Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 7

7. For the time being, Let’s try it

“Magic that interferes with the soul of the dead? Illias! just how you dare to pushed the boy into the corner!? Oh, poor you…”

“Do I looked like that kind of person!?”

While they are talking, I’m thinking about ‘That Person’, the one in the center of the bandits. From the sound of it, he/she seems like a person that active behind the scene, so I will just call him/her ‘Black Curtain’ 1.

‘Black Curtain’ is the one who threaten the bandits not to let each other’s information leak out.

That’s even if the bandits got tortured or slaughtered by the knight, they will never leak any information.

Maya is a priest, her job is to healing wounds, and giving prayer for died people to guide their soul.

Then there must be an inhuman magic that is the opposite of that.

I visited the church because I think that they had knowledge about magic that had a negative effect on a person or their soul.

“The bandits are afraid of retribution if they spit any information. And not afraid of executions. Then I guessed it would be an threat that effective even after death.”

“hmm, it’s not like there’s no magic that can call the souls of the dead, but it’s one of the forbidden magic.”

“As I thought, there is that kind of magic.Is it such a dark magic that brings the dead back to life?”

“It’s not like Resuscitation is a Dark Magic. Just that it’s forbidden.”

“…That sounds like a magic that everyone might want, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t say that in front of others, okay? In some countries, just saying that you want it, can be a crime resulting in a death sentence.”

Maya said that with a severe expression… it was the first time I saw her like that.

“It’s that dangerous?”

“Yeah, because it will brings the worst conclusion.”

“The worst conclusion?”

“In the past, There were people who had been revived with Resuscitation Magic. But They all became Demon Lords that resent Human.”

“Demon Lord…”

I heard that word when I asked the Slime’s home. As expected, there is a demon king in this kind of world.

“A King is the existence that builds a country and guides the people. But Demon Lord is the existence that destroy humans and their country.”

“I understand what you want to say. But in the first place, Why do the dead become a Demon Lord when they got resuscitated?”

“That’s… I don’t know. I’ve never used it before. But in the history, it said that by Resuscitation Magic, Demon Lord that take a lot of human lives born. They did that a few times before finally learned their lesson.”

It doesn’t mean that you cannot understand the danger level when you hear the word ‘Demon Lord’.

The typical image of A Demon Lord is an enemy of humankind, an evil who causes many victims and usually defeated by a hero.

Every time one person is brought back to life, that person becomes a Demon Lord, so it’s no wonder that it became forbidden magic.

Are the bandits afraid that they will become the Demon Lord? I have a feeling that’s not it.

“The bandits are afraid of Resuscitation Magic?… No, that’s not it. Maya, is there any magic that you don’t want to use more than this?”

“Hmm… if you want me to say, something like Necromancy.”

Maya said that word with a very disgusting look.

“From the name, Is it a magic that manipulates the soul of the dead?”

“it’s a magic that forcibly pulls out the soul of the dead without doing complete resuscitation, then you could humiliates them in this world”

“It seems that the difficulty level is lower than that of Resuscitation Magic.”

“That’s right. Resuscitation Magic is in higher level that that. That’s why magic that interfere with the souls is forbidden.”

Isn’t it useful to use that to threatens someone?

For example, if you die and are revived then become a Demon Lord, there must be some people that liked it, the Demon Lord birth might be a good thing for ‘Black Curtain’, the one that doing bandit business.

But what about necromancy? its like,”If you betray, even if you die, your soul will dragged out and make sure you suffer more in the future.”, kind of thing.

Now, I understand that bandit’s word better.

“How have the souls called by Necromancer been used?”

“Well, it’s a heresy. Do you think human soul will be treated like a living being? It will be used as an offering, or to be returned to their rotten flesh then ordering them like a demon. It’s really terrible.”

“Do you think that they maintained their consciousness even at that state?”

“Boy… You sure are ask about difficult thing.”

Maya said with a sharp eyes. It’s like she tries to evaluate me.

It’s not like I don’t understand it. From her point of view, there’s someone wanting to know the magic that she hate.

