Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 11

11. For the time being, It’s the end

“Shit, Are you serious!?”

Dokora showed a surprised expression in front of the knights who appeared, but immediately changed to a smile.

“Miss, are you the captain of this unit?”

“That’s right!”

“Does the guy who found this place with you right now?”

“…It’s me who found this place.”

“Oh, Miss Knight, Don’t bullshit me! I can see it from your eyes. You’re a fucking serious knight. That kind of knight anticipating enemy in their escape route, and leaving their fellow knight in the middle of battle? That’s impossible!”


“Don’t take me for a fool! The guy who sought out this place isn’t the one who lives proudly like you. But, a guy who knows how to live like us.”

Hmm… that man named Dokora… is his sense better than his brain?

Maybe beacuse he had a lot of experience, so he trusted his sense more.

“Hey, let me talk to him. If you do so, I’ll properly deal with you later, Okay? He’s hiding right?”

Dokora looks around.

… is there no choice but to come out?

I remembered Illias said that I should never come out, she want to avoid unnecessary circumstances that might happen.

“Grandpa Kara, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Sure, Just be carefull boy.”

I stand and come out from the bush to the open space.

It seems Illias want to protest to me.

“It seems that he will not run away from fight, so if he just want to talk to me, I don’t mind. You will protect me if something happen, right?”

“Ah.. Right..”

“Anyway, it’s necessary.”

The last word, I said it with a low voice that can’t be heard by Dokora.

Then, I stand right beside Illias, and walk together.

For Dokora, this conversation is not to stall time. It’s for his own curiosity.

That is also necessary for us. I will do it as I like, but still, I need to be carefull.

“Hmm… is it you? I don’t feel like you’re a fighter.”

“That’s right. I’m confidence that I’m weaker than anyone here.”

“That’s a good introduction. But, is it really you? Let me ask you some question then.”


“How did you find Gidou’s base?”

“When I was lost in the mountain, I found it accidentally. That simple”

“…Are you serious!? I thought you might did some kind of trick? …Well, there’s at least one miracle or chance in life.”

I hard to believe when someone said that. But, I’m surprised that he’s not shocked by it.

Dokora believes in his plan, but understands that it is not perfect.

Therefore, he are preparing the next move.

A well-prepared person. Then, there is a high possibility that there will be countermeasures and preparations for the current situation.

“Next question, how did you get the information out?”

“From their fear even after death, I thought that Necromancy was involved.”

“I don’t care about that. I know that even if the knights can’t understand it, some priests may know it… What I asked is how did you make those fools spit out information.”

“I told them that I’ll extend their execution date until Necromancer died, but only for the first three people who speak, that’s it.”

“…I see, so you’re saying that you can even use their meaning of live?”

“As long as they’re useful, and you can use it why not? I mean, You can get so far by bullshiting.”

“…Then last question, just what kind of thing did you use to track us to this place?”

“Comprehension, I guess.”

Dokora silence for a while. then, he distorted his mouth pleasantly.

“I see.. It’s definitely you. I understand it now. I doubted it at first, but I’m convinced by looking at your eyes now.”

“That’s good.”

“Who the fuck are you? You’re not a good guy like them, right?”

“How rude. I’m a good ordinary person.”

“Like hell good people can understand people like me! If someone like you called himself a normal citizen, then what would vilain even do?”

If you say so, I’m having trouble answering it.

There’re a lot type of villain. For example if there are tyrants who leave their name in history, there’s also those who leave a wound in only one heart.

Maybe some were only heard their name, but there’s some who were actually involved with them.

I’m not going to talk for a long time, but how do I make him understand?

“Villain, huh? They do a lot of thing, I guess”

“Hmm, I see… Black hair, black eyes… I don’t know any clan with that kind of features… Wait!”

Dokora points at me as if he remembered something.

“You… you’re a human from ‘Earth’, aren’t you?”

“!?” [Tn: I guess he make a Shocked Pikachu face]

This guy.. did he really know it?

This word is really unexpected.

The bandit leader knows about the world of the earth…

If he really know it, it will be troublesome if Illias kills you. Right?

Wait, maybe Dokora is also an earthling!?

“From your expression, it semms that’s correct. I can’t believe it’s true and I’m in front of that person right now.”

“I answered all your questions. Then let me ask you too. How do you know about ‘Earth’?”

“Well, Of course I know! Necromancy that messed up my life! And the Resuscitation Magic that created the worst history in this world! All of it was a Taboo created by those from another world!”

Apparently Dokora might not be not an Earthling.

