Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 14

14. For the time being, Let me rest

“I need to eat. but this taste is just…”

I have eaten several dishes of this world. Even the food from a food stall.

And never showed a negative reaction to the taste of this world’s food.

But, I need to be honest here, It’s bland, Gozz’ food is bad.

I remember some food from England. I was happy that they have a raw vegetable salad. And even if they put olive oil on it, it’s also good.

But, it’s kind of oily. And rather than calling it salad with virgin olive oil, Wasn’t it better to call it salad with full of vegetable oil?

Next was the meat. It’s hard. The meat cooked too well done, I can’t bite it. It’s like biting wooden sandals. Even more I can’t taste any salt and the spice, It’s so thin that I can’t taste it anymore after biting it. Let’s said that it was a training for my jaw.

I think that the other food will be better but, in the end, it seems they just emphasis on good nutrition balance… I can only say that they didin’t try to make the taste better.

“I think the food that Saira make wil taste better.”

“I can’t let this place owner to be a waiter… And I can only cook some food that is easy to make…”

I’m kind of sad.

However, the fact that he can pay her salary without going bankrupt probably means that only the alcohol that keeps this place.

Let’s check the alcohol then.

Yeah, this looks good.

There is a brewery at the bottom of the kitchen, and a lot of alcohol is displayed while it’s still cold.

The smell of liquor tickling your nose certainly makes your throat want to drink.

“Didn’t you want to improve your cooking?”

“Of course, I want to. But I don’t have anyone to learn from.”

“Even housewives rejected me. This alcohol alone makes me earn enough profit.”

Sigh, I can’t help with my appearance.”

“There are many times when I was dragged away by a new knight.”

I see, so his figure and strong look have some side effect.

“So, isn’t it better to close the shop at noon? since customers won’t come anyway.”

“Some, Sometimes they come!”

“I guess it’s just new customers right? Do you even have a repeater?”

“Mister so discerning!”

“If you can’t notice that, means it’s you who is dull.”

It seems that the preparations for today’s night have already been completed, so I asked him to closed the store and bring both of them to the church.

“Hey, Lad, why the church?”

“That’s because there are people who can cook delicious food here.”

When I reached the church, It seems Maya is on her tea time after lunch. She even prepared my share too.

“Ah, Boy, You quickly made new friends!”

“He is the owner of ‘Dog’s Bone’ tavern, Gozz. And She is the waitress working there, Saira. Actually, I have a request.”

And I explain the situation. Then I asked her to teach him a simple cooking recipe.

Even so, both of them looks so stiff.

Ah, this pattern is… that. I’m sure of it.

“By any chance, Are you famous too?”

“Well, in the past, I used to be called ‘The Exorcist’, and a lot of people like to make a fuss of it.”

“To make a fuss, huh? Is that true, Gozz?”

“O,O,Of course! Yugula religions, The religion that is recognized by this Tiez Kingdom and have a lot of believer. Lady Maya is the Head of that religion Church in Tiez, You know!?”

“Are you serious!?”

“I’m dead serious.”

Why every one of them, are actually famous, huh?

I always making a lot of request to them casually. I’m really wondering my standing now.

“Then maybe you’re busy, right….?”

“I’m up to it. Since I’ve got nothing to do.”

“Nothing to do?”

“Strictly speaking, the report to the headquarters is over and waiting for their respond. I did some physical work after a long time. So, other duties are done by youngsters. Everyone is kind…”

She doesn’t look old enough to complain because of physical labor. Maybe because The head fight on the front-line, the others are struggling to maintain their position?

Or did she engrave fears to everyone by fighting like Illias?

Let’s stop the investigation for now.

“I’ll leave Gozz in your care then.”

“Lad, what about my opinion?”

“What!? Anyway, If it’s Maya, you doesn’t need to care about your appearance.”

“But, I’m frightened…”

“Don’t get sloppy okay? You see, even this boy have the courage to threaten me…”

“Oi, What the fuck did you do Lad!?”

That case about Possession, huh… I have no choice but to do that.

“Don’t mind it too much.”

“Is it okay to not care about it!?”

“Maya. They don’t sell salt in this kingdom right?”

“Oh, you’re well informed!”

“Japan, I mean in the place where I came from, It’s a common item.”

