Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 4

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4.For the time being, Put me down please

“It seems that you don’t lie.”

How I came to this world from another world, called ‘Earth’.
How I came down from the mountain to this Kingdom.
I talked all of it to both of them.

I don’t know the reason. And of course, I don’t have any proof with me either.

Ah, come to think of it, this knight called Illias and the girl beside her called Maya.
They told me their name when I told them mine.

This information doesn’t seems important to them.
Their reaction just like when someone said that cockroach came out in their house.

“I thought that I will die, when the bear start to attacked me. But, that bear got eaten by slime.”

It seems like this one is important information.

“You, did you seriously came from the mountain called ‘Black Demon Lord’s Killer Mountain’ !? “

Seriously!? that name sound like a mix of famous brands of sake. And I feel like taking a sip of it.

“The first mountain has a lot of translucent trunk, and even though it was night, overgrown leaf that shining can be found everywhere.”
“Why are you still alive!?”

Even though I just explained my situation, my existence got questioned.

I’m kind of sad.

“I’m sorry for being alive.”
“That’s not what I mean. That place is so dangerous that not even a dragon want to get close.”

It seems like dragon exist somewhere. I’ll add it in my ‘must-see’ list.

The reason why I understand the word ‘Dragon’ or ‘Slime’, maybe because of the possession skill that was cast on me by Maya.

In fact maybe that was not how they called here, but the existence that I’m trying to convey got translated by the spirit to be easily understood by them.

That’s why I want to believe that ‘Black Demon Lord’s Killer’ is a name that’s forcefully translated by the spirit.

Rather, even Demon Lord could be killed by that Slime? I’m anxious with the power balance in this world.

“But, there was a bear there.”
“That’s because the bear ate Rye Fruit. Slime’s mana that disperse in that surrounding area, even a normal terrain could grow magic grass.
so, eating that fruit will get your mind manipulated and make you want to go to the slime’s nest.”

Wow, so scary.
The fruit scattered around the ground, and if you eat it, your mind will get manipulated.

Even though I ate an adequate amount of that fruit around that tree, I’m glad that my mind didn’t get manipulated yet.

“By the way, the abundant amount of fruits that you hold are that.”

I remembered that I used it as my staple food.
Maybe that’s why, on my way out from the mountain I got a strange urge to go back to the slime’s nest.
That place feels so cozy, it made me want to go back there and live there.

“Maybe, it doesn’t work on human?”
“That’s not true. But, the further you are from it, there will be almost no effect.”
“But, I ate it near that Slime.”
“Maybe because the mana inside your body is low? Rye Fruit is made by Slime’s mana, so every time you harvesting the fruit, your mind will start to get manipulated.
So it’s just that your mana is too low, that the effect of mind control didn’t activate properly.”

So that’s why!

I was saved by my small fry like MP that is only 1.

In this case, I should be happy and not sad.

“If it’s like that, maybe the reason why you survived is because of your small amount of mana. Certainly, that Slime will attacked the bear which has more mana than you.”
“And it reacted to sound too.”
“Right, even insect will be eaten, so it’s no wonder that Slime has that feature.”

So it’s like that. In short, that omnivorous Slime while attacking the one it detected with a lot of mana aggressively, the one that moving around it will also get eaten.

So it didn’t try hard to eat me, who has almost no mana, because it think that I have no worth.

“It’s great to be alive.”
“Do you want to be affiliated with my church? I will make you pray everyday”
“ahem, so after moving until the neighboring mountains, you go down from the the forest and reached Tiez. Without any equipment, it must be hard.”
“For equipment, I have a splendid wooden stick, that is also my reliable partner.”
“That!? Sorry. But it became fuel for the fire.”

It looked like that my partner, that accompany me through the mountain, just became ash.

My sworn friend ‘Wooden’ flashback, start to rolling inside my brain with a sad song.

“…The God has died”
“Don’t you suddenly take my job away!”
“It’s good that you didn’t met the bandits. Right now, a lot of bandits roaming around this territory. If you met them inside the forest, I bet you wouldn’t be here now.”

Now that she mention it. At that time, I’m happily walking when I found the road, now after I calmed down, that area was really dangerous isn’t it! I was careless!

“Is that so? Thank god I met them inside the mountain.”
“Oh, above all… wait!”

Illias became stiff. Amazing, her face right now look funny.
This girl can make this kind of expression too huh.

“You… met them inside the mountain?”
“They were a bunch of dangerous people. Walking around while bringing human’s arm…”
“Where!? Where did you see them!?”

She move to my side faster than the Slime, and straight grab my chest.
Wait, stop, my brain, shaking, my energy, I’m gonna die, this Gorilla…

Illias shaking our Mc Illustration

“Illias, you’re gonna kill that kid!”
“Ah! fo…forgive me.”
cough!, cough!”

While coughing with teary eyes, I think that was the closest I got to death since I came to this world. I’m sure of it.
It remind me of the past, when my chest got grabbed by a drunk bodybuilder. But, she got more power than them.
I forgot that human can die easily.

After arranged my breathing, I told them that when I followed the river, there was a bridge with broken rope. and after that, I found a cave and came across the bandit around there.
Then, when I was descending from the mountain, I passed a lot of bandits.

Illias trembling angrily.
I heard that the bandits have a base inside the mountain, and it’s very hard to find ther location, and Illias received the order for getting rid them just yesterday.

“I can’t afford to stay still! I need to assemble subjugation squad immediately!”
“Wait, the kid came here in rush right? I wonder if he remember the exact place in detail.”
“Now that I think about it, I left a mark on the tree when I walk through the forest.”
“The circumstances is too good that I’m moved by it. Is it alright to hug you?”
“If possible, please be gentle”
“Both of you are in good terms huh.”

It look like that I will be in charge for leading them to the cave that the bandits use as their base.

Now, it’s evening. in front of the castle gate, Illias carried me inside a bag,
poor traveler from the another world and the one who look like just a baggage for her, standing in front of the other knights.

I don’t know whether they are from the same unit with Illias or not, but with me included makes it 10 people.
Most of them looks like already in old age, but I’m sure they are experts.
But still, isn’t this kind of treatment is weird? or it’s just that she like to carry baggage with her?

“All of you! Today, based on information from some traveler, I got a report that inside the mountain, there is a cave where bandits lurking around it.We need to be in the offense and capture them immediately!”
“Yes Ma’am!”
“What the! No, it’s a gift from god that we will be the one who will subjugate them!”
“Definitely it’s a god’s will for Lady Ratzel.”

With the announcement from Illias, I feel that the morale of the knights starting to go up. It’s hard to believe that they will be just a hindrance.

“It’s hard to assemble a lot of personnel in a rush, so we lack of people. But, with all of your courage, the one who’s lacking is the bandits, not us!”
“Yes Ma’am!”
“Don’t you bring any shame to the knights that failed this mission before! We are going to overthrown the mountain!”

Even though I thought that Illias is gorilla, maybe all of them also gorilla.
I don’t know whether it’s because of their high morale or not, but the sound of the weapon shaking is weird.
Just now, there was someone weapon hit the ground, but it’s the ground that is shaking.
They really doesn’t look like a hindrance at all.

“Okay, Let’s go!”
“Wait, Illias”
“What? There is something you wanna say?”
“Before we go, could you treat me a bit better?”
“Can’t you treat me like a normal person?”
“… hah!”
“I thought that you like to be carried in someone shoulder?”

Therefore the knights led by Illias, will go to attack the bandit’s base.


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