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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 10

finally, the start of two digit ch…. and it’s quite long.

10. For the time being, Do your best afterwards

The knights are gathering on the outside of the Tiez’s castle gate.

In the center is the Knights, led by Leanor in red cloak.

He smiles satisfactorily while watching the composition.

He’ve already heard that other lords were having a hard time fighting bandits.

The knight with yellow cloak is from Lord Fowl corps. Leanor did a bit of sarcasm to him at the meeting, but admit his ability.

Because Leanor knew that Lord Fowl with do anything by all by means to reach here, That’s why Leanor not gonna say anything to him.

Leanor heard that Lord Ragdo gave him as a helper to help Lady Ratzel’s corps in the form of a recommendation.

He knew that Lord Ragdo was trying to give Lady Ratzel an opportunity. But apart of her bravery, He think that she’s a bit inexperience.

Therefore, He never expected her to achieve this kind results.

However, she is still a naive woman. Now, she lost the opportunity to earn the credit.

At first, He was surprised when a request for cooperation came from Lord Ragdot’s message, as it’s such a good opportunity.

He narrowed down the number of mobilizations of other corps, and arranged a lot of knights to surpass other corps.

And, as planned, he succeeded in taking control of this operation.

If only he succeeded in getting information from the bandits, he would have to subdue them without requesting cooperation from others corps.

Of course, He knew that Lord Ragdo corps that boasts a small number of elite, it’s not possible to subdue the bandits all in once.

If it’s only one base, it would not difficult to destroy with just their corps.

But then, He get new prisoners, and get more information.

It takes time to reach this point, but in the end he can monopolize the credit.

“After all she is a woman. When it’s about being out of hand, then she asking someone else for help. She’s laking guts to do it till the end by herself.”

The messenger comes over there.

“What? is the othe corps finished making their formation?”

“There’s nothing to say about that. It just somrone from Sir Ratzel say to give this documents to Lord Leanor.”

Leanor scan through the documents given to him.

There were detailed maps and information of each site in more detail than the one handed over earlier.

“Hmm, isn’t it good?”

“I would like to ask you to share the informations with the troops that will attack each base.”

“Even though the old soldier just a few in number, isn’t they a bit sloopy with circulating information? Or it’s just that they dissappointed to be used as a messenger?”

Then, Leanor think.

“Alright, give these documents to the knight from our corps that wil go to each base. And command them to use it to lead the other knight.”

it’s not a bad idea.

These document may have been prepared by someone with a meticulous personality.

But, There is no such person with Lady Ratzel and the old soldiers from Lord Ragdo corps.

Then, he remember the behavior of a young man at a conference.

Probably the young man, colleague of Lady Ratzel, prepared these.

While Lord Ragdo’s knights show their dissatisfaction with us, He stood around and easily make the situation procred smoothly.

Perhaps that young man is not happy about the success of Lady Ratzel which is a woman.

He made a suggestion while raising his hand to see if there’s anyone who wanted to join Lady Ratzel, so that I could easily send them to logistic support.

What a strong man.

Maybe It’s okey to put a bit of my eyes to him, who knows maybe I could use him.

“First, let’s see how useful these documents are.”

In this way, the bandit subjugation team led by Lord Leanor start to march the troops at night.

Dokora, the leader of the bandits alliance, heard the news that the knights have come to attack the base.

The possibility of finding a base hidden in the forest or mountains is low, but not without exception.

Therefore, the minimum patrol was issued even at night.

Wasn’t even noticed by the patrol, the base was already surrounded by knights.

Apparently, they know the route that the bandit goes through.

Means, information is leaked.

Would it be the captured Gido member’s that leaked the information?

Docora scratch his head with his remaining arm.

“I know that they might be threatened, but I don’t think they were a fool.”

The person who understands the horror of Necromancy is the user, Dokora himself.

In order to convey it to the others to the fullest extent, he used a crew that he judged difficult to control as example.

He purposely give that crew a territory that is hard to act, and reduce their profit compared to other bases.

It gave them the feeling of disparity and fueled them to start rebellion.

Soon after, they broke the rules and started doing whatever they wanted.

