Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 5

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5.For the time being, It’s terrible

The speed when human walking are 4 km/h. And when running are 12 km/h.
I remembered that I need 4-5 hours to descend from mountain, walking inside the forest, found the road and met Illias.
So, from the place I jokingly put the mark, I moved around 10-20 km.

Around 1 hour have passed since we departed from the castle at evening until we reached the place I put mark on.
Hmm, I guess human can run with speed 20 km/h too.

The knights, each of them wears full-body armor and carries weapon.
Sword, battle axe, mallet, spear, all of them looks heavy. I wonder what are they made of.

I’m really interested in the average specs of this world’s people.
And some more, Illias carrying an adult male in her shoulder.

Oh, She take me out from the bag.

“I’m glad that we can reach the place before the sun set. I remember the mark supposedly… around here.”

The view changes as the night arrived.

I’m kind of afraid if the found out my inner thought that I wrote on the tree.
But, it kind of a peculiar tree, so I can found it without trouble.

“Their base is in that direction, but don’t the bandits will notice if we go up straight from here with this many people? They frequently walking around here.”
“Right. It’s bad if they start to run away.”

Hmm, Iliias make a thinking face.
She really looks like a dignified knight now.

“What to do…”

She ask with a straight face while sweat run down from her forehead. Really, she’s just a muscle-brain.

“Really, what to do…”

Grandpa knights mutter with a worried face.

So, I have no choice but to give them help.

“First, we go up to the river that located near their base. It’s really just on the side from their base. Then, we go to their base from there.”

I remember the shape of the river. And since the bandits sometime use the river too, there must be a road lead to their base.

Now that I think about it, I thought that the river will lead me to a place that people live. But, in the end I never knew where the river lead to. Maybe it’s a lake.

“I see, if we go with that plan, it will be hard to be detected with detection magic too.”

The word that I’m not used to hear before came out. Eh, the bandits can use that kind of stuff? they are not even a magic knight, so magic bandits?

Now, I understood what are they worried while thinking before.
While I was thinking how to get near them in stealth, they were thinking how to not get spotted by the detection magic.

So, it’s not just a problem like if we make a sound then we just need to run and hide. If they start to get uneasy, they will start checking around with detection magic.

Usually inside a game, when I get an infiltration mission, The enemies field of vision is about 90 degrees.

But in this situation, The bandits have antenna of every direction, and I can’t even hide using obstacles.

Isn’t the difficulty too hard?

“If they have detection magic, wouldn’t we get noticed when we get near the cave?”
“We will definitely get noticed, that’s if they use their magic periodically. But when they use their magic we will also feel it. If we got noticed while on the way to their base, they might start to run away in every direction. But if it’s near their base, they need to take away their treasure too. So, in conclusion, we just need to wipe them out all at once.”

That’s a lot confident they have.
They really are muscle-brain people. But, maybe that’s the reason for their confident.

And up until now they marched here with speed of 20 km/h.

So, if it’s a short distance, I bet it’s not a problem for them.

If we really unlucky and encounter them on the way, and they spreads the information to the other by any means, even if we caught the person in front of our eyes, their colleagues might run away.

But, if we drive them to the corner, it might be possible to wipe them out all at once.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Illias and the knights start to move inside the forest that usually out of human reach. Going through the forest, then go in to the mounatin.

Again, I’m really shocked with their speed.

When I was descending from the mountain, I was desperate clearing the spiderweb and struggling to not get caught in the surrounding plants.
But, for them it’s nothing. if it looks like a road, they just continue that way.

And even if we go up the mountain, no one is out of breath, not even Illias.

I stare at her with an indescribable expression.

“I see the river.”

The sun has already set.

I can only depend on the light from the moonlight that passed through the gap of trees. But, they continue to move even without any worries.

If she put me down and asked me to walk by myself to follow them, I’m sure that I will fall off somewhere.

Is there night-vision magic too? Our pace are too smooth however I think about this.

“Could we move a bit to the higher ground. I feel that this spot is wider than from what I remembered.”

Then, after we go up following the river for a while, I start to see the spot of the river that looked like in my memory.

Now, following the river side, I just need to find the spot that looked like in my memory. But it’s hard to search around because it’s too dark.

“I think it’s around… here?”

Finally, she put me down. Then, while I’m walking carefully, I heard something got kicked.

While I react with unpleasant feeling, I see the thing that got kicked.


I thought that I stopped breathing for a moment. I see a human arm rolling on the ground.

The bandits that I saw before start to passing my mind.

That’s right. One of the bandit near the cave brought human arm around.
The human arm that I saw at that time have some ornaments on it.

But the arm that rolling now doesn’t have any.
Maybe the arm got chopped around this river, and the one that have no value got abandoned here.

“This… maybe an arm of the merchant that got attacked.”
“It’s miserable… well, let me bring it back. It’s too pitiful if it become food for beast.”

