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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 9

This ch forward are rough…. it’s under editing progress,

9. For the time being, I leave it to you

After getting the information, the first action I took was to return to the church.

Information on the masterminds of the bandit alliance, a man with one arm.

I told Maya about the newly obtained information. This will allow us to narrow down the candidates further.

Maya says that information will arrive soon, so she will tell me as soon as she understand.

Information arrive means… is it possible to exchange information over a long distance in this world? just like the Internet?

Maybe it’s a homing pigeon? If there’s a need to use the pigeon means the information must be a lot, anyway let’s leave it to her.

Then on my way back, I walked around the town while talking with Illias about future actions. And returned to the barracks after that.

The town is full of energy, I saw the market is crowded with many people.

When I was taken to church for the first time, I was carried all the way. So, I couldn’t really look around.

It is said that the prosperity of the country can be seen by looking at the faces of the people.

Many of the people walking in the city of Japan have a hard expression.

But in this kingdom, The people face is full of emotions as if every day is a festival.

Just looking at it makes me feel like I get some of their energy.

“I guess, the king of this kingdom is a pretty good king, huh.”

Such words naturally come out from my mouth.

“Of course! The king in this generation and the king from the previous generation, both of them doing a wonderful reign for the kingdom and its citizens. It is the greatest pride and joy for me to serve that country as a knight.”

Illias said with gentle face as she watches her surrounding full of liveliness of the people.

“When you see that this kingdom prospering this much, the number of merchants from outside which come here will eventually increase.”

“That’s right, But there are those who are willing to make profit with malicious intent. And that’s unforgivable “

“From the information we obtained, the bandit alliance’s base have quite alot of members. And mostly they already know that we crushed one of their base. When they heard that, they might change their main base location. Before something like that happens, it’s better if we give them surprise attack. Means that we need some mens.”

“Hmm… I am a subordinate of Lord Ragdo’s Knight, one of the leaders of the knight that protect of this country. I will explain to him our circumstances, and ask permission to summons his knight.”

“And how many of them you can call?”

“I guees… around 30?”

Not a lot, huh.

When we went to subjugate the bandits, there were about 10 people because it was called a sudden gathering, that means… 30% of them came at that time?

Our number are too few. in this case, we might need coopeartion from the other knights corps.

“How about the other knights corps? Can’t you ask for thier cooperation?”

“It’s not that I can’t… but…”

Illias said that with a bitter face.

There seems to be some unreasonable circumstances.

Not that I can’t understand it. After all, if the units are different, there might be feuds with each other.

“Do you think the current number enough? The last time was a surprise attack after blocking their exit route. So the bandits had no choice but to fight back, and the opponents who tried to escape could easily be captured.”

The base of other bandits are not be a cave like that time.

They bulit huts and tents in some part of the forests.

In other words, they can escape in all directions, so we need a lot of knights to block their escape routes.

From the information, The bandit alliance have five bases.

One was destroyed the other day, so four left.

Three of it has around 30 to 50 people like last time. And the last one, the ‘Black Curtain’ base have around 50 people.

It is impossible for thirty kinghts to hunt down nearly two hundred bandits.

“You’re right… I need to think about is sfety of the citizens first. Not my image. I’ll request cooperation from other knights immediately.”

Illias agrred reluctantly.

It seems as if some kind of problem would occur by requesting cooperation.

“Ilias, could you tell me some things before that?”

After that, I left him and went to Lord Ragdo alone. In order to obtain the cooperation of from a lot of Knights, Illias requested Lord Ragdo to tell it to the other Knights corps.

“Hmm, All right. But Ilias, do you understand what will happen if you ask other units to cooperate?”

“I understand… But the number of bandits exceeds the imagination. We finally got their information this! If we miss this chance, we will have many more victims!”

“Right… but it’s okay to ask for my support too you know?”

“No, Lord Ragdo is a symbol that should be the last fort to protect the castle and the kingdom. And you’ve helped me a lot, so this time I’ll think it as a test for my self.”


“I am also a knight that protect this country. I can’t be spoiled forever.”

