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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 18 Part 2

So, this is the last part of this ch…
It might touch your heart a bit.

18-2. For the time being, Definitely for sure (Part 2)

“Did you look around the village?”

“Yeah, but I have one question. It’s about the girl who is called ‘The Cursed Child’. Why is that child considered as cursed?”

“You would have seen that peculiar looks, right? Older ones have white mixed in their hair color. But even an elder like me only about this level. That hair, it remind you the eerie feeling of death. That’s why we called her Cursed.”

I suppress the feeling of wanting to argue and prompt beyond.

“Suddenly it was born while having a black wolf parent. When it was born, the mother died. Within a few days, the father who tried to raise her make a blunder while hunting the beast and he never returned. The day after, I left her alone in the forest, and the surrounding vegetation died, in the end, I couldn’t threw her away. isn’t that weird? And, If any warrior tried to take her life, I didn’t know whether it’s a curse or not, but he can’t take her life. Therefore, we kept her alive outside the village and gave her the fate of taking on the disaster that tried to enter this village.”

“So, you use her to warding off disasters because she bring disasters?”

“Since she can’t be used in the other way.”

I don’t like it. However, it is not a good place to spit out that feeling.

The, I stand up and try to leave the house.

“Don’t get involved with that. Or disasters will fall on you, boy. And it’s late at night, I can’t guarantee the safety outside the village.”

“I’m not planning to leave this village, so don’t worry. Well then, let me check it with my own eyes.”

“Do as you like. You will understand after seeing it yourself.”

I arrived at the entrance of the village with the returned torch in one hand.

If you enter with this, it may cause a fire to the forest, so I extinguish the fire.

Anyway, with this moonlight, I won’t have much trouble.

I proceed to a place that seems to be the entrance to the rubble.

It smelly. It like the smell of rotten garbage. Ugh, I wanna pinch my nose so bad.

Animal internal organs and dirty fruits are rolling at the feet.

It seems they leave the leftover food that they received on the evening here.

Still, it’s not a reason for me to stop.

I look into the rubble.

There was a girl there.

She’s looking at the moon from a hole on the laid straw.

The moonlight also illuminates the girl, her white hair and skin were shining as if they were glowing.

Its appearance is no less than the magical sight that I saw when I first came to this world.



I call out to her. She noticed me and then screamed.

She raise a word that could not be understood. Then, she shake her head from side to side and retreat to the back of the rubble.

Tears are accumulated in her frightened eyes.

“It’s okay. I’m not gonna do something to you.”

I call out again, but the girl keeps making voices that can’t be understood, She’s trying to get away from here.

No, It’s not that.

I remembered what Obaba said, both of the girl’s parents died shortly after the child was born.

And until now, she have lived far away from interaction.

It’s not that she can’t speak because of scared. she doesn’t know any words.

it was shallow to think that she could understand the language because she is a black wolf.

Coming here, highlights the shortcomings of Possession.

If this magic is used to livestock, it has the effect of ‘making it understand words’ and ‘making intentions into words.’.

However, for someone who does not know any words, there’s nothing to let them understand in the first place.

Even if I try to put this intention into words, she don’t know the words.

Maybe, if Possession casted to this girl, she might understand. Still, it will be useless to let her convey her intention.

It’s frustrating. With this, communication is…

“I see…”

Thinking so far, I understood the reason why the girl trembled.

This girl has been experiencing this frustration ever since she was born.

What she can understand is that the villagers hate her.

When she try to say something, she don’t even know what it means.

However, she continues to be persecuted after that.

‘Why they treated me like this?’, ‘Why they kept me alive?’, There is no way to know such a thing.

Just continue to live in fear.

So just being called out, could makes her tremble…

The girl keeps a distance but does not run away. No, she can’t escape.

A chain is attached to her leg, which leads to a huge stake at the end.

Whether it was just rubbed or she tried to escape many times, there are a lot of blood marks on her feet.

Not treated as a person. Not even as a livestock.

My eyes get hot. and my field of vision blurred.

All the suffering this girl experienced. I wouldn’t be able to understand it.

Still, the girl’s horrific past, as if it emerges, I could feels it.

Tears flowing, it can’t be hold.

I hug a girl who seems like she can’t stand it anymore and tries to keep a distance.