When I gaze at Illias. I saw her surprised face. It seems, she don’t know about this.

Even so, the Earthlings made Resuscitation Magic. Is that possible?

Certainly, in the history of the world, there are anecdotes that are said to have created the basis of the fantasy world such as alchemists and witches.

Then, if these people who said that anecdotes have come to this world in the past, I can deny that they might created magic that is dangerous and called a Taboo.

But in modern times, magic is an illusion that can only exist in the imaginary world.

It’s hard to believe, but Dokora doesn’t semm lying.

In the first place, there’s no need to lie in this kind of situation.

“Do you know anything else?”

“What!? You want to shut my mouth too? Like at that time!”

“I just want to know.”

“Really? Well, too bad for you. All I knew was the entrance to that abyss. Heack, even this Necromancy is just a bonus.”


“If you want to know no matter what, look for it yourself! I’ve give you enough clue to start with, isn’t it?”

Then, Dokora pulls out the knife on his waist.

“Well, it’s good enough for me. It’s a business, and I’ve got a lot of profit already. So, Thanks.”

Illias appears in front of Dokora, who is ready to battle.

Does the talk end here? Honestly, I couldn’t help but wanted to keep talking for a while longer.

I finished my purpose. What happen from now, I’ll just trust it to Illias.

“Hey, You guys! There are a lot more people than us! And they’re stronger than the knights who came to our base, so do your best! I’ll make the one who died be an undead!”

“Yes Boss!”

Unlike the former bandits, they have high morale and no fear of the knights.

Since they’ve escaped the siege and to succeed in their escape, they have no choice but to fight now.

You can tell by looking at their face. Unlike bandits who were scared of Necromancy, They fully trust Dokora.

They enjoy the way they live.

They’re the villain, but I’m a little jealous to them.

If, the first one met was not Illias, but Dokora… No, I can’t think that kind of imagination right now.

I must concentrate on protecting myself during this battle.

“Illias, where should I stand?”

“Don’t move from there! We’ll always protect you!”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

There was nothing I could do. I could only believe what I was told.

They told me something difficult, huh.

Now the bandits is also directed here. An opponent who can easily kill me is about to attack.

The fear is as good as when I saw that Bear and Slime. No, there are fears that I feel because they’re also human.

I bite the sleeve of my left arm to hold my shivering jaw.

Because I’m starting to lose my composure, I bit too strong. But the pain in my arms calms my heart and barely keep myself.

“Well, Let’s do this!”

Dokora throws a knife at me.

Illias knocks it down.

Two knives stuck in the ground. Two!?

I’m sure he threw only one… means the other is a hidden knife.

It seems he threw a small knife behind the large knife. And I didn’t in the slightest see that.

Illias, who naturally knocks it down, is really reliable.

At the same time, a fierce battle at the surrounding began.

Even from amateur perspective, you could say that Lord Ragdo’s knights is in the upper hand.

However, the movement of the bandits here is a bit difference than the bandits we fought last time.

They’re trying to keep the knight movement in check and not attacking carelessly.

Then, Dokora takes out a new knife and try to stike Illias.

His movement far surpasses other bandits. If the knight fight him and do something carelessly, they might die.

Two bandits surround me, but I’m sure the knights will protect me.

Maybe the bandits think if they can use me, an ordinary people, well. They miight kill the knights.

I know that I’m just a burden here, even so I want to say thank you to the knights.

“Hahaha! Miss, You’re strong. Even in Garne, I didn’t see someone as strong as you!”

While dealing with Illias strike, Docora sweating on his forehead.

If he try to recieve the Illias’s strike properly with his knife, I’m sure his hand that holding the knife will got blown away.

He only got one-arm left, so he must be in a lot of pressure now.

On the other hand, Illias not even sweating. And she doesn’t look enjoying the fight.

She just chasing after him while swinging her swords quietly.

“It’s a shame that she has good skill but not good at talking. Let’s enjoy the fight more! It’s a great opportunity to relieve your stress from training, isn’t it?”

“There’s no need to please the bad guys. I don’t even have that feeling!”

“Tsk! What a boring woman! I bet even sleeping with that man would be more fun than you!”

Hey! It’s freaking me out a bit.

However, slowly, the balance gradually collapses.

“I see. I’m sure you’re a hard working Missy. Now, it seems that my leftover arms are broken.”

Dokora appeals to the fatigue of his arms. But then, suddenly he throw his knife.

Illias knocks it down without changing her complexion.

“Well, with my strength it semms this is as far I can go. Now, Let me use my trump card.”