Since most of them originally an outlaw, they explodes immediately if they feel dissatisfied.

Then, Dokora dismissed them as a purge and shown the other how it will be as a victim of Necromancy.

The effect was outstanding, even the leaders of each crew were afraid of Dokora.

Even knowing it, will one of them leaked information?

It is unlikely that they died and resisted the fear that he shown them.

He don’t think the bandit would spoke because of the torture by beautiful knights, but judging the current situation, in the end the leaked information.

Judge that the threat he gave them is sufficient. Maybe it’s his fault to share excessive information in order to work more effectively.

The information leaked and the knights was a surrounding the base, means that the knights would have prepared a considerable number.

In other words, it can be considered that the other bases are also surrounded. It’s the end for the other bases.

“Well, it’s already happened. Let’s run away! be prepared!”

“B, But, we’re surrounded by knights! Will we just cut it through!?”

“Fool! with your ability if we do that, we will just be doomed.”

Living as a bandit is harsh.

If normal people strength to be put in number, it will be 1, and the bandits about 10.

However, the knights have been training daily to improve their strength.

Perhaps even a weak knight should be about 20.

The knight with good skills about 50. Dokora also around that.

And the level of a knight captain… it’s a pain to think.

But that’s if we fighting head-on.

The knights currently fighting the member that stay outer tent. Well, they’re just a small fry that he can afford to lose.

But small fry won’t last long. He need to act early.

“Disperse and carry each treasure! If you make a hole in the bag and overflow, I’ll kill you! While preparing, I’ll try to break their momentum.”

“Okay Boss!”

In battle, the most effective means of achieving a high winning rate is to be stronger than your opponent.

Still even if you win in one-on-one, there’s still a chance to lose because of numbers.

But if you win both, it’s going to be hard to be overturned.

And, that’s the current situation.

The difference in ability between the trained knights and the bandits is clear, and some more the number of knights is overwhelming.

There’s not even a sight that any knight might lose in battle.

On the other hand, the corpses of bandits rolling on the ground will further increase.

Leanor saw the scene with satisfaction and continued conducting.

“Now, eradicate the stupid barbarians that despise us! We have advatange in both number and power, those who can’t get the bandit heads should be ashamed! Compete for higher achievement!”

“For achievement!”

The documents was very helpful.

When Leanor send his knight to scout in advance, the knight saw the bandits in patrol, then eliminate them quickly.

Then we succeed in surounding their base, a settlement thats blending well with the night.

While we try to surround them, they used their Detection Magic, so we fail to give them a surprise attack completely, but still we manage to surround them.

Now, the state of their largest base became like this. It may be good to see that the other bases have been successfully captured.

If their damage is just this insignificant, perhaps the knight will only slightly injured.

An like that, the one in command will be evaluated more.

“But… There’s just too few of them.”

According to the data, the number of the bandits is about 50, and up untill now only a few patrols have been killed.

It’s night right now, it’s hard to think that the bandits are out to work because the merchants don’t move at night.

Even if you see the reaction of the bandits, it’s unlikely that they had escaped in anticipation of this attack.

However, looking at the state of the battle, it seems that there are only about 30 people.

And all of them will be killed by the knights.

“Maybe some of them hiding in some tent? Hmmm… if so, the center tent look suspicious.”

The bandits who were fighting back will all be killed soon.

Then, Leanor gives new instructions.

“From the report the number of enemies is fifty, so there’s still around twenty left! Look inside the tent! and gradually move to the center!”

Following the knights, Leanor also looks inside the surrounding tents. And frowned.

Most tents have traces of what the bandits might have been sleeping to.

There’re leftover food, small dirty blankets, etc.

But sometimes he saw strange scenes.

“This… Corpse?”

A pile of dead corpses was left alone.

From the appearance of the clothes, it looks like a corpse of a bandit.

To prevent the smell from leaking out, Something like herb was scattered on the corpse, but the corpse has many maggots and flies on it.

Looking at the face of the other knights, it seems that there are many similar tents.

「 Why bother with the bodies of comrade… I’m sure the bandit leader was a necromancer… No way! 」

Leanor, One of the leaders of the Knights, got chills.