“I see… As you know, Tiez is a Kingdom surrounded by forests and mountains. They can’t produce it them self.”

“Hmm, so, the merchant brought it?”

“Right. It’s an expensive item because it goes through several countries. So, it traded as a luxury item by some aristocrats.”

“Means, even if this kingdom is rich in spices and herbs, but for salt… If only there are salt and pepper.”

When listening to the market, the price was certainly high.

1 Kg for One gold coin, in Japanese Yen it’s about 10.000 Yen.

Even in Japan Edo period, It would not have been so expensive.

If there is no sea, direct production is almost hopeless, and salt lakes cannot be expected too.

The remaining method is mining rock salt. I heard that foreigner use this method more than others.

However, it seems that such a method can’t be used in this situation.

In the history of the world, salt is an item that has been treated like gold since ancient times.

But, such similar civilization that has developed until like this, and salt is still not widely used. Why?

In the hunting era, they consumed salt from the internal organs and bones of animals.

The demand for salt increased as they use more grain and vegetable in their food in that era.

There were times when salt was used as a salary, and there were even wars that occurred because of salt.

If there is salt here, mean this world might has the same history. But why? Why salt not widely used? just why?

“Where I came from, salt is refined in various ways as a necessary nutrient source. Isn’t it here?”

I talk to Maya as far as I know about the history of salt on Earth

Hmm, Maya show a thoughtful face and start to talk.

“The reason I can think is maybe because the existence of Mana here. The vegetables and grains that can be harvested from nature-rich land have a certain amount of Mana. There is a custom that things made in better land are healthier.”

I see, change minerals with mana…. is that even possible?

Ah, I think I could understand it.

The amount of mana contained in my body is comparable to that of a child, maybe even lower, and the reason why it is like that is…

People in this world are ingesting meals containing mana from their daily lives.

Mana is aslo a kind of nutrition, And perhaps it has the function of substituting the nutrients necessary for human survival.

In other words, there is no specific ingredient that must be intake. It is enough to produce easy to make food with ingredient cultivated in the nature-rich land.

Salt loses it necessity here.

There’s a need to change it from luxury item.

Is there a possibility that rock salt is sleeping in the mountains around this Tiez on the continent?

Nevertheless, I can’t do anything without pickaxe.

“With salt, the quality of food will go up dramatically.”

“If you want it that much, I could introduce you to a trading company, though? I think you can get a little discount from them.”

“I am grateful for that, but even if I purchase cheaply this time, When I think that the supply is not stable…. Hmm? Wait, Maya, could you tell the detail of the merchant?”

After a brief lecture, I left Gozz in the church, who has teary eye and looked so worried, and headed to the trading company with Saira.

When I arrived at the trading company and showed the letter of introduction given by Maya, I was guided to the back room.

It’s a room for welcoming guests, it is the most luxurious room I’ve seen since I came to this world.

After sitting for a while, a middle-aged man with a cheerful smile appeared.

A beautiful appearance with an all-back clothes.

His expression was full of self-confidence, and I felt that he was a skilled merchant.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Ban, the owner of this trading company.”

“My, my name is Saira.”

Saira is nervous again, but this time there is no choice.

If she run a clothing store in the future, she need to interact with a merchant. She was brought to a place where she could have a conversation with a merchant who is on top position and might even be a partner in the future.

I also do a brief introduction.

“I read the letter of introduction. It looks like you want salt, of course we have. If it is a request from Lady Maya, I will also think about the price.”

“No, this time I don’t if you sell it at the market price. Since it is enough if you could provide it.”

“Oh, really? Then what else do you need?”

“I want to lower the market price of salt in this country.”

“…May I ask you about the details of this matter?”

“I want to increase the demand for salt. I would like to increase the number of supplies and lower the purchase price.”

“Well, as demand increases, so will the amount of salt entering this country. That way I can also stock it cheaply. But it’s not that easy. Market prices change daily, but it changes gradually. It’s hard to make a sudden change, unless it happens in a war or famine.”

“There is no sign that this country will start a war, and there is little concern about famine. Furthermore, salt doesn’t have any relevant to them.”

In the world of the earth, salt is a necessity, so it might be relevant there. But, In this world where the supply of salt is not essential due to Mana, salt, which could only produced in limited territory and treated as a luxury item, can’t be count as a necessity item.