He pull out a new knife. But, unlike the knife I saw earlier, it’s black.

Illias also felt something with the knife, then she reholding the sword again.

“Hmm, even your sense also good, Miss. But don’t worry, I’m not going to use this to fight you.”

Dokora said that while swinging his arm.

“This is how I use it!”

He throw it high in the sky.

The knife reached a height that hard to see and burst.

Then, something like a black mist spreads at a tremendous speed and come down.

The battlefield was wrapped in black mist in an instant.

“Cover him with a barrier, Now!”

At the same time with that shout, my body is wrapped in something like a film of light.

It seems that one of the knights around me used some magic to me.

My vision becomes slightly dark.

It doesn’t look like something to steal my vision. If there’s a need for a barrier, is it poison? Wait, maybe it’s that.

“Oh, good decision missy. It might harm someone with no mana.”

“Necromancy, huh…!”

“You could say that… but I didn’t cast any Necromancy Magic, though? It just that I put unbelievable amount of mana created by Necromancy into the knife… So, even if you bring a lot of Magic Sealing Stone, it doesn’t matter?”

Even if you use a lot of magic stones, It seems that Magic activated by Mana with special characteristic can’t be broken.

What made He decide to use Necromancy now? To reuse the corpses of the bandits here?

I look around. Some bandits is dead, but there is no sign of movement.

I think the knights and Illias are thinking about the same thing.

To not forget to be alert to the corpses even during this war.

“Ah, this guy is different from the guys who used the escape to increase the undead. This is the proper way to use necromancy. That’s to use the dead!”

Screams from the surroundings. Not the bandits voice, let alone the knights.

Then, does that mean…

“Be careful! We’re surrounded!”

Hands crawl from the surrounding ground.

I remember the scene I saw in the movie. The classic horror video that revives zombies from the graveyard.

Upon understanding the situation, the thirty knights who surrounded the twenty bandits were surrounded by over fifty undeads.

“They move according to my magic. It’s not a smalll fry that runs wild and attacks that area. They’re my loyal pawns who will do anything I order them to!!”

Undead that carry weapons, undead that following it from behind, and a big undead that suddenly jumped out from the back of the forest.

Undead roar!”

That appearance is familiar.

Maybe it’s Gidou, the boss of the bandit who defeated the other day.

With a big sword that is as big as the previously equipped mallet, start an assault on Illias.

“As I thought, he was an excellent material to use. By the way, He might have a grudge to you.”

Illias receives the great sword from his powerful arm.

It seems that the attack has been completely prevented, but the sword pressure penetrates Illias’s body and creates a crack on the ground.

He’s much faster and more powerful than I’ve seen before.

Gidou’s arm burst due to a reaction that uses force beyond the body. But, the arm regenerates in an instant.

So, This is an immortal undead…. Not just a moving corpse. It’s a soldier who can keeps fighting inexhaustibly.

Even by now, I feel any nervous in the knight’s face, but I am.

“I see, when I see this, it makes me want to sympathize him.”

While saying so, Illias swing her sword, and cut Gidou’s head.

But. it soon regenerate again.

“Well then, from what I see, it seems that you guys didin’t bring any baptized holy weapon, so what will you do, Miss Knight? It’s okey if you want to withdraw, though? I’m not going to chase you all.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It’s just that he can’t die, so why I need to be afraid?”

The bandits who became undead. They have more power than before, but they are not overwhelming any knights.

“We are the Knights, led by the strongest in Tiez, Lord Ragdo! This kind of level can’t scare us!”

“That’s… Amazing, I guees. But to what extent you can mantain that spirit?”

Dokora still has his composure.

I can understand that. We can handle the undead coming, but that’s it. The undead keep regenerate, and the bandits that still live sets up a surprise attack.

We are the one in disadvantage of this endurance battle.

It is necessary to consider running away.

“If we defeat the caster…”

“Sorry, but I’ve already ordered these guys. If my mana exists in this area, they won’t stop even if I got killed. Anyway, I don’t plan to be killed here.”

How annoying, no wonder it labeled as a Taboo.

If it’s Maya, who was a priest, She might have known some way, but she is not here.

There are no knights in this Ragdo corps who have countermeasures against Necromancy. All of them are muscle-brain gorillas.

What can I do now? I need to think if there is anything I can do.

But, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about Necromancy.

This undead is moving with the mana that is spread around this area.

And Magic Sealing Stone has no effect. In other words, there is currently no way to cancel these.

The only thing we can do now is either leave this place or do something to the mana around this area.