It’s not that he’ve never almost die.

And that experience would warn him in advance of future disasters. One hypothesis was in his head.

“Watch out for the corpses! There is something about it!”

The corpse bounced at the moment he shouted.

Leanor, who was looking at the corpse, barely avoided it, and blast the corpse with his sword.

The blow splits the corpse into upper and lower parts. But each part start to crawl and try to stick to each other again.

The remaining corpse also begins to move, it had begun attacking nearby knights with unhuman behavior.

It seems that similar events had occurred in the surrounding tents, and the battle between the knights and the corpse had begun.

“So, this is Necromancy, huh… Disgusting!”

While swearing, Leanor cut the attacking corpse, but it soon recover from it and began to move again.

They no longer a human corpse, it is just an undead monster.

“Cooperate with the surrounding knight! Don’t be afraid!”

Whille seeing the the situation, suddenly Leanor freeze.

The bandits that they kiiled ealier are starting to get up.

About 100 corpses were scattered inside the tent.

And 30 new bandit corpses have been added.

「 No way!? Some of the knights should have been equipped with magic stones. He can also magically activate the corpse at this timing. It shouldn’t even be possible to apply Necromancy to the bandit that just been kiiled! 」

The battle start again.

The movement of the undead seems to have increased in speed and power, but He can’t feel anything from it.

It just attacks as the instinct goes.

Therefore the trained knights will not lose.

But, the undead can’t die.

Whether you slash, stab, or strike it, they recover immediately and get up.

“Don’t die! Or you will become the undead! Those who have acquired the purification magic should try various things! Those who do not, find a way to block their movement!”

When Leanor giving the command, living bandits jump into his line of sight.

It seems that the bandits has begun to escape due to the confusion.

“Someone… Hel..!”

Leanor chased him, and dealt with him.

If He give an odd instruction at this timing, there might be someone who will surprised by the undead.

It’s possible to deal with it because it is undead from a bandit, If the knight become an undead, the threat will be bigger.

The sound of teeth grinding echoed and the seemingly perfect fromation was easily broken through.

“Hahaha! I think it would be better if they were dead from the start!”

While laughing with joy, for the measures he had prepared finally started, He was running through the woods.

“As expected of my Boss! But what exactly is the measures? The knight have a weapon with a Magic Sealing Stone though?”

“Magic Sealing Stones are convenient right? It will break down the magic that entered the area. But don’t get me wrong.It’s only the formula that disassembled.”

The Necromancy that Dokora used is simple. It is a thing that causes the soul of the dead to be taken into the original body and run wild as an undead. The troublesome thing about the undead is that it gives off mana that equally affect the surrounding corpses. So if you are attacked by an undead and die, you’ll become an undead. Even just by putting a corpse around will make them into undead too.

It’s a Forbidden magic that revives surrounding corpses one after another as undead if used once, and even some countries have been destroyed by this before.

And it’s easy to lie down the magic.In the center of the tent, he deployed a barrier that gave off the mana to make the undead quiet. He just need to calculate for timing and released it.

If you move around while bringing Magic Sealing Stones, you will get yourself in touble. Because the barrier itself will be released if the The Stone is brought close to it. However, the mana generated by the barrier and the mana generated by necromancy are mana with property, and it’s not a magic formula.

Magic Sealing Stones are the ones that seal magic, That meaning is not wrong, but the principle is different. All The stone do is dismantle the magic formula and return it back to mana. Therefore, the mana with the property is not affected by the stone.

The greatest merit of necromancy is that the created undead itself has a unique mana.

Therefore, even if a lot of Magic Sealing Stones are used, there will be no effect on it. As long as you don’t get disturbed when using it, you can do whatever you want.

“What? even if I tell in detail you will not understand it. Just be careful not to die near it, or you will become like them, even if I don’t do anything.”

“Y,Yes Boss!”

Drops a magic stone every time you advance a certain distance. And with this, it is not possible to trace to the your point with detection magic.

It’s not impossible to be chased while looking for traces of movement. Therefore, even if you just move straight in line, as long as you do this, it will be hard to trace the exact location.

