Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 15

Well, the plot…. thicken a bit I guess.

15. For the time being, it look dangerous

My muscle aches do not go away today.

It’s obvious to hurt, and I feel like I’ve gotten used to it.

I hope it wouldn’t become a strange habit…

The pain I have the day before yesterday, was from when I was descending from mountain, and yesterday, was from when I was doing the first bandits subjugation.

If so, the pain I have now is from when I was interrogating.

I wasn’t doing any kind of exercise at that time, so I hope it won’t get worse until tomorrow.

The problem is the day after tomorrow, that pain will come is from when I went to attack all the bases and the amount of exploration of the forest before the attack….

And the next day after that, the general cleaning, the amount of labor I did in “Dog’s Bone”…

My body feel heavy when I think that I need to work hard again today. I have to do my best to find employees.

“Hey, Lad, Are you awake?…. Your face looks terrible.”

“I’m not good at physical labor….”

“You’re not an employee though? No need to force yourself.”

“I see. Then is it okay to ask you do some shopping? The basket is new, so there should be no problem. I’m going to Mr.Ban to buy more salt.”

“O,okay… wait, don’t you want to rest?”

“It’s not that heavy. So, no problem.”

“I, I see… I mean it’s okay to just rest though?”

“Don’t be unreasonable. If I rest, I can’t find new employees for you. From now on, only you two would be not enough.”

Ugh…. One, two, three! Alright!

I stand up slowly while groaning.

“Hmm… Wait, That’s not what I mean…”

Gozz was saying something, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal. So, I ignored it.

Well, it’s still early morning, I wonder if Mr. Ban is already working.

Arrived at the trading company, I make an appointment at the reception, then guided to the guest room as on the previous day.

And Mr.Ban comes not long after.

“I’m sorry in the early morning. Actually, the consumption of salt was faster than I expected… Do you have twice as much as yesterday in your stock?”

“That fast!? Yeah, I have a little extra stock. Let me prepare it.”

“Thanks, I intended to save money, but I didn’t know that restaurant, the consumption rate there was faster than expected.”

“Hmm, what’s the restaurant name?”

“It’s a tavern called ‘Dog’s Bone’, Originally the food there, was so bad.”

“Ah, I know that place. The alcohol is good, but the food is devastating.”

Even the reputation that the food’ taste bad knwon by a big merchant.

“I asked Ma-… I mean woman that good at cooking to teach the cook there, how to cook some simple food. And, some simple dishes using salt are added as a new menu. From that, the food started to be good.”

“Really? Let me try it next time.”

“Sure, please do so. Oh, and the waitress there is cute.”


And the door of the guest room getting knocked.

The receptionist came in, and looks apologetic.

“I’m sorry to disturb your talk. But, Lord Domitorkofkon came.”

“Oh, Sir karagyugjesta arrived?”

Hmm, is there no one who bited their tounge while spelling his name?

I practiced yesterday, but out of 5 tries, I bited my tounge 4 times, and forgot once.

“So, Mr.Ban know Grandpa Kara?”

“Oh? that naming, means you know him too? If so, there’s no problem then. Let him in!”

Shortly after, Grandpa Kara came in.

Not in the full-body full armor I saw before, that fashion sense… It’s actually pretty stylish clothes.

“Oh, Kid, you’re here? You was hard to see after taken by Illias, but you’re in this kind of place?”

“Grandpa Kara, I was in your care in the other day. Thanks.”

“Fohoho, ‘Grandpa Kara’ is not my nick name so you don’t need to add ‘-san’ behind it”

“Okay. But I’m glad to see you doing well, Grandpa Kara.” [TN: from this moment, our MC didn’t add ‘-san’ behind Grandpa Kara, like Illias]

“That’s good. to be honest, sometimes I almost bited my tounge while spelling your name.”

As expected it was difficult to spelled, I was relieved, not only me thought that.

But, For Mr.Ban to call ‘Granpda Kara’ like me it semms impossible.

Wait! What if Mr.Ban put Sir in front of it?… Sir Grandpa Kara… Let’s forget it.

“I understand that, I sometime bite my tounge too! Fohoho.”

Hey! It’s not good if even you bited your tounge too.

“Sir Kyaragyugjesta. The requested goods, I have wrapped it up and prepared it. Please pick it up at the reception on your way home.”

“Oh, Thanks. Sorry for always troubling you. And, What are you doing here boy? This isn’t a place where you can shop cheaply.”


I exxplained the event happened at ‘Dog’s Bone’, and how I’m here now.

“That place, huh? The alcohol is delicious, but there’s some knights that ordering food as a punishment for themselves.”

The place was famous for the knights, huh. I bet Gozz and Saira, who are knight fans, is satisfied.

“Hmm, I see. You’re a friendly Kid. But, I think you don’t have such obligation to them. So, there’s no need to be that worried.”

