Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 18 Part 1

So here like I said it will be 2 part…
here goes part 1.. it’s halfway. so you can expect another same long ch for part 2

18. For the time being, Definitely for sure (Part 1)

Recently, I woke up because of muscle pain, but this time I woke up with headache.

“Have you called Obaba yet?”

“Yes, she will come soon.”

MY field of vision is unclear. The surroundings are noisy.

Somehow the beast smells is strong.

“Hey! I woke up, can anyone hear me?”

Someone’s coming, Who is it?

Trace back my memory. I discover a rare forest with Mr.Ban….. then….

“I’m saying, can you hear me or not!?”

“Ugh… Be quite! you makes my head hurt!?”

Hm? What are these guys!?

I’m sure my mind was clear but, that appearance, it surprised me.

Multiple people surround me.

However, the people in front of me were something like humans, certainly their figure is that of humans.

They have black hair!? it’s the first time I saw Black hair in the this world. Also red eyes, and beast-like hair-covered ears with a bushy tail.


Speaking of which, I think Illias said that there are some demi-human in this world called elf.

Are they beast-human? Is it dogs or wolves?

Wait, before that shouldn’t I do something about this? Both my arms are tied behind and my body rolled on the ground.

Well, I’m sure this is that.

It’s what they called taking captive.

“I’m sorry, but could you explain the current situation?”

“What’s wrong with this guy? What is he trying to say?”

“Who knows? just think that he’s speaking something…”


What a strange resply, maybe this is…

“Can’t you understand what I’m saying? I mean no harm. So, could you release the restraint?”

“It’s seems that he’s complaining about something….”

“Can’t understand it at all.”

It seems that they can’t understand my words. By any chance, Did the Possession run out?

At the time I got captured, that’s the sixth day of Possession, and if I fainted almost a whole day… it is highly possible.

No, wait. they can’t understood my words, but I understood their word.

It’s not Japanese, so they should be able to understood this word as well.

Well, what did Maya say about possession is…

『It’s a Magic without a name. The consciousness of the target temporarily possessed by the spirit, it will translate any word into a common word. So, after you receive it, the word anyone speak will be translated to the word that you know.』

I’m sure it’s something like that.

Haha, I see.

My words translated to common words, but for me, who’s received Possession from Maya, the words that they said translated to the word that I could understood, is it like that?

Means, This Possession makes me speak English, but it doesn’t mean I could hear the words in English.

It just makes me be able to speak only English. And just let me hear words spoken in other language.

It’s more convenient than I expected, but there’s a time it will be useless and not helpful at all!

“He has the same black hair like us, but he’s not from our tribe. Maybe he’s a Demon!?”

I shake my head hard.

And one of them notice it.

“Just now, this guy shake his head. Maybe, he could understand our word?”

I nod, and the others notice it.

“What the hell are you? Answer it!”

“I can’t speak in your words.”

“What are you talking about? If you could understand our words, speak using it!”

I shake my head.

“By any chance, You can’t speak?”

“Is there such a thing? If you understand the words, you should be able to speak it too.”

Shake my head again.

“It seems, he could understand the words but couldn’t speak.”

I nod.

“Hmm, what do you mean?… it doesn’t look like you’re lying… never mind, let’s leave it to Obaba.”

I heard that earlier too, It seems someone like Obaba, is the head of this village.

Fortunately, they doesn’t seem to be a barbarian or a race that eat human.

If I can communicate well, I may be able to bring them to the negotiating table.

After a while, an old person wearing something whit a lot of decoration on it, appears.

Some hair color is lost, but rather than becoming white, it is gray.

“Is it this guy? Isn’t he just a kid?”

“It seems someone that was out for hunting, found and caught him. It seems that there was another person nearby, but when I noticed, he disappeared.”

Thank you for explaining the situation.

Then, Mr.Ban may have been well hidden when I was attacked.