“Well, if you say like that, I’ll stay quiet until the end this time.”

“Thank you very much. Then, please let the representatives of the cooperation know that there will be a meeting at the barracks outside the castle tonight.”

“This bandit subjugation is a kingdom problem. It’s okay to use the meeting room in the castle you know?”

“No, I have a collaborator from outside. He said, ‘Can you let an outsider who seems to be cooperating to enter the castle, right?’, so I wished for a barracks.”

“I see, he’s a modest person, huh.”

“I hope so…”


There is no lie in my what I said Lord Ragdot. But then he continued like this.

“It’s hard to do it if he can’t be there.”

At night, a lot of knights gathered in the largest room in the barracks.

The representatives are Illias and Granpa Kara.

After that, the representatives of each Knights appeared.

Some have the subordinates sent, and some, the knight commander came directly.

The former can be thought of as a pure collaborator.

But, the knight commander came directly is….

This place is smaller than the castle and probably a little dirty.

Some people are worried about how dirty the room is, and some wamt the chairs for themself.

That side probably will make some moves. I have to watch them carefully.

Then, Illias stood up and started speaking around.

“First let me say thank you for gathering late at night. Tonight, we are going to discuss about the details of the bandit troubles. Let me explain the current situation.”

Does her opponent have the same title as her superiors? her tone feels firm.

And she explained the process up to now, and the story that I came from outside is barely explained.

However, it was clear why Ilias was unwilling to ask for cooperation.

Knight like Grandpa Kara, such as the members of Lord Ragdo’s corps, were welcoming to Illias.

But most of the knights who are here now have cold eyes.

Some of them are impressed, and some are honestly pleased that we have hunted down the bandits… Hey, the one who just clicking his tongue, I’ll remember your face!

When I feel angry like this, I think that I am also favored by Ilias, and listen to the story.

“And I succeeded in finding out the location of each base. Therefore, I want to borrow the cooperation of each team to attack all bases in the morning.”

“May I speak now?”

The one wearing red cloak raised his hand.

The difference between a normal knight and a knight commander is the quality of their cloak.

Knights use armor ornaments with cloaks in the colors that symbolize their corps.

The knight commander has the royal coat with Tiez crest embroidered on it.

By the way, the color of the Ragdo corps is turquoise.

“Lord Leanor, by all means”

“We will not spare any troops in cooperation. Slaughtering the bandits who mess our country, that’s natural. Some of them might be the who choose to betray this kingdom, or them that have some grudes to this kingdom.”

A man in a yellow cloak stare intensely at the knight commander called Lord Leanor.

Ah, so he was the knights who responsible for this mission last time.

“Excuse me, Lady Ratzel, how many people will join from Ragdo corps to defeat this bandit?”

“About thirty.”

“Hmm, isn’t it good for a corps with the smallest number of members? However, this time our Reanor corps will deploy 300 knights. it’s 10 times than yours.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Don’t worry about it. As I said earlier, the subjugation of bandits is a matter for me to solve as soon as possible. But! Wouldn’t it be inconvenient for a corp with small number of knights to hold command?”


“Isn’t your Ragdo corps is only a few elite soldiers? I’ll show that my corps can be more active ten times than yours!”

Then, Grandpa Kara butt in, but the expression of Lord Leanor does not changes.

“I know that. But, that’s why. The most important is how we use our manpower efficiently not who is the one in command, right? Also, there are 300 people in my corps alone, so how do you intend to lead?”


“The total command of this subjugation team should be the team with the most members. Well, how many the other corps can prepare?”





Roughly calculated, eight hundred, it seems that enough numbers are available.

And from the beginning, Lord Leanor has prepared a large number of soldiers with that intention.

“So, is there any problem with me taking command in this bandit subjugation?”

“No objection.”


“If it’s Lord Leanor, I’m okay.”

“if you can give detailed instructions, I’ve no problem.”

Including the man in the yellow cloak, everyone showed their willingness.

Illias told me that she was disrespected because she was a woman.

There are not many women in this country who aim to be knights.

Even more to be someone like Illias, who is close with the knight commander.