One of the knight start to pray lightly and pick up the arm. Then, he start to clean the arm using the river water and carefully put it inside the bag that we brought.

The other knights makes a severe expression.

Around the place where the arm rolled, there was a road.
I’m sure If we follow it, we will reach the cave.

When I pointed the road, the knights start to hold their weapon and walk silently.

A cave in the middle of mountain. A bands of bandits made it to be their base.
One person guarding the entrance of the cave. He looked bored.
In this kind of mountain, the only for purpose for the lookout is to keep it safe from any wild beast.

But, I think the beast that live in the deepest part of this mountain is too hard to deal even for them.

If the bear, that’s more than 4 meters high, give a surprise attack, they will die in a moment.

As expected it’s hard to keep your life, if you go the deepest part of the ‘Black Demon Lord’s Killer Mountain’.

yawn…hmm? It’s time already?”

While yawning, another bandit come out from the cave.

“Noope, I just want to pee, it’s not the time yet.”
“Please, don’t do it in my sight.”
“Yeah, yeah.”

And his comrade goes in to the shade of tree.

It’s too boring that he start to take out a cigarette. He got it from the merchant that he robbed last time.

He start to ignite flame from the tip of his finger.

“Ugh… it’s no fun to just killing fat merchant, sometimes I need girl too.”

He stare at the moon while smoking. Then after around 30 minutes, He throw the cigarette to the ground and step on it.

“He’s so slow… does he go to shit?”

The guard mumbling while looking at the direction of his comrade went to.
He feel that’s something strange.
In the middle of night, He feel some gaze from inside the bushes.


The guard start using detection magic.

You must thoroughly search any place that you have doubt, this is the rule.

When someone start using detection magic, he can perceive any mana in 50 meters range.

If it’s a human, then it will be in human shape, and he can identify where the human are.

If it’s just a beast without a lot of mana, it will just look like a little haze.

He think that in the end, it might just a silhouette of his comrade that taking shit.

“… What!?”

When he noticed that many mana with a human shape surrounding the entrance, his head got blown away with a spear.

The other bandit inside the cave start to get tense.
Since the one who’s guarding the entrance start using his detection magic.

They think maybe it’s still okay. Because, if the guy in the lookout right now will immediately tell them if he feel something strange.

But, the detection magic suddenly stopped.

Supposedly, the magic will naturally stop after around 10 seconds, but it’s not even a few second and it stopped.

The only possibility are, either the caster release it or the caster died.
Interfering from their fellow comrade is unthinkable.

So, there is only one reason they can think of.


The other bandits that still sleeping start to jump out and take some weapon.

The battle start. One of the knight quickly strangle the bandit that came into the bushes.

While we make our position near the entrance, suddenly one of the knight throw his spear and kill the guard.

“He used detection magic. I clean up the caster, but their comrade will notice soon!”

The knight that threw the spear shout that word.

At same timing, the other knights start to jump out, and rushed into the cave.

Their speed like a leopard that chasing it’s prey.

Soon after that, someone scream can be heard from the cave.
It doesn’t sound like one of the knight.

“We should go too. Don’t stray too far from me.”
“Y, Yeah.”

I positioned myself as the rear, then go into the cave together with Iliias.

Our comrade that just went into a fierce battle, they doesn’t look like in a rush anymore.

After we passed through the narrow ceiling, soon we reached a big cavity.

A lot of torch on the wall, so the interior is quite bright.

Therefore, the sight inside was clearly visible.


I see the knights fighting the bandits.
No, it’s hard to say that they are fighting, it’s just one-sided massacre.

The bandits move faster than any wild animals, their number are triple of ours, and they cooperate with each other, so there’s no one-on-one fight with the knight.

But, The knights are too strong.

From the back and front, the bandits tried to attack the knight, but with one spear swing of the knight, the bandit’s arms blown away one by one.

The bandits that holding a shield and try to take the attack, get smashed with a mallet.

When the knight attacking with a battle axe, some of the bandits got blown away to the wall by the wind pressure.

The bandits can’t handle a frontal battle…. Even challenging one of the knight seems impossible for them.

I start getting nausea after seeing the massacre scene.
But I hold it up.

All the fighting figures of the knights were so impressive.

More than fearing them, I admire them.

“Don’t kill the one that surrender! But, don’t hold back to anyone who try to escape!”
“Yes Ma’am!”

Together with Illias command, the knight raises their voice.

The bandits were fighting back desperately at the beginning, but the outcome already decided.

There was those who crouching on the ground with severe wound, and there was those who have already been cut into pieces of meat

It’s the end for the bandits who still have the will to fight.

“So noisy!”

The cave shaking and the knight stop their movement.

There was more cavity inside the deeper part of the cave. from one of it big-muscular bandit came out.

He’s big. No, it’s more like a giant.

I thought that there was something wrong my sense of distance.

He’s even bigger than that 4 meters bear. Maybe he is around 5 meters.

A rock larger than an adult man on his arm, chainned with multiple chain to a mallet.

“What… the…”
“You, knights are messing around in my bed…”

So, he is the master of the bandits. An immage of those who had a prominent power passing my mind,
but, isn’t their race different? or there is a Giant race here?

The knights backed down. Of course there is a need to be vigilant to this giant.

W..what!? Illias move quickly to the giant’s head.

“Are you the boss? There was no report about you. Maybe because it’s impossible to down from the mountain with that figure.”

The giant swing down his mallet.
There is nothing can be do. Illias is also a knight! I hope she can avoid it.

Then a tremor runs through the cave.

At the same time he got stunned.
Illias stopped the mallet with one hand.

“What’s wrong? Is that giant body only for show?”
“This bitch…!”

There is a cracking sound, and then the mallet shattered.

She smashed it with one hand. She’s really a gorilla.

Even the giant got surprissed with her superhuman strength.

“It’s too troublesome to bring your giant body back. I’ll just judge you for all of your sins, right here right now!”

Iliias take out her sword.

Wait, isn’t the scabbard still intact?
While I was thinking about it, The giant bounced back.

“ugh… ah…”

The giant’s abdomen got blown away, then following it his head fall down to the ground.

At the same time the knight cheers can be heard.

“Make sure to search for any bandits who could escape our grasp with detection magic! And bring back the one who survived!”

Illias walk to my side like nothing happened.

“Seems like everything end safely.”
“Well, I’m definitely going to develop a trauma from this…”
“What? this is a success, so isn’t it supposedly you feel impressed with the knight?”

Illias protest with a slightly unsatisfied face.

“Why you didn’t draw your sword at the end?”
“Hmph… I don’t want my sword to be stained with their dirty blood.”
“Really? I thought I saw you trying to draw it, but it got stuck in it’s scabbard. I guess it was just my imagination then.”
“…That’s not…”
“Okay, okay! I get it, so please lower your sword, I beg you!”

No bandits escaped in the end.
Of the 34 bandits including the boss, 7 were captured and the others died.

The robbed goods got safely recovered too.

Just like this, the bandit extermination was successfully completed. and we start going down from this mountain.

Of course, I, an ordinary person, got carried again. And I’m afraid of her superhuman strength more than before.

Somewhere around the deepest part of the forest in Tiez territory. There laid another base of bandits.

There was a part of forest that got cleaned up. At there, some simple tent lined up and the largest tent in the middle stand out among all.

Inside that tent, A one-armed man sit down in luxury chair listening to his subordinate’s story.

“Gidou and his crew were defeated?”
“Yes boss, When I went there, only corpses left. Gidou’s corpse was also there.”
“What about our treasure?”
“It’s too bad, but it look like that the Tiez knights bring it back with them.”
“That place is quite deep inside the mountain.If they didn’t knew the exact location beforehand, they will need a few months to found it. But it’s hard to believe if the knight searching around that area stealthily.”
“Maybe he some of the Gidou’s men got followed?”
“No, I know that Gidou is stupid, but his men got my teaching, That measurement to not get followed must be enough.”

This man name is Docolla.
Formerly a famous bandit in neighbouring country called Garne.

But, since Garne national power increased because of the new king, he move his base to Tiez.

Then He gather other bandits that run away from Garne territory, and be the one who manage them, and formed ‘Bandit Alliance’.

Different from Garne territories which mostly plains and difficult to find place to hide, Tiez which has mountain forest that people rarely visit is like a feeding ground for them.

One day, Docolla live on the dark side of a country knew something that should not be known. Because of it, his live got aimed.

He lost one of his arm at that time.He can’t do anymore assassination properly, so he changed his way of life to a bandit.

Based on these experiences, Docolla knows a lot of tracking techniques for spying.

By sharing a part of it with the bandits, he lowered the probability of alliance’s crew got captured and increasing the rate of looting by exchanging information.

This allowed them to got out from Tiez knight grasp a lot.

“What is it? what kind of method did they use huh?”

Did they bring a child with no mana then accidentally get lost in the mountain and found the cave? The probability of this happen almost none.

“Tell the other crew to refrain from flashy actions for a while. and when exploring, see the movement of the other party.”
“Yes boss, and when I tried to count the number of the corpse in Gideo place, I think that some of them got captured, and one of them is the guy who make a lot of contact with us.”
“Are you worried that he will get tortured and then spill out a lot of our information? Relax. That guy is not stupid. He knows well that our wrath are scarier than a mere knight’s torture. More than living in fear of our wrath after he spilled our information, I bet he will choose to die by torture.”

Docolla demonstrate the end of the traitor to all the crew before.

That’s using torture techniques that he use while still living in the dark side,

He made the others to think that an upright knight’s torture is just a service that kills you fast.

“Increase the stock of Magic Sealing Stones and install more traps!”
“Yes boss!”
“Well, let’s see what Tiez will do next.”


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