“Yes, But to make that suggestion mean you have some plan right?”

“Next time, we are planning to provide salt-based food at a store that people go and make them recognize its value.”

“Hmm, certainly if the taste improves and sales increase, more and more stores will imitate. However, only few people know how to handle salt. Can you handle it?”

“Yeah, actually, the country of my hometown is a salt producing area, and salt is a common thing inside home.”

“Hoho, Did you come from somewhere near the coast? It reasonable to have a strong feeling for salt.”

“I think it would be enough if Mr.Ban could get salt each time according to the increased demand here. I don’t think it will increase so much at first. Still, can you continue to make arrangements so that the stock will not run out?”

“Sure, that’s easy. You can buy as much as you want. Even if in the end it doesn’t seem to work, I could hold the salt, so you won’t have to worry about it rotting.”

This eliminates the risk of running out of stock.

Food cost will increase, but even so extreme price increases will not be possible. Profit from meals may be reduced, but if the number of customers increases, more alcohol will be served.

If you use only a small amount of salt, you will be able to recover the loss more than enough.

In the future, the cost will decrease.

Now let’s talk about the remaining ideas.

“For the time being, I think it’s fine to keep it as the luxury item. I would like to increase demand within that range and gradually lower it. My ultimate goal is to make it a popular lubricant for popularizing luxury goods.”

“Hoho, that’s a big goal you have there.”

“However, I think it’s a good opportunity, and more and more merchants will come to Tiez after the success of the bandit suppression. The increase the number of merchants means they bring various goods. I hear that the king of this country is an excellent king who is highly regarded by his citizens. As the country gets richer, the people will begin to want to buy various things. And already, there is a luxury item called alcohol in the precedent.”

“Hmm, Right, I agree with that. I was thinking about expanding the market by spreading my favorite products by taking advantage of this flow of bandit suppression.”

“And from all of them, salt, which I know how much value it hold, to be more popular.”

“I understood. If you think the plan will go smoothly, please let me cooperate too. I might have some clue how fulfill your plan.”

“Thank you very much.”

This will advance the food culture of this country.

And the fact that I play a role on it…. there is a possibility that I will get some profit too!

“And, there is something I wanted to asked you… Do you know rock salt?”

“Yeah, it’s originally salt that can be obtained in the sea, but sometimes it is possible to remove salt-containing ores from the mountains, right? But I haven’t heard of anyone got rock salt from the mines used in Tiez.”

“Yes, but recently a new cave has been discovered. There is a possibility if you check the mountains of this Tiez where there are many undeveloped areas. I’m going to investigate it in the future.”

“Hmm, hopefully it will be a useful resource for the country.”

“It’s unlikely if it’s a mountain with forests. And If anything, it’s my desire to check whether I can get the mountain salt around here or not.”

“Mountain salt? It’s my first time hearing it.”

“Mountain salt is salt that is obtained by boiling hot spring water containing salt. You can’t use it to supply a lot like rock salt, but it is useful in some places as salt that can be taken even in mountains that have no connection with the sea.”

“Hoho, Is there such a thing?”

“There are plenty of caves around here, so there is a good chance that nutritious groundwater is sleeping in the rich mountains where the river flows. If it contains salt, mean you can take the salt.”

If salt can be taken in this country, which means that you can create a craze that originated in this country.

And sure, The craze that comes from another country, you can easily make it craze here too.

However, there is a side effect that the craze that originated in the here flows to the outside.

Still, The more means to circulate the economy, the better. right?

“Hmm, it’s a very interesting story.”

“However, if this is found, we would like to ask for your cooperation in handling it in the future, still don’t hope too much.”

“No, You told me an interesting story. Just count it as if I invest in you.”

“Thanks for that, but It might come in failure though?”

“If it’s about salt, it might be. Rather, it is more likely that results you want will not be achieved. But my focus is on investigating undeveloped land.”

Mr. Ban’s expression shines like a boy in front of an unknown adventure.

He’s not a merchant who is rational. He still has not forget his adventurous spirit, that like to risk their life.

Certainly, investigating undeveloped land could reveal new useful mines.

And that would be a new business opportunity for Mr. Ban.

“There may be treasures still asleep in this country. Look for the possibilities of that discovery. As a merchant, Such thing are exciting!”

