Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 4

Translator : Kinokura
Editor : Alany

4.For the time being, Put me down please

  “It seems that you aren’t lying.”


How I came from another world called Earth.

How I came down from the slope of the mountain and into this Kingdom.

I didn’t know the reason why I migrated. And of course, I didn’t have any show of proof that I came from Earth.

All I did was just talk about my experiences up till now.

Ah, also it seemed that this knight is called, “Illias” and the woman beside her is called, “Maya”.

They told me both their names after I gave them mine.

“It’s pretty hard to believe… But I believe in Maya.”

“It was tough right from the moment I arrived here. Suddenly appearing on the side of a mountain, then right after that, I come face to face with a bear.”

“Ara, that must be hard.”

“For an ordinary person, even a bear is a threat.”

Apparently, this isn’t important information to them.

Hearing my words, their reaction seems mundane, it was just like, ‘I see… well it doesn’t matter to me’ kind of reaction.

“When the bear started to attack me, I thought that I would die at that moment. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, that bear got eaten by a slime.”

“ “!!!?” ”

Apparently, this is important information.

This time, they looked surprised.

“You, did you seriously come from the mountain called ‘Black Demon Lord’s Killer Mountain’ !? “

Seriously!? that name sound like a mix of famous brands of sake. And I feel like taking a sip of it. [TN: Just to say, there is a sake called, Maou (Demon Lord) also, Onigoroshi (Oni’s Killer), so yeah ]

“The first mountain had a lot of translucent trunks, and even though it was night, overgrown leaves that had a shining reflection effect could be found everywhere.”

“Why are you still alive?”

Even though, I just explained my situation, my existence got questioned. This actually made me kind of sad.

“I’m sorry for being alive.”

“That’s not what I meant. That place is so dangerous that not even a dragon wants to get close.”

It seems like a dragon exists somewhere in this world. I’ll add that to my ‘must-see’ list.

The reason why I understand the word ‘Dragon’ or ‘Slime’, must be because of the possession skill that was cast on me.

In fact, maybe that’s not how it’s called here, but the words we are expressly saying are conveyed after they get translated by the spirit, so that it can be easily understood by one another.

That’s why I want to believe that ‘Black Demon Lord’s Killer’ is a name that’s forcefully translated.

Wait a moment…, even a Demon Lord could be killed by that Slime? Is power balance of this world warped?

“But, there was a bear there.”

“That’s because it ate the rye fruits. The Slime’s Mana disperses around the surrounding area, as a result even normal terrain could grow grass that has the Slime’s Mana infused into it. So, in the end, eating that fruit will get your mind manipulated and make you go towards the direction of the slime