But, to destroy the bandits, there must be no blunder.

“I think that this is an important information. The thing that I want to know is not how to use Necromancy. But it’s the horror of it.”

“You know… There was a time I subdued an evil magician that use Necromancy. That guy use necromancy on the humans he killed, then he put it into the body of a monster. In the end, me and my comrades decided to exterminate the magician and his monsters.”


“In the midst of their dying moment, there was a monster that said ‘Thank you’ to me.”

“Thank you very much.”

Now, I’m sure with one thing. Necromancy is the chain that binds the bandits.

It might be different thing in the end. but I’m sure it will be something similar.

What if, ‘Black Curtain’ show to the bandits what happened to the bandit that betray him, then the bandit will choose to die faster rather than to end like that.

“Maya, The bandit that now in this Tiez is mostly came from Garne, right?”

“I heard that.”

“Could you find me information if there’s any criminal from Garne that might have some relation with Necromancy?”

“Boy, do you think that that guy might have something with the bandits?”

“I’m going to ask the bandits for confirmation after this, I’m sure it’s not to far from this.”

“Okay, I will go and search”

“Then, excuse me.”

Now, I have some material to do something to the bandits. whats left is whether I can use well or not.

I bowed to Maya and left the church.

Illias was listening to him and Maya without any interruption.

He is new to this world. However, he gathered the necessary information and arrived at necromancy.

At first I thought he was smart, but I’m wrong.

“Illias, please watch that boy for me.”


“I think what you are thinking now.”

“That is…”

“That boy is used to malice. And He have some understanding about that world.”

Yes, the young man didn’t realize he was quick to realized that the enemy might have something with necromancy.

He came up with it naturally because he have some understanding about that world.

Illias heard that there was no magic in the world he was in, She does not know what kind of world it is.

She don’t even know what kind of person he is.

When he heard about the forbidden Resuscitation Magic, he casually said that everyone would want it.

And even when when Maya with a bitter face, told him about what kind of end the guy that received Necromancy Magic have, He nodded without any change in his expression.


“I know. That child is not a bad child. I’m sure of it. But, hes’s a dangerous boy who can lose his way rather easily.”

Illias nodded and followed him from behind.

After returning to the barracks, I gathered all the captured bandits.

“Well, I guess I should introduce myself first, I’m your new interrogator, and my name is-…”

MC Illustration

“Shut up kid! What do you want from us! If you want us dead that bad, just kill us already!!”

I can’t even introduce myself properly. I’m so sad.

But I can’t be disheartened.

“Kill me, kill me, sigh… Are you guys that afraid to be victims of necromancy?”

OK, now I’m really sure.

Because everyone showed me a very upset face.


“Don’t mind it too much, and let’s continue our talk first.”

The sight of bandits looking here start to changes.

Hostility, anxiety, vigilance feeling show up from the bandits.

I have some understanding of their kind of people, I could try to threaten them with fear, But I’m not gonna do that since it will be less effective than that from the ‘Black Curtain’.

“Well, after understanding your situation, I’m going to give you a new proposal.”

“A new proposal? is it something like If we talk, you will let us go?”

“I can’t do that. And even if I have the authority, I’m not gonna do that.”

“Then what!?”

“I can change your execution date.”

“… Huh!?”

“If you give me information, I promise that your execution will be after I take care that Necromancer.”

“Just what good will that bring us anyway!?”

“At least, you can die as a human.”

The bandits expression changes.

Well well, shall we start the negotiations?

“This is a negotiation. Negotiation means that the other side got benefit from it. And in this case, What if you could die as a human?”

I walk slowly to them as I explain it.

“Well, let’s explain to you guys about future developments. First of all, if you give any information here, You guys will get the wrath form ‘That person’. Right?”

First, let the other person realize that they understand it.

Make them aware of what matters most.

“But you still won’t die. You will still get your daily meals and live inside your cell.”

And then, make them understand that there is another ending for them.

“Sure, you will continue in jail until we captured the mastermind. But when we’re done with that, I promise that you will be able to die as human.”