She keep struggling and screaming in fear. The girl’s body is…cold.

“It’s lonely, right? It’s hard, right? It’s scary, right?… This is bullshit! Screw them! No one is qualified to drive you to this way of life. You want to complain, right? It’s frustrating, right?… In this world where you can’t even ask for help, All alone… Damn it!!”

When did I stop crying like a child?

Maybe since I feel that the world is suck, and there’s nothing worth in it, from that point, I didn’t even spare any effort to cry.

In the world, there are things that you want do not come true. but sometime it might come true.

Perhaps there were times when only I, could make it come true.

But that, I just say ‘yeah there’s something like that” and don’t give care about it anymore.

I just have to be as strong as I can, If I can live safely, that’s fine.

While I was making that wall unconsciously, this girl smashed it.

The deepest part of my heart which I put a lid on it… The anger and sadness that had been suppressed and had nowhere to go, now overflowing.

In her stead, I want to shed the tears.

In her stead, I want to complain to the world that it was painful.

Even if the say it meaningless… Even if they call me a hypocrite…


I hug the girl and sob.

The girl was scared, but saw the situation and began to change her reaction.

MC Hug tthe Girl Illustration

She probably understood what I was crying and screaming.

Because only that is what the girl knows.

That’s why the girl also raises her voice.

She shed tears, and we cried together.

“What did you say!? That kid got caught by demi-human?”

Mr.Ban tried to rescue him when he was abducted, but after estimating the number and difference in ability, he returned to Tiez in a hurry.

If they were only one one or two people, I intended to rescue him by force, but there were too many.

Judging that there was no sign of immediate execution, he chose to call for help.

And the helper he choose, that person knows the boy and has a close friendship with Mr.Ban too, He is Karagyugjesta Domitorkofkon.

As soon as he explained the story, Karagyugjesta jumped out and called out to the other in Ragdo’ corps.

Ten people were immediately gathered, but it’s enough.

The population of the village is about 100, and half of them are likely can fight properly.

If they are normal Knights, they might worried, but the Ragdo’ corps has no problem at all.

“Okay, Let’s go!”

“Speaking of which, what about reporting it to Lord Ragdo…”

“We can do that later! The kid’s life is more important!”

It’s not that he’s afraid to be stopped by his superior.

Lord Ragdo would definitely tell to organize a rescue unit.

Rather, if he report it later, he would be scolded.

Knights who jump out of the castle gate and run through on horseback and the van that follows.

“At such times, why Illias must be off-duty…!”

“Just in case I asked my subordinates will go search and explain the situation to her.”

“Okay then. If it’s Illias, She will come faster by feet rather than us using horse.”

Karagyugjesta belongs to the Yugura religion, but has little faith in it.

But now he has no choice but to pray.

The kid is quick witted. However, It could be his weakness too.

“Kid… Please be safe!”

After crying for a while, I realizes that I have been hugging the girl and releases her.

“Ah, I let you see my unsightly appearance. I’m sorry.”

I tell the girl that, even if she can’t understand the word, if you try to convey your intention, there’s a meaning in it.

And then, She shake her head.

She shake her head!

“Just now… Did you just shake your head?”

This time she nodded.

“Do you understand my words?”

She nodded.

And then, She groan something that couldn’t be understood like ‘Auu, auu’.

… I think about the reason.

This girl shouldn’t know any words.

But suddenly she came to understand these words.

I tried to search for the same case from past memories.

Then I observe the girl.

And reach for the girl’s hair.

The girl no longer looks frightened, but staring quietly at what I do.

The girl’s hair that I touched may not have been washed for a long time.

It’s stiff, dirty with sebum, and full of dandruff.

However, the hair illuminated by the moonlit night still seems to glow…

No, it’s emitting light… it’s not a joke.

One guess came to my mind from my memory and experience.

I’m not sure, but it’s probably true.

The girl is looking at me with interest.

Of course, that should be it. Suddenly, a partner who could convey his intention to a girl who didn’t even speak, appeared.

Fortunately, the girl knows the action of shaking her head.

Perhaps she was observing the villagers and learning what it meant.

And, I remembered that I was shaking my head when I entered this place.

This is what the girl who didn’t learn anything desperately remembered.

As the only way of self-defense.

