Child’… To all of you who’s frightened by the Demon Lord, this girl, was actually a ‘Miracle Child’ given by heaven.”

That’s why I asked someone to duel with this girl.

The girl was talented enough to make sure she could win.

From the time when she was a baby, who should not have enough mana, she’s actually over-nutrition, and due to that, unconsciously let out enough mana to kill the surrounding plants. Her mana was unique, even just touching her, the excess mana that came out could influenced spirit inside other person.

Even for me, who wouldn’t even be able to see the presence or absence of mana, I could feel the signs from its appearance.

After I confirm that, I didn’t hesitate anymore.

I asked Mr.Ban to teach her only how to release that mana.

It has the same principle as when Illias grabbed a mallet with one hand and crushed it.

Only a simple trick that cannot be count as a skill, just need to strengthens the body with violent mana.

Originally she has a body that could not stop the leakage of mana, so she was able to quickly learn it.

At first I thought it would be enough to let her shown a demonstration of it, but Mr’ban said 『 It’s equal or better than Illias… 』, so I decided to set up this stage for her.

If it is equivalent to that gorilla, there is nothing to be scared.

And there are two main reasons for taking this approach, one is of course for the girl.

The girl had the power and talent to wipe out her fear of this village.

She was just not given the opportunity.

That’s why I gave it to her, and let her win the freedom with her own hands.

She haven’t realized it yet, but that’s fine.

This experience will surely be the footing of this girl.

And another reason is for this village, as I told Obaba.

In the future, when trading with Tiez, if they remain trapped in superstitions and uncertain information, you will eventually be exploited by malicious people.

That’s why I made them understand what they were doing and regret it.

Face the reality that they have killed the talent of a girl who overwhelms the best warrior in the village.

It’s just that ‘I’… Because of my immaturity.. I blamed them rather than counseling them.

If this village changes, there will be no complaints, and if it does not change, the equal relationship will eventually end without me doing anything.

“Then, as promised, I will take this girl. The rest of the promises, I will surely fulfill it next time.”

Having said that, I left the village with Grandpa Kara.

The girl is curiously looking at the forest for the first time.

None of the Black Wolfs tried to hold us back.

What does that mean?…. It’s still early to decide.

“Kid… It was a great performance!”

It was Grandpa Kara who broke the silence when we returned to the cave.

I was hit on my back and suddenly lost my strength.

“Well, I blamed them with all my might, but I’m glad that no one try to revolt… Really, I’m glad.”

My honest feeling… actually, I was always scared!?

Even though they are weaker than the knights, but they slightly higher than the bandits.

And to stand in the middle of them, preaching them… doesn’t it all sound like some brat who spoke some nonsense?

“This girl is not ‘The Cursed Child’… To all of you who’s frightened by the Demon Lord, this girl, was actually a ‘Miracle Child’ given by heaven….. I’m really fascinated!”

Grandpa Bol even imitates my face and plays.

Please stop it! It’s an embarrassing speech even when I thinking about it!

Do you think how much courage did I need to say it out loud!?

It’s absolutely impossible if I’m not determined about saving this child!?

“Really…Please stop it.”

“Why need to be so embarrassed? It makes me feeling this great, don’t you feel the same, Little Girl?”

Grandpa Kara laughs at the girl, but the girl is taking a distance far way from Grandpa Kara and looks alert.

“Kid… Can you get rid of the misunderstanding as soon as possible?”

“Yeah Yeah, I understand.”

To be honest, I’m reluctant to explain this to a girl…

At that time, the reason why Grandpa Kara came to my side is not for escort.

It was to lit the fire inside her .

Thanks to Mr.Ban’s lecture, she learned to release mana, and although it seemed to be a solid strategy, there was a problem.

This girl has a strong fear of the villagers.

I’m worried that….. That fear will took control of her, make she forget what was taught to her.

To prevent that… Erm.. Yeah.

I decided to did an act.

The girl opened her hearts to me.

And I used it.

『 If you lose this duel, you will die. But rest assured, If you fail, I’ll die with you. 』

I told her that, and I had Grandpa Kara’ spear pointed at my neck.

She is a really good girl… if you let her think that the person who gave her a positive intention for the first time will die because of her… what do you think she will do?

And so, like this, the fear of the villagers will change to that fear… right?

“As I thought, I will do it someday.”

“What… why…”

As expected, there is a difference in the guilty feeling of deceiving between a bad guy like Dokora and this innocent and pure girl.

I leave Grandpa Kara who make an astonished face alone and proceed through the cave.

The girl follows right behind me.

“…What’s wrong?”

This time, because the girl was talented, I was able to finish it in a way that made my chest feel refreshed.

But what if it was just an albino symptom?

Could it have wiped out her trauma and made the villagers understand the mistakes they made?

I imagine and think about a hypothetical story in my head.

Do I need to appeal to Tiez for discrimination and persecution and using the position as a trading partner to blame them?

Do I just pull away from the village and teach the girl how to live, to forget the past and only think the future?

… Or, should I ask a real brave hero like Grandpa Kara or Illias to save her?

What if all of it didn’t work?

The tears that I shed for the girl are genuine.

However, the anger and hatred that arose at the same time are also genuine.

What kind of means would I have chosen if I left myself to that feeling?

“Well, sometimes you only know it, when that happen.”

When we get back to Tiez, let’s clean up this girl first.

Will Saira make clothes that this girl can wear if I ask her?

I want to let her eat Gozz’ food.

If I ask Maya, she should be able to make this girl communicate with us.

What to do after that… Oh, Right, I have to think of a name.

Anyway, there is still a lot to do, but let’s do it slowly.

Most things can be done as we move to the future ahead.


“Kid, what’s wrong? why suddenly you stop… Aaah!”

“Hey, what’s… Aaah!”

Some of the knights also involuntarily leak their voices.

Shortly after leaving the cave, someone came out from the bush.

“Fu….Fufufu, looks like it’s all over already.”

Stand there was Illias laughing with hollow eyes.


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