“I know, but they said something good about Illias, So it’s kind of affection or something like that, you know.”

“Fohoho, If that so, I understand it too. Is there anything I can help?”

It’s impossible to let Grandpa Kara to be a waiter, he has the job of a knight, and above all, those two will not work.

What could I ask him to do… Oh, right.

“Hmm, yesterday there were quite a lot of customers, but not enough staff. Can you introduce me to someone who has time to spare, good at cooking and serve?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot that you said there were only two people.”

And, Grandpa Kara suddenly clapping his hand.

“Don’t worry, Let me introduce you to my wife.”

What do you mean…

“What do you mean?”

“Since my daughter was married, I had only my wife at home. And I often go to work. I’m sorry for leaving her alone at home.”

Ah, I see.

Given Grandpa Kara’ age, it’s no wonder that he has already spent his old life with his wife.

However, Grandpa Kara is a knight and is still active. So he often leave the house.

When that happens, his wife is lonely without children at home and is waiting for her husband’s return.

“I see… could we tell the situation to her first? Oh, And please don’t force her if she don’t want to.”

“Of course, rather I’m scared to do that.”

What kind of wife that could make Grandpa Kara scared?

I try to imagining it a bit, but because of Illias, The only think I could imagine is a strong Grandma.

“I understand that feeling.”

It seems Mr.Ban also scared of his wife. Everyone having a hard time huh.

“Ah! I almost forgot. I think in the future, people from ‘Dog’s Bone’ will come to buy salt.”

“Right, Please be assured that we will talk it to the receptionist. Oh, and if you have any other request, Please come anytime.”

I leave the trading company together with Grandpa Kara. On the way, he recieve the package.

“By the way, are you off-duty today?”

“Yeah. I’ve finally finished my work yesterday. Thats why I’m on errand for my wife now.”

You just got your holiday and straight doing errand, huh…. However, thanks to that, it seems the employee problem solved, so I have to thank you. But if I think again, will such a wife okay with cooking and serving?


It was an immediate answer.

I went to Grandpa Kara’s house and explained what happened.

And agreed without any worries.

Although she is an old woman, she has the impression that she seems very energetic and strong.

Then, Grandpa Kara’s wife walks over here.

“Rather than cooking food for a husband that I don’t know when he’ll be back, And I can’t say that ‘I have eaten’ when he reached home. Isn’t it more rewarding to cook food for people who will say it’s delicious right away?”

She say it out loud so he can hear it well.

Ah, Grandpa Kara is getting smaller, poor him.

Madam Domitorkofkon…. Grandpa Kara’s wife laughs happily, And whisper in a low voice.

“That guy, He do his best to make me feel not lonely. That feeling alone is more that enough for me.”

No wonder Grandpa Kara feel to be in dept with her.

After that, I got ready and introduced them to “Dog Bone”.

When I think one more time, I think that Grandpa Kara’s wife is quite scary.

I wanted to trick her by giver her a fake name of mine, but Grandpa Kara who was called first, already stand beside me, so I can’t do anything.

And as a result, Gozz salutes like a soldier, forgets his position as the manager.

Grandpa Kara’s wife’ skill is good, Not only giving cooking instruction to Gozz but also giving serving instruction to Saira. From how it look, seems they would be able to cope with the busy situation later.

Still, it may be necessary to increase the number of personnel in the future.

“Well, If you leave it all my wife, everything will be okay.”

Grandpa Kara, who is said to be in the way, is getting smaller in the corner of the store.

“Hey, How long do you intend to stay in the store? If you’re not a customer, get out!”

Oh, I’ve been kicked out too.

Maybe I looks so pitiful right now.

“Do you think that little boy would be any help in that state? Just have a walk or something with him!”

A man who was unable to move properly due to muscle pain, can’t be count as a work force, in the end, me and Grandpa Kara decided to have a walk together.

“Ah, Nice weather, isn’t it?”

“Indeed, it is… Oh, Right.”

I take out a map from the pocket.

It is a copy of the map that Dokora had.

“Actually, Dokora said to me, he is hiding something in one of the bases.”

“Hmm, I couldn’t hear that because I was so far away.”

“Speaking of which, when the undead came out, Illias was blowing trees all over the place, can’t believe that you were fine.”

“Actually I climbed a tree, but it got blown by Illias too, in the end I landed together.”

Climbing trees with a spear in that armor? is he really an old man?

“He said, it’s in the most difficult base to find, so… here, I guess?”

I read the information on the map and point to the base farthest from the mark point.

It is not listed in the information that the bandits spilled, and it is in a different location from the direction the Dokora were heading at that time.

Perhaps it’s a base known only to him.

“What’s going on with the real map?”

“I asked Illias to pass it to Lord Ragdo. I guess he will pass it to King Marito.”