While keeping an eye on each bandit. I try to kindly persuade them.

“No more torture for you, so you can use the remaining time to reflect on your life.”

“Y, You guys, I’m not sure if you could do it! And your proposal, do you expect us to believe it!?”

“Well, there’s a possibility that you might revived as a monster by Necromancy magic, so there’s no merit for us if we hurry your execution. If it’s just gonna give him more pawns to use, isn’t it better to extend your execution?”

“But still! even if spit information, we will executed! It’s not about your torture! we don’t need to put ourself in danger!”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Other bandits are also eager to deny this.

This is good.

Until now he was stubborn in choosing one path and never try to move from that path.

But what about now, maybe he have begun to compare the new path with the current path.

“Put your in danger? That’s true. But, It seems like you guys really think that your situation right now is not dangerous too, huh?”

“Wh, what!?”

“Other than getting information from you, do you think we don’t have any chance to find out anything?”

“Th, thats…”

“Actually, it was a coincidence that we found your base this time. But how did you were found, have you ever think that? ‘Someone made a mistake’, ‘Someone betray us’, Did such a thing crossed your mind?”


“Then, if we were lucky enough to know your mastermind’s whereabouts. What do you they he will think? ‘Someone told them the information”Who betray us’…. Well, I wonder who he will think of?”

Once they start comparing the path, the rest is easy.

They should lower the value of the path they have been choosing.

The path they’re taking right now isn’t as safe as they’d imagined, and just by bit of a coincidence, they will have the worst end.

“Will you guys believe in the being that you fear so much? or will you abandon it? This is such an option.”

The bandits are looking at each other.

They’re shaking, so I just need to give the finishing blow.

“Anyway that’s my proposal, so start from tomorrow, the one who interested in it, please encourage yourself. Today, I want you guys to think it carefully. That’s all.”

After that, the seven bandits move as the knights asked, they will be separated in different place.

With this I finished the first step. I could relax a bit.

I’m so tired! It’s hard to give a presentation while the audience keep staring at me!

Looking back, Illias and Grandpa Kara are still there, and they have a face that is hard to say.

“You could corner them in that in that way too, huh. And Boy, You might become a crooked merchant in the future.”

“I’ll pass, I don’t want a life full of grudges. It’s enough if I could live safely.”

“But why did you split them again?”

“Just an insurance, I guess. What if he tell everyone the safest way in that situation and choose to lie? Then there’ll no betrayal, and you get postponed executions and can avoid more interrogation. And even if we uncover their lie, we will waste more time to get them say anything.”

“So that’s why, But will they give out some information with this?”

“Maybe not.”


“And that’s why I have a request to Grandpa Kara. I’m sorry that it might be a bad thing…”

“No problem, just say it.”

“Lend me your ear… whisper, whisper.”

“H, hey! let me hear it too!”

I whispered the finishing blow that need to be done, to Illias and Grandpa Kara.

Grandpa Kara closed his eyes and groaned, and Illias looked at me with a unbelievable face.

“What a guy…!!”

She said that.

“Really, what a scoundrel…”

“It’s nothing much, just an idea from a brat. However, this is a job that only Grandpa Kara and the Knights can do.”

“I can’t go back to my word.Hmm, very well, let me be your accomplice.”

“Ugh… But… If it’s for the people’s sake… There’s no other choice…!”

There are various ways to obtain concessions from the other party in negotiations, but if you are on an equal footing, the first thing you need to do is to let the other person understand that there is a benefit for them.

Only by understanding the merits, people will try to accept new things.

Next, be sure to explain the disadvantage of the negotiation. Failure to do this will give the other person a sense of distrust.

If the disadvantage can be understand with a little thought, it is better to tell it first, so that it show your sincerity.

And you need to give the last push, don’t forget this.


  1. It written 黒幕(Kuromaku) in the source, and it seems that Kuromaku a.k.a Black Curtain is one of a title for a person who has influence behind the curtain in japan, so it’s like Wire-puller.

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