The possibility he coming to help is…. Well, 50%? The rest will be, he will come to rescue after returning once and calling for support.

Given Mr.Ban’s personality, there is a great possibility that he will ask for help from someone like Grandpa Kara.

“Also, it seems that he can understand our words. But, he only speak words that we could not understand.”

“Hmmm, it’s strange. Well, let’s take a look.”

The so-called Obaba puts her hand on my forehead.

I remember seeing this sight somewhere… maybe at the time with Maya?

“I see, this child is Possessed by a spirit… Well, then…”

Obaba’s hands shine, And something like heat flows into my head.

“So, how is it Boy?”

“… Did you do something to the Possession?”

“Oh! Speak, he speak!”

Apparently communication has become possible.

“It seems that someone have created interesting magic. However, the method for translating words to the others was different from ours. I’ve put my mana into the spirits.”

“…Did you do something with the side effects too?”

“Come to think of it, there was a place that was strangely distorted. I’m sorry but, but I could only tampered the magic a little. The one who cast the magic is very good.”

Maya, If you’re really that good, I really hope you do something with that muscle pain fast.

Anyway, does the fact that you put in your mana mean that I can have a conversation for a while? It was helpful, Thank you.

“If you can understand the language, the story is quick. I’m not going to harm you. And if there is something you want to ask, I will do my best to answer it.”

And communication with them began.

They are a tribe called “Black Wolf” and seem to be just a little different from humans.

In order to escape from the Demon Lord who tried to fill the world with fear and destruction long time ago, they moved to this hidden forest and blocked the way, and has lived in secrecy until now.

That is their history.

I also received a fair number of questions.

How did I get to this place from the outside?

Where did the other companion go?

Is the outside world still not perished?

I answered everything as far as I knew.

“There is no Demon Lord anymore…. That’s impossible!”

“There is no proof. But, since they disappeared long ago, no new Demon Lord can be seen, and now on this continent, humans make a country and live.”

“That ‘Black Demon Lord’… is dead, you say?”

It seems that the Black Demon Lord, killed by Slime.

…Let’s not say that.

I honestly answered what was asked.

Similarly, it’s okay to talk about Mr.Ban because it’s unclear whether he’s still hiding nearby or he’s already leave.

“He’s not a person who abandons his friends, but he’s not strong, there is a high possibility that he’s gathering people and will return here.”

“What!?… so in the end, it will be a battle!?”

Huh, noisy young people.

“No, it can be prevented. Fortunately, if I’m alive like this, I can just persuade my companion. And it’s also our fault to enter your forest without permission.”

“Don’t say you want us to release you now?”

“If you do that, your anxiety remains. So, I will persuade them in front of you so that you can rest assured. And with that, is it okay If I stay in the village for a while?”

“…Okay. But couldn’t you listen to some of our request?”

“It depends. Let me hear it first.”

“We have lived in this forest for a long time and have lost our connection with the outside world. But.. Now, the tribe is on gradual decline… After all, I feel that it is difficult to live forever in this narrow forest.”

“So, you want to exchange with the people outside?”

“That’s right. Boy, you can understand our words and the words of outsiders. Can’t I ask you to be the bridge?”

“I’ve no problem with it. From the beginning, many plants in this forest are valuable. If there is someone that can move around here, I’m sure many will support.”

Trade with unknown can have disparity between Kingdom.

But Tiez Kingdom, Looking at the merchant there, having someone like Mr. Ban, I’m sure it wouldn’t end bad.

“But, I’ll troubled if you just leave everything to me. I will be the bridge, but, let your representative do the negotiations, deal?”

“Right. Well, It’s a deal.”

“Obaba, Is it really okay?”

“He didn’t lie at all. It’s okay to trust him.”

Is this person also the type who can see through lies, is she using some technique?

Even though I’m doing my best just to act like someone easy to be deceived… I’m jealous.

“By the way, how long did I fainted?”

“It’s not that long. The sun still not set. Erm.. That… I’m sorry.”

Apparently, This guy is the criminal who attacked me.

“Don’t worry, Even if you tried to talked to me, It will be hard. And if you consider the other companion, it is possible that the two of them might ran away and gathered people at a later date. If that happened, negotiations could be complicated. In that sense, it’s not all things end bad.”

“I, I see.”

“Hmm… how about this, in exchange for that, show me the life of this village. It is also necessary to deepen the understanding of this village.”

And then this person guided me through the village.

There are many houses that feel a little outdated.

There seems to be a field just a little away from here.

People are gathering in places like the central square, and it seems that they are sharing the fruits and beasts harvested today.

“Beasts can be hunted even though it’s an enclosed forest.”

“The beast can cross the mountain. And occasionally come down here and attack our livestock, so always explore the forest every day.”

I see.

I hear the sound of wooden tools colliding with each other.

Men are training with wooden sticks in the open place.

Their movement is much faster than the bandits.

If you compared to the knight-… Although they are flexible, but still feels inferior in terms of skill.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to train that much if you’re opponent is just a beast.”

“Since we don’t know when the Demon Lord’ army will come. We never forget to train like warriors every day.”

Oh yeah, this village is built because of that.

Although it is an isolated village, it seems to have a population of more than a hundred.

Occasionally there are those who look at me with interest, but their eyes are curious rather than that’s fear or anxiety.

“Still, You guys are tolerant to people that coming from outside.”

“That’s because the situation has already been communicated to the entire village.”

So, everyone’s relationship to each other is that good, huh….

As the population grows, humans are less willing to engage with others.

Of course, not all humans are involved in one person lives.

However, in a village of this size, the number of people we meet is finite, and it is easy to count.

That is why communication with each other is essential, and live as a family.

Hmm, something like this is exist, huh.

As a person who is not good at socializing, it seems to be a painful story.

After that, I was taken by a guide to look around the village and get rough information.

And finally, I was guided to the entrance of the village.

The sky is already bright red, they won’t be able to guide me outside, and it’s bad to worry them that I might running away.

Then I take a rough look around without showing too much interest.


Suddenly, I can see children near the entrance.

The noisy and naughty kid pick up stones and tree branches and throw them into something outside the entrance.

Is it a garbage dump or something? Still, it has a shape that people can use to live.

But, it’s wrong to call it a hut. It just like rubble of trees and straw.

“What’s is there?”

“Oh, You better stay away from that. Or you might be cursed.”

“Cursed? Is it something dangerous?”

“Yeah, That’s ‘The Cursed Child’ den.”

‘The Cursed Child’?

When I thought so, someone appeared from inside that.

At first, I remembered the appearance of a vagrant or a person suffering from poverty I’ve seen overseas, that I hate.

But when I saw the whole figure. I felt the beauty of the figure and took a deep breath.

Pure white hair that seems to be transparent, even though it is not trimmed and can grow freely.

She wears rags that can’t be called clothes, and even though her whole body is dirty with mud, her white skin peeking through.

Her figure is the same as the black wolf tribe, but there was a girl with whiteness that did not have any black stain her.

“That is…”

The girl called ‘The Cursed Child’ looks at the terrifyied children.

Then the children shouted out, throw stones and sticks.

The girl hurriedly withdrew into the rubble.

And the laughter of the children that can be heard.

That’s not all. The adults around me also smile while watching over the children.

What.. is this?

My field of vision become shaky.

The smiles of the villagers are.. unpleasant.

It’s not that this feeling is new to me.

I’ve tasted this in back in Japan…

“Let’s go back now. The sun goes down.”

“….Why is that girl in such a place?”

“Why? It because she is cursed. You saw her looks right?”

The guide man tilt his head to me like seeing something strange.

I close my eyes and exhale.

They just, don’t understand anything.

Then, it is not this man who I should ask.

I turned my gaze to the rubble once again and headed for Obaba’ place.


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