“However, you can’t risk a big loss. Let’s keep it easy until you see the possibility.”

“Right, but I’ve heard a good story. I didn’t expect that a young person like you would make me so excited that it would be worth the year. As expected of someone introduced by Lady Maya.”

“That’s just luck, I just happened to get acquainted with her, so I could only make use of that.”

“Luck is also count as ability. Well, We look forward to your next patronage.”

With this, I can buy salt. The market price was one gold coin for about one kg, but I was possible to purchase it at eight silver coins.

I was promised to Mr.Ban to favor him in the future.

However, I’m soon gonna out of pocket.

I’m not sure all of this will succeed, and It’s hard to charge Gozz for the salt.

If it doesn’t work, I can use it for myself in the future, and let’s say that it’s not bad shopping.

“Hey, Mister, was I even needed?”

“Ah, From the perspective of Mr.Ban, the appearance of Saira looked like ‘The child I brought, so she could learn’. In this case, this would make me looked like someone pro in business. Therefore, I think that even people like Mr.Ban will responded politely to young people.”

“Wow, You thought until that.”

“Still, there is a possibility that Mr.Ban was purely good person. I’ll count it as a good luck.”

Personally, I thought it would be enough to get to the point of getting an investment talk.

If he ask for know-how such as how to do when investigating I will say I investigate it myself, And If he can find the persuasive material, I plan to negotiate…. But, I think His sense is sharp.

I wasn’t just thinking about mountain salt.

The map that Dokora had also had information on unused caves.

It may not have been used because it is not suitable as a base, but it was listed as a landmark information.

They said they had searched the unexplored land in advance and left a map of it.

The fact that I keep a copy of something that can’t be used for something secretly, It’s a secret.

“Well, I got the desired salt. Let’s go to Gozz place as early as possible. If possible, I would like to think one or two dishes that use salt.”


And night comes.

At the ‘Dog’s Bone’, people who are looking for alcohol begin to gather.

After one whole day’s work, drink delicious alcohol as a thank-you for your body and a reward for yourself.

The custom is the same though the world is different.

Now, the announcement of the renewed Gozz dish!

I want to say, but of course there are problems.

No one asks for Gozz food that known to be bad.

As a side dish of alcohol, I can see some people who bring in skewers sold at food stall.

Bringing outside food to restaurants is naturally not desirable.

But if you know the taste of the food in this restaurant, you allowed to bring something with you, and Gozz understands it well. But, of course, I anticipated this.

“Please wait for the alcohol! Coming right up!”

“Oh, thank you, Saira! Wait, what is this? I didn’t ask for this though?”

“Actually-this is the new menu of “Dog Bone”! It’s called sample, so it’s served free of charge.”

Although it is a small amount, it will be served as a meal for tasting.

Even if you don’t ask, but it’s free, they will eat it.

“Oh, it’s a Gozz dish, isn’t it? I don’t feel like eating anymore.”

“But it smells pretty good, isn’t it?”

“Oh, right! anyway if it’s not tasty, just eat it together with alcohol… Oh! this!”

At first, the customers who spoke with a disrespectful attitude changed the color of their eyes and reached for the second and third and keep putting it to their mouth.

“Hey, this is delicious! More! More alcohol please!”

“It’s real! So good! is Gozz dead!? Do you have a new cook!?”

“Hey, I’m still here!”

Gozz’ angry voice echoes from the kitchen.

The first thing I prepared was a thin slice of vegetables that look like potato, fried it with oil and lastly sprinkled with salt.

After that, next is I cut it thin and long, and cooked by the same procedure.

In short, potato chips and potato fries.

It is a standard junk food, but it can be seasoned only with salt, and it is effective and easy to understand the goodness of salt.

I thought about lightly pickled vegetables, but considering the consumption of salt, the cost would not be a joke.

The recipes prepared this time are mainly made with a small amount of salt.

“Saira, can I order more of this?”

“Coming right up!”

“Is there another new menu? If there is, I wanna try it!”

“There are some! Then I’ll bring it!”

It was difficult to improve the salad with only salt, so I passed this time. Olive oil and salt are not bad, but there are only men here, and it’s questionable whether it fits the mouth.

By learning how to prepare the steak from Maya, Gozz was able to make it softly without overcook it. You can also add salt and spicy spices and garlic-like condiments.