“Maybe it’s still in progress and the knights haven’t finished researching each site yet.”

“That’s right. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I think that the troops will be formed and will be heading for it.”

Hmm, the farewells that Dokora left behind may possibly be the information of the earth that he has.

The knights may collect it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

If that happens, could I see what it is…?

If it was an confidential information, it could be difficult.

Dokora entrusted the information to no other but this man from the earth.

When I think so, I feel the desire from the bottom of my heart to insist that it belongs to me.

Nevertheless, I can’t just get out and get it… In the first place, I can get lost if I go alone.

“Hmm, if so, are we going to get it now?”

“…. Huh?”

“You’re curious about what Dokora left behind, right? It’s difficult to make it as a your pesonal item, The king have the rights to know too.”

“Is it really okay?”

“They didn’t forbid us yet. Let’s go before they tell us not to.”

My mouth goes up because of Grandpa Kara, who is smirking.

“Yeah, Let’s go.”

“Right, it’s too early to sit on a chair in the plaza and spend a twilighted holiday just like that.”

“I agree with that.”

However, Now both of them sighed.

I ride a horse driven by Grandpa Kara and take a public road to the nearest place.

After that we getting off the horse, and proceed into the forest.

“Is it okay to leave the horse there?”

“That horse is smart. If it’s going to be attacked by bad guys or beasts, they’ll kicked and killed.”

Even this kingdom’ horses are strong.

“It don’t attack any passersby or merchants who want to protect it, right?”

“It’s probably ok…”

Dangerous, If I don’t find what I’m looking for and return quickly, someone could be a victim.

However, the guide is Grandpa Kara. While getting rid vegetation that got in the way with a spear, we proceed rapidly.

I’m trying to keep up with that, but… ugh, this is just a muscle pain extension course for me.

“By the way, I heard that you threw a helmet and shot down Wyvern. Is it true?”

“That’s a really old story you brought up. Such a good old memories.”

“Why did you throw the helmet? And not a spear.”

“If I throw my spear at something flying, the spear will just fly away with it.”

Speaking of which, I wouldn’t be surprised if the spear that he threw in his heyday passed through the atmosphere.

“I don’t want to treat this beauty I’ve been with for many years with disdain.”

Wait, didn’t you just used that to clear the path from spider webs and plants? is that okay?

While getting excited by chatting, I finally reached the place.

It is a cave that is almost untouched, to say that it is a base is just…

When I try to proceed, Grandpa Kara pulls his spear forward and stops my movement.

“Can you see the different colors at the entrance?”

Certainly there are parts that are slightly different in color.

It’s a trace as if a line was drawn at the entrance.

“It’s poison. It’s spread there so that the beast won’t enter. If you step on it, you need throw away your shoes.”

Saying so, He proceed slowly to not step on the poisoned line.

I enter while imitating him.

The inside of the cave is naturally dark. We examined it by relying on the light of the torches that Grandpa Kara bring.

What I could confirm was a simple bed with a straw that could sleep alone.

And small wooden boxes and barrels are laid around.

The barrel contains dried vegetables and dried meat.

In the wooden box… A lot of stuff there.

Knife and Magic Sealing Stone, something like jewelry could be seen too.

“It’s a secret savings. You can take it and make it your own if you want.”

“No need. Anyway, when I sell it, they will look me like a criminal. It can only be used as a gift for girls.”

“How about Illias?”

“She might carelessly crush it…”


Illias is really amazing. I can easily imagine her do that.

If it’s Saira… She wil see it as a source of money rather than keeping the jewelry.

And if that happens, it will just be annoying if it is stolen.

The other girls I know are Maya and Grandpa Kara’s wife… I can’t give gift to the Church’ Chief or knight’ wive, right?

“Is there anything el…se… This!…”

I found an old book that is quite thick.

I borrowed a book from this world from Maya, but it’s not like a book available on the market.

If anything, it is like a memo.

Is it a diary of Dokora? When I see this kind of thing… I feel awkward.

When I look at the cover, what seems to be the title is handwritten.

It’s dark and I can’t see well, so I approach the Grandpa Kara who is holding a torch and illuminate the letters.

The letter caught my eye and I stopped moving.

“Kid, What happen?”

Grandpa Kara noticed my trembling hand.

“This… is the farewells Dokora mention that time.”

“Hmm, What kind of book is that?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t read it yet. But I was convinced about something. I want to read in a bright place, let’s go outside.”

We go out from the cave.

I Look again at the letters on the cover.

Grandpa Kara looked into it form the side, and made a strange face.

“Hmm? I can’t read it at all.”

“I guess so. This is… Japanese.”

“Japan-nese? Is it your country language kid?”

“Yeah, and the cover says…”

In the most familiar language to me, Japanese, it’s written like this.

“…Sample no.4 ‘Green Demon Lord’ investigation record”


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