I grabs the girl’s shoulder and she shows a surprised expression, but I continues to say to her.

“Do you want to leave this village?”

The girl stiffen on that question for a while, but eventually nodded.

Of course, I intended to rescue her from here without hearing her reply.

However, according to her life so far, the girl now has a trauma that cannot be wiped out.

Just forcibly rescuing from here, I’m sure the scars will follow the rest of her life.

To get rid of it, she need to overcome the trauma with her own hand.

Until I came here, I didn’t know how to do it.

When I learned that she couldn’t communicate, I thought it would be okay to force her.

But now this girl is showing her will.

There is no good way, I can only see a faint hope, but I want certainty.

“Be quiet.”

Suddenly I heard a voice from my back.

I’m so surprised that my heart beating so fast.

Who? since when you are here? and did he heard what I said earlier!?

No… This voice is…

“Don’t threaten me, Mr.Ban.”

Looking back, I saw Mr.Ban… Who!?

Wait, if I look closely, it was for sure Mr.Ban.

Mr.Ban is dressed as a thief often seen in the fantasy world.

But, It ’s a little more luxurious than the bandit’s.

“I came to help. But just when I plan to hide… I heard some boy’ crying…”

You heard it!!???

My disgraceful cry was exposed an acquaintance!

This, This must be erased, Wait, calm down, I can’t make someone who came to help me dead…

“Secret, Please make it a secret!”

“That being said, there are already Lord Karagyugjesta and the other Ragdo’ corps outside the forest.”

“As one would expect, you guys are fast. is Illias came too?”

“Illias, she suddenly got off-duty, and we don’t know where is she… But, I’m sure that my subordinates told her our situation…”

That might have been good.

If it’s Illias, She might get in from the front, and now there would be an uproar already.

“Anyway, Let’s escape.”

“No, Please wait.”

I stop Mr.Ban, and told him the talk I have with the Black Wolf.

“I see, the other side is already going to accept peace and trade…. Then it seems better to pick you up tomorrow.”

“Yeah, Grandpa Kara and the others will have to wait during the night…”

“I understand.I will ask them to wait inside the cave.”

In order to reassure Grandpa Kara who were originally worried, I should leave this village early, but I’m sure that Mr.Ban wants to look what will happen from now on.

Therefore, he accepted my proposal.

“And I have something to ask to all of you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about this girl… Hey, It’s okay, he’s not scary.”

Which reminds me, I was conscious of Mr.Ban who suddenly appeared, and completely forgot about the girl.

The girl is frightened by Mr.Ban and trembles in the corner of the room.

“Is the thief style that bad?”

“No, but yes.”

Talk about the story of the girl, Talk about wanting to make this girl independent from this village.


Mr.Ban also cried.

He’s really a good person.

“Was that so, I see, I understand. Perhaps if you explain to Lord Karagyugjesta, he will surely cooperate!”

“Yeah, anyway, the first thing I would like Mr.Ban to check is…”

With the appearance of Mr.Ban, the idea that had been put on hold in my head can be a reality.

Then I got Mr.Ban approval, and the plan will carried out tomorrow.

It’s time to go back. Because I was hugging the girl, my clothes were quite dirty and the smell was terrible.

I’m sure there was a place with a lot of water, so should I clean it there?

The girl is staring at me as I tries to leave.

I look straight at her eyes that full of anxiety and smile.

“It’s okay. Definitely for sure I will free you.”

After becoming a habit of living safely, I came to prefer a position that taken a step back.

Avoid being noticeable, even if I choose to take action, I was taking a stance that pushed someone forward.

I’m sure that even Grandpa Kara or Mr.Ban can save this girl.

Rather, if I want to get certainty, I can just leave it to these two people.

But I thought.

And I made up my mind.

That I want to help this girl, with my own hands.

It may be off the way of living safely.

Wait, maybe it isn’t?

Choosing a way that I will not regret is also a safe option to keep my mind stable.

So this time, let’s say this word that I usually avoided.

” ‘I’ will give you freedom.” [TN: in the source it’s written ‘俺’ that mean I, this is one first person pronoun in Japanese,]

I put the first person in words, and I swore to the girl.
[TN: In this case, This is the first time MC say something using first person pronoun by his own mouth, so it’s quite a big deal, I guess.]


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