Further ahead is an area where magic stones are scattered in advance. Just in case, Dokora had prepared an escape route and a terrain that was easy to use to escape.

Soon will be the first point, the open area. Only the long-term subordinates who are here now know this. It’s a place where they made it to be their secret area.

“Well, Let’s take a break for a while. Are these all the guys who could escape? I will check the luggage that we bring.”

Just a bit further, there are hideouts only known by this fellow and me. As long as they obey, it’s okey to bring them to escape.

“I guess other places were also finished. I should grateful to the knight. With this, our profit in the future will increase.”

The number of bandits who fled from Garne, who welcomed the new king, was enormous. Then, I started a bandit alliance so that they could pillage safely and the risk would be spread even if the knights moved.

And the result is good, The guys who didn’t like it were intentionally rebelled and used as a threat, and put the other guys that showed their favor to occupy a base where the knights could easily find them.

Leanor thought it was unlikely that the location would be exposed all at the same time, but still prepared a plan just in case anything bad happen. But this drastically reduces the number of bandits. From now on, a small number of elite bandits can casually ruin the hunting ground. So, it’s not all bad.

“Is that so? but I’m not happy at all even if the bad guys thank me.”

A knight appeared from the shade of the grass, with his voice echoing. Then, along with the appearance of the knight, some other knights also appeared from around.

“Shit, Are you serious!?”

“My name is Illias Ratzel. Bandit Boss Dokora, Your way of evil will end here.”

The woman knight who appeared pulled out her sword.

In the far behind where Illias looks cool, Grandpa Kara stand and another world traveler, who try to hide, leaning on his back.

Honestly, I’m tired. This time, no one want to carry me.

“One-armed man, huh… ther’s no mistake. I goes as the boy said.”

Wait, let me explain why we are in this situation right now.

It was expected from the beginning that Dokora, a man with one arm, escaped.

Thorough information control that has deceived the knights until now, Will a man with a getaway get caught so easily because we surrounded his base?

So, it is natural to think that he have one or two escape routes and routes.

Because his confident in the fear threat by his Necromancy, I can understand why he will rely on Necromancy.

Just in case, a few day ago I asked one of Lord Ragdo’s Knight to invertigaed again the cave that we attacked last time. And, no corpses were found there.

They buried the corspe with sadness? That’s impossible.

Then he’ll use it for something… Of course at times like this.

The name Dokora was also discovered thanks to Maya finding the information

Once he work in the dark side of a certain kingdom. One day he did something taboo and be a wanted.

After that, it seems that he became a thief in Garne. But, since a new king rise in Garne, He fled to Tiez. And as the result he is here now.

Experience that he got from work in the dark side, He found it to be useful to bandit business.

In other words, Dokora is a type that utilizes past experience rather than his intelegence.

Such actions are biased towards those who trust their experience, so when you know their pattern, it is easy to read them.

I certain that he will use a Magic Sealing Stone to escape. Since it is cheap, it is possible to sprinkle it on the escape route in advance.

The reason why Illias, Lord Ragdo corps were put into a completely free state called logistical support, This is because Her corps will going ahead around the escape route from the start.

The march course of the knight was also decided in advance at the meeting place and the direction that the bandit will likely use to escape is narrowed down.

Then, just before the attack, I searched around using the Detection Magic.

By the way, Lord Leanor, didn’t attached any of his members to the Ragdo corps.

Perhaps they didn’t even want to work together. Even if some came, I will to do something about it.

When I searched using Detection Magic, the place where the magic was countered mostlikely his route to escape. so, we move circling around the area where the stone is placed.

Then I found and open place in front of the route, that seemd to be a man-made. Maybe It was supposed to be used as a point to join after splitting.

It seems that everyone came over because the formation was easily broken. In a sense, it’s a good job to Lord Leanor.

Even if I had no real experience, I was wondering what a genius type with a smart head could do.

Probably now, Lord Leanor is being challenged by an undead group.

I’m secretly asking a skilled person from church, Maya, to come for support, so the subjugation should be underway at this time.

Even Lord Leanor won’t have any complaints about this later, right? In the first place, I even let him had his way to be the one in command.

Well, from here onward, it’s Illias’s portion.


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