The soup made by simmering boned meat and vegetables was just enough to enjoy, but the taste of the soup became even nicer with a touch of salt.

For those who have lived far away with salt, this taste will be fresh.

I used to the taste of salt, but not them, so it’s not good to suddenly add strong salt taste. To be honest I want it a little bit more salty.

“This skewers is delicious! The one that I brought can’t even compared to this!”

“What is this soup!? I didn’t know Gozz was my mother…”

“The meat is also delicious! More alcohol please!”

“Wait, wait a moment please!”

Saira rushes around the store.

And me? I keep cutting vegetables and washing plate in the kitchen.

As Gozz are suddenly making new dishes, his work speed will inevitably slower.

Therefore, I intend to do my best as a helper.

But physical labor… kind of scary.

It may have been spread by word of mouth when the customers who finished eating went home. Customers keep came one after another until the closing time. What a tiring day.

“Ugh, the ingredients I stocked until the day after tomorrow… all is gone.”

“Huft, I’m tired!”

Two people who collapse after the last customer leaves.

The helper has already fallen. Pleae, no more.

It was unexpected that we would be so busy on the first day.

It will be difficult for these two people to manage, we need to do something with this lack of employees.

“It looks like it would be okay to hire another person or two who could work in the evening. It was especially difficult today because you couldn’t spend time for preparing, If you can work efficiently, should be easier.”

“Well, be patient till then, Saira. I give you a raise!”

“I’m happy but not that happy.”

Sales are strong and salt consumption is high, but it’s also high in profit.

I’m worried, I have to buy more salt tomorrow.

After leaving Saira, who was tottering, I discuss the purchase of salt to Gozz and make a plan for procuring ingredients for tomorrow and beyond.

When I noticed, it’s already midnight, my muscle pain worsened. The child who used to live in modern world, had no motivation to walk, and fell asleep in the available space of the store.

Let turn the time back for a moment.

The evening of the day. Illias was in front of her house.

More than a day has passed since she invited the boy to her home.

It’s been a long time since she worked hard enough to make her stay in the castle, but in front of my well-trained mind and body, I have no trouble even if I have to work more than two days.

Speaking of concern, she left him behind at home.

When she think about it, she never guide him around the city.

She was sure that he going around well, but still she’s curious.

“Speaking of which, how many years have it been to go back home with someone waiting…?”

She were welcomed home when her parents were still alive. Butlers were welcoming her when she was not at work.

The days after her parents died and she decided that she didn’t need to keep my mansion, and after she sold it, she always went back to a quiet house with no one.

When she think that, she had a lot of fun to go back home where someone was waiting.

Speaking of which, she said to him, he was free to use her father’s clothes.

Since their physique is similar, the clothes will probably fit.

Oh, right, she have to tell him that Sir Ragdo asked him to attend the ceremony too.

Maybe he’s surprised, but it’s not surprising given his achievements.

And tomorrow it’s a holiday, let’s guide him around the city.

Hmm? Since when did she think about the hours other than working?

She stand up and laugh a little.

“I’m home… I’m sorry, I’m leaving for a long time…”

But there is no reply.

Look out over the first floor but he can’t be seen.

Maybe he’s in second floor? She try to look out again.

It’s been a while since the trace of cleaning can be seen in the house.

She go upstairs and knock in his room.

No reaction, she opened it just in case, but he wasn’t there.

「Maybe he went out? Even so, he cleaned it well. I’m impressed.」

I checked other rooms, and were cleaned too, except… my room.

It seems that he didn’t do some maintenance to the armor, but the place where it was placed is clean.

“…Diligent, huh.”

She has to thank him when he comes back.

For the time being, Let’s change clothes first.

“…He’s late.”

The sun sets but he never comes back.

She thought they would have a meal together, but in this situation she wonder if he will had the meal outside?

No choice then, let’s eat first.

However, in the shelf were long-lasting dry ingredient, She cook it, but it became a bland meals.


He doesn’t come home even after she finished her meal.

Perhaps he run away!? She’s worried, she went to his room, but she saw his washed clothes and it was carefully folded. If he done this, maybe he really just went out.

As expected, maybe he will come back tomorrow, then she decided to sleep.

She sighed and headed for the bedroom.


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