I asked Grandpa Kara before, he said that within the knight itself is more insidious than expected.

Illias, a knight who ranks high in the country despite being a woman, a favorite of the oldest veteran, Lord Ragdo.

From the perspective of the male knights, her breakthrough may be a symbol of jealousy.

Old veteran like Lord Ragdo just view illias like a granddaughter, there no discrimination between man of woman.

The bandit subjugation this time was a difficult problem that other corps could not succeed, and Illias, a woman, did it.

Right now, it seems that no one disagreed with it.

But later, If failed, use it as a pretext for criticism, and if it seems to succeed, try to get the maximum achievement.

Sigh, what a narrow-minded people.

A man or a woman? that kind of pride, they will abandon it if something goes wrong. Just a bunch of people with cheap pride.

Even though Ilias has a muscle-brain like gorilla, she is a good knight.

In the end, Man or woman wouldn’t matter to be a good knight.

Well, I thought that something like this might happen, so I had already consulted with Grandpa Kara and prepared various things.

“Hey Kid! Can you say something to these guys?”

“Hmm? Right.”

“I don’t mind Who are you? You don’t look like a knight.”

“In this case, I’m just the information provider. I’m in cooperation with Lady Ratzel.”

“An outsider, huh.. So are there any opinions with me taking command?”

“No, That part I don’t mind. I just want to say, If there is a corps that can dedicate to be messenger, wouldn’t it be easier to coordinate the other corps if that corps to become the center?”


“Heh, It seems that you understand.”

“Since you will be in command, isn’t it troublesome if you don’t get the information properly? That’s why please take a look at this.”

While passing through Grandpa Kara, who is pretending to look speechless, I handed the prepared bundle of parchment to Lord Leanor.

Even so, Grandpa Kara acting is good.


“A map that summarizes the locations of the bandit bases, and the travel routes they are using. In addition, it is a document that summarizes information of each gang.”

Lord Leanor is checking the map.

“Well, this is good. A route that is easy to proceed when entering the forest or mountains, and even their approximate patrol route or scout route also writen here.”

“Since I tried so hard to get this information, I don’t want you wasted it. This is what I want to say.”

“I see, i see, Certainly I will be rude to your efforts if I don’t use them. Let’s use it well.”

“I also have a larger map. And since the representative from each corps is here, isn’t it okay if you decide the routes that the other corps will use now?”

I said that while taking out a large map and spread it on the desk.

“You prepared it well. It saves me the trouble. Then, let’s finish this quickly.”

“Lord Leanor will be in charge for their main base, which is said to have their mastermind, right?”

“Of course! My corps is not a coward.”

Sigh, can’t believe he said it pridefully. I know that he just want the merit.

“Then, we will allocate the other corps to other bases, so with which corps do you want the Ragdo corps led by Lady Ratzel to join? Is there anyone want to work with her?”

I say that and pay attention to everyone, but there is no reply.

Well, I was hoping for a reaction like this.

“Then her corps will wait near the trade route as a logistical support. If there is some corps in trouble, her corps will go as reinforcement. Lord Leanor, Is it okay?”

“Of course.”

“Is there anyone want to object? If no, then I will leave each base to each corps.”

This time everyone nodded. I guess unless there are too many predicaments, they will not say anytihng.

Then, the strategy meeting proceeded forward, and each representative left the place to organize their own.

“Well, let’s prepare for this too.”


Illias giving me a sour look.

Ah, Speaking of which, I talked this only to Grandpa Kara.

And somemore I said to Illias to lieave it all to me, but in the end, she will be in logistical support, no wonder she give me that look.

“Grandpa Kara, can you tell the members of the Ragdo corps about the secret operation in the meantime? I will explain it to Illias.”

“Leave it to me!”

“Secret operation?”

“Ah, It just a conspiracy that I thought with Grandpa Kara.”

Then I explain it to her.

“You… Really a cunning person.”

“It’s because they also cunning, so it’s 50:50. And I just want to teach them some lesson.”

When I think that things went according to plan, I start to grin.

Illias who saw my face, making some distance from me.’


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