However, there are a lot of Magic Sealing Stones scattered around here. So, we can’t do something with magic.

Maybe there is no choice but to withdraw here and hunt them down again next time….

“I see, So I just need to do something with this annoying mana, right?”

Illias takes a deep stance. And the sword that she grip start to shine.

“Hey, You can’t use magic Here!”

Dokora scatters a magical stone around Ilias. Damn, how many did he have?

However, the sword still Shining. It shine to the point dazzling the eyes.

“Isn’t magic!?”

“All units, jump!”

As Illias shouts, my body floats in the air. It seems, one of the knights held me and jump.

So high! How could this grandpa jump 5 meters in a vertical while carrying a person!?

While I’m in astonishment, Illias swing her sword horizontally.

At the same time, a huge amount of light was emitted, the black mist was blown away, and the bandits who were late to escape to the ground and the undead were cut off in an invisible slash.

Illias Slash Illustration

Then, I feel like coughing from the impact when landing.

I see the surrounding, of course, the open space become even wider as the trees in the surrounding collapes.

The undead that got cut by that light also turn into a lump of meat and doesn’t seem to be regenerate again.

Dokora jumps into the air and make a nervous face for the first time.

“Shit! What a brute strength! All of my mana got swept away with one slash.”

She’s really a Gorilla. I’m trying to close my open mouth with my hand.

Now, llias turns her sword to Dokora.

“It seems the undead won’t regenerate anymore. If you have another trick left, you better use it now.”

“Well, there’s no choice then. If I can, I don’t want to use it”

While saying that, Dokora takes out a black ball.

Don’t say that’s something full of his mana again, hey?

“Eat this!”

Dokora hits the ball on the ground.

This time thick smoke begins to fill the surroundings.

Damn, It’s a smoke screen!

“Are you trying to run away? Don’t be a coward!”

“Of course I am, Miss Straight Knight.”

Dokora turned back, trying to leave the place…. But, Fell to the spot.


A spear that flew from around the collapsed trees blown up Dokora’s legs.

In the direction in which the spear flew, Grandpa Kara looked at me with a proud face.

Illias is surprised at the situation.

“Sigh… Miss proud knight, Don’t you have any pride?”

“It’s not her plan, but mine.”

I let out my voice. And Dokora’s line of sight shifts here.

His expression is calm.

“Did you expect this from the beginning?”

“You ran away once. I thought you goona make a gap this time and run away again.”

“That’s right. But damn, your timing was just too perfect.”

“Of course, after all we’ve ben leading you to the moment when you were sure you could escape.”

All according to the plan.

Right, I only told about this strike to Grandpa Kara. I only told Illias to make Dokora prepare for his escape.

I asked Grandpa Kara to stay hidden and told him that Dokora will start an escape at some point. I also asked him to keep a position where he could always throw a spear.

The reason why I stopped hiding and showed myself is to avoid the risk that Dokora looked around and found Grandpa Kara.

There was a possibility of success because it’s a surprise attack that’s difference from knight’s action.

However, I didn’t know a lot about Dokora, so I took a step with a higher success rate.

I gave this instruction to Grandpa Kara as the timing to throw.

『Aim at the moment when someone started blaming Dokora that plan to escape.』

I was going to say it myself. But, in the ned it’s Illias who said it.

Hearing these blaming, Dokora would be convinced that he had a chance.

When he was conviced, I confirmed the success or failure of my actions.

Even if you always pay attention to the surroundings, the accuracy will drop to some extent.

For Dokora, who believes in his skill and experience, we need to make sure he conviced that he could escape.

That’s why that moment is the best chance.

I didn’t say anything to the other knights to make this situation.

I Believe that they will blame Dokora for trying to escape.

“Comprehension, was it? It seems you really understand. Get fucked up like this make me happy somehow.”

“I see.”

Maybe he was thinking the same thing as me, Dokora sighs and laughs.

“Maybe I could have a good relationship with you.”

“Perhaps. But I don’t like taking people’s lives”

“You will soon get used to it. I guarantee that.”

“Then I’ll be careful not to lose the way.”

“Yeah, You should.”

Illias walks from behind with her sword in her hand.

“There is a map in my belongings. It shows some of the locations of bases that only I know. Find the most hidden base, that will be my farewell gift to you.”

Dokora laughs, the sword that Illias holds is no longer in his sight.

“I’m amazed you can still laugh in this kind of situation.”

“Hey, could you tell me your name?”


At the same time I give my name. Dokora ruminate my name silently, and laughed again for the last time. And, Illias swing her sword down.


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