Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 16

16. For the time being, Let’s go drink

I read the title written on the cover out loud, and a moment of silence comes.

If the place where I got this was Japan, I will just give it a bitter smile… But in here, This is a bad thing.

In my head, I remembering the rumor about Dokora from what I heard from Maya.

Demon Lord, those who revived by Forbidden Resuscitation Magic might end to be, Those who made the worst history in this world.

And the earthling who is said to have created the Resuscitation Magic.

This book is obviously related to that.

It’s a lie if I said that I’m not curious. It is the first point of contact, that I have with something to do with the earth, that I see in this world.

However, the written words are too ominous.

Sample, Investigation Records…

Maybe because I think about it too hard, The contents that may be written come to my mind.

It’s a thing left by Dokora who was work in the dark. Now, I’m lost in my train of thought that keep going ‘That Way’.

“…Don’t you want to read it?”

The voice of Grandpa Kara pulls me back to reality.

That’s right, I am not the only one here.

Grandpa Kara also here.

“Grandpa Kara, I have something to talk about first. This is something that only Ilias and Maya are aware of, so please to the utmost, do not say to anyone.”

“I understand.”

I honestly tell him about the whole story.

I didn’t understand the reason, but I was transferred from The Earth, Japan, and now I am able to communicate through the Possession cast by Maya.

I talked without hiding anything.

And on that, I also told what Dokora said.

“So right now, this book is in front of me…..”

“I see… I kind of understand why you trembled. But, what do you want to do?”

“What I want to do is…”

I think, and sigh.

“I’m not gonna read it… For now.”

“If you’re not gonna do it now, you might lose that opportunity int the future. Are you okay with that?”

In this world, seeking knowledge about Resuscitation Magic is Forbidden.

And if the content of this book is exactly what it says, reading it will be an act of reaching out to the Forbidden range.

Certainly, there’s a possibility that this book describes the relationship between the earth and this world

But, more than that, it’s likely that there are many things that I should not know.

“I might have read this if I’m alone, but, Now that I’ve shared it with Grandpa Kara, I’m going to follow the rules of this world.”

“My lips are sealed.”

“Even though you have that confidence, I’m not, my lips might loose.”

At least I have no confidence to hide it when someone is suspicious of me and try to interrogate me.

It would be a pain to be tortured just because of it. Even one of my nail peeled off would make me lose my mind.

With a bitter smile, I give the book to Grandpa Kara.

“I just want to entrust this to someone I can trust. And, I don’t want other knights like Lord Leanor to find this.”

“But to entrust it to me, who is on Lord Ragdo’ corps, would lead it to the king, though?”

“I can’t say anything because I haven’t met them yet. But, if it’s someone that Grandpa Kara trust, I don’t mind it.”

“I think I was entrusted with heavy expectations, but, don’t worry.”

“Well, Shall we go home now?”

This is fine.

If this book seen as dangerous, what I read will be treated similarly.

But, for a lost person who is let to live in this Kingdom to be in treated like that would be not good.

Grandpa Kara is a trusted knight in this Kingdom.

If something happen, the fact that I didn’t read in front of him will be a good testimony.

I’m sure even if I read it, Grandpa Kara might not speak it to anyone.

However, Grandpa Kara is a knight. If he need to choose between his loyalty to this kingdom, the king, and the promises he made on the spot, he might shake. Still, I’m sure he will keep his promise here.

But I don’t want a splendid knight like him to do that.

I don’t want him to betray his loyalty or break his promise.

“Let me ask for one last time, are you really okay with this?”

“I want to life safely here. Me and the others too.”

“Fohoho, While you’re still young, don’t you want to go adventure?”

The opportunity to read this book has not completely disappeared. Perhaps… expectation, I think what kind of excuse I could use… Never mind, let’s forget it.

I made my choice, I’ll just let the flow do the rest.

Thus we returned to Tiez.

After parting with the young man, Karagyugjesta headed to Lord Ragdo’ place.

It’s a sudden visit, he must must have felt that strangeness.

Tense air is flowing between the two in the room.

“So, What’s this urgent matter?”

“Today, based on the map left by the leader of the bandit alliance, Dokora, I conducted my own research on a certain base.”

“… I’m sure you know that Lord Leanor is preparing to send an investigation squad, right?”

“Well, A lot happened, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s fine, Please continue.”


Saying that, he hand over the book he found in the cave.

Lord Ragdo grabs the book and looks at the cover.

“Hmm, These are words I’ve never seen before.”

And when Lord Ragdo open the book, he can’t read any of the letters.

However, sometimes, something like illustration is drawn in it.

Still, its meaning, as expected can’t be understood.

After flipping the books for a while, Lord Ragdo suddenly stopped moving.

“Karagyugjesta, Did you read this book?”

“No, I have never opened the book since I discovered it. I can swear on it, here right now.”

“I see. That’s good. But that ‘Young Man’ did well self-restain too.”

Kragyugjesta’ eyes opened wide.

“How did you found out?”

“I heard the story from Maya. But, Illias just gave me a vague answer.”

When Dokora was talking to him, there were other Ragdo’ knight on the spot.

So it’s no wonder if some would have heard that the Earth people created Necromancy and Resuscitation Magic. And, Of course there is no reason not to report it to Lord Ragdo.

Then, when I tried to heard his background from Maya, Will he go to the base alone this time?, Of course no, It was easy to guess who he will ask for help.

Karagyugjesta bow and apologize again.

“I’m trying to hide this from you, Please forgive me!”

“I forgive you. We are friends after all.”

Lord Ragdo closes the book after he has swept through the whole book.

“I believe that you haven’t opened the book. So that person could read the title of this book?”

“Yes, When I said I couldn’t read it, he read it for me.”

“And, What he said?”

“I’m sure he said, Sample no.4 ‘Green Demon Lord’ Investigation Records.”

Lord Ragdo expression become even more grim.

“Many Demon Lord created the worst history, one of them is ‘Green Demon Lord’, who made appearance as The Fourth.”


The illustration in the book that I could barely understand, and the meaning of the title.

“It looks like we need to look at the origin of this book.”


“Don’t worry. Neither you nor the youth are guilty.”

“Really?… That’s a relief.”

Contrary to the relieved Karagyugjesta, Lord Ragdo’ heart was shaking.

This must be told to King Marito. And should investigate this secretly.

If information about this are still available somewhere, it cannot be overlooked.

Lord Ragdo put the book into a handbag and he got up.

After exploring the forest, I parted from Grandpa Kara.

There was a good stuff, but I don’t want to bring it back and be a criminal.

Even if horses have reduced my travel time, but the time is already in the evening when the sun is setting.

I had just a light lunch during the day so I’m feeling hungry.

Anyway, I plan to go and check ‘Dog’s Bone’ at night, so I might have my dinner there.

But, I went through the forest and my body was sweaty and sticky now.

I will go home for a moment, wipe my body and change my clothes.

Well, having a home to go back, and there’s even a change of clothes…. Feel wonderful.

It was a day or so, but living in the mountains was a good lesson, I feel more grateful with normal daily life.


Even if I live alone, I’ll still said that, especially when I’m feeling good.

“… Welcome back”


At the entrance was Illias, who was sitting on the floor grasping her knees and staring at me.

Illias Illustration

Oh, yeah. This is Illias’ house!

Wait, why she sitting on the entrance?

Moreover, she seems to be in a very bad mood. There must have been something happened at work.

It can’t be helped then. I have to follow up as an adult here.

“Don’t surprise me! This is the entrance you know? Or Do you always do this?”

“Not always, But today, I do this since morning.”

Hmm, what does she mean… Oh? Wait!?

I’m sure Grandpa Kara was off-duty today.

That’s mean Illias too, Maybe she was back yesterday.

But, to do this since morning…

Hmm, Hmmmm…..

The breeze, It’s kind of cool… However, I sweat from my forehead.

“Were you… waiting me all day?”

“Why? Today, I was able to realize the loneliness of being left alone all day. It was a nice experience. I don’t think you need me to guide you around the city.”

“I see… erm… I’m sorry?”


Oh, she’s messing around, right? I’m still sweating.

Her eyes aren’t looking at me.

What to do?

“Oh, Right. Do you eat dinner together?”

“There are no raw ingredients. I couldn’t even go shopping today.”

“It, it’s okay. I found a good place. The manager and the waitress are good guys…”

“Really? While I was waiting for your return all night last night, were you there?”

Bad! This is bad!

“And today you have a good time at that place, right?…”

“N,No, at noon, with Grandpa Kara, we… we have a nice walk!”

“While I was waiting for your return at the entrance, You had fun time with Grandpa Kara…”

What’s up with her, so troublesome!

It’s better to be grabbed and shaken by her!

“I’m sorry… I snapped at you.”

When I thought that, She apologized.

“I’m still an immature person. When I was thinking that someone is waiting for me at home, When I was thinking of spending my off-duty with others, I got excited… I’m sure you have your own circumstances… Forgive me.”

Ah, I see.

Whatever how, I had betrayed without realizing Illias expectations.

She definitely a first-class knight when it comes to fighting.

However, other than that, I think she is just like the other girl.

She, who holds expectations for people, are like my old self.

“Wait a minute. I gonna change clothes. And then we’re going out.”

“Ah, Okay.”

It is unavoidable if let her down. It’s not like we have fault at each other.

So, what I need to do now is just one thing.

I picked whatever I see and change into it.

And when the sun was completely set. we visited ‘Dog’s Bone’.

“Isn’t this… That ‘Dog’s bone’?”

Ah, As expected, She know it too.

“Yes, It’s ‘Dog’s Bone’ that have their food acknowledged.”

“I was thinking of visiting here when I want to punish myself. I see that today is the time.”

It is that bad? Oh, right, it was really bad.

“Don’t worry. The food was reborn properly.”


I go inside, and it’s already crowded of customers.

I see Saira who is busy serving customers. I gonna say hi to her.

“Welcom… Ah!”

“It’s more crowded than yesterday, huh.”

Sigh, I’m so busy right now.”

Her eyes a bit teary, were you that happy? I think no? Never mind, I’ll just think it like that.

I’m feeling out of place as I gaze and look around.

Hmm, I just notice something strange…

“Why I see some stranger working here?”

“They are Madam Domitorkofkon’ acquaintances. She said ‘How can three people do a shop that have good food in their menu? Wait a moment, I’ll call my friend!’.”

Ah, the women of around her age are doing their best to be a waitress.

For the kitchen, There’re people who cook other than Gozz and Grandpa Kara’s wife.

I thought that even three people would be hard, so I thought I’d help after my meal, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

“Hey, that lady is the wife of the Ragdo’ knight?”

“Yeah, I can die happily already!”

If the fan of the wives can be happy, It may be that this place becomes like a heaven for a lot of people.

When I look around carefully, did Ragdo’ knights came here too?

Grandpa Kara was here too. He’s in a group that eat around the edge.

Oh, Right. They’re off-duty, but their wives are here, so they have to come here to eat. My shoulder feels heavy… to see such a sad scene. That was really unexpected.

Well, they eating the food with happy face, so it’s okay I guess.

Give them more alcohol, and I’m sure they wouldn’t care about the surrounding anymore.

Anyway, Let’s sit for now. I call out to Illias who is glancing outside the entrance.

“Illias, seems that spot is vacant, let’s sit there.”

“Y, yeah!”

“La,La… Lady Illias!?”

She showed off her most surprised face since I met her.

And Illias is also surprised seeing that face.

“Wow.. Woow! For you to came here, your presence honored this lowly tavern!”

“For the waitress to say lowly to their workplace…”

Asked for a handshake, Illias responds awkwardly.

As expected, it seems that she’s not used to receiving such kind of favors from the citizens of this Kingdom.

“Don’t crush her hand ok?”

“As if!”

We sit down and leave the order to Saira.

Liquor like wine is served, and for the appetizer is chips and fries.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I have come to this world to drink.

The aroma and taste are similar to wine, but the percentage is slightly higher and the sweetness is stonger.

If I drink this without caution, I may get drunk soon.

I reach for food to fill my hunger.

“It… it’s delicious.”

“Right? You never eat food that use salt, because it’s not common. The food here was bad until yesterday.”

Then I talk about yesterday’s event.

How I met Saira and came to this store.

How I took Gozz to Maya, to trained him.

And How I went to Mr.Ban’ trading company and got some salt, and thinking about a new menu together.

Lastly, How we open the place until late at night, I was completely exhausted and fall a slept.

“Even though this is your first time in this city, you were doing a lot of things without me seeing it for just one day.”

“Thanks to that I’m exhausted.”

“Even though you worked hard for others, I hold a grudge while waiting for you… I’m ashamed.”

“… What did you think after seeing Saira’ welcome?”

“Right, I was a little bit surprised… and confused.”

“But you were happy, right?”

“Yeah.. you’re right..”

“Not just the Knights in the Lord Ragdo’ corps. Out there, there are people who recognize and admire you. Your always look at those who blamed you. It’s a waste to not people like them too, right?”

“Right… I need to reflect on it… As expected, I’m still immature.”

“Why’re you still saying that?”

“I’ve lived to be a good knight just like my father. But, in the end, I disturbed by the evaluation of others, I’m always in anxiety…”

“That’s okay, you know. It is natural for a human being to be criticized by a person and to feel unpleasant, or to be liked and pleased by a person. It’s not immature, It’s just a human weakness.”

“That can’t be…”

“Illias, did your father never smile at you? Was he a cold man who continued to kill his heart even in front of his daughter?”

“My father was… always proud, brave, and also strict…”

Illias looks down, and gaze the alcohol in the glass.

“Oh, but I remember, when I was young, I made a crown of flowers… That smile he showed when I gave it.”

“Never lose that… Accept it and catch it. If there’s something you don’t like, turn your anger into power and bend it down. If there’s something you’re happy with, grab it tightly and use it as the strength to move forward.”

“Is it… something like that?”


“But in the end, to show my emotion, it count as immature, right?”

“I can’t deny that. But, just do your best without making mistake as you keep moving forward. That’s my way.”

“Ah, But your way… it’s more dangerous than mine, though.”

“Is it that dangerous?”

“It is that dangerous.”

Illias laughed. It may be because she drank alcohol.

The reddish smile looked more mature than her age.

I’ll bring her here often. There are a lot of Illias friends here.

That will be her strength.

I look the surrounding… Yeah, There’re a lot of reliable people here.

Saira is tripped down while transporting empty plates.

Gozz with tearful eyes scolded by Grandpa Kara’s wife.

By the way, were there no vacant table left due to the increase in customers? The members of the Lord Ragdo’ corps are sitting on the floor.

Yeah… I guess, sometimes doing something like that is okay.

Then, on the way back, I will be carrying the drunken Illias.

Apparently, the days of my muscle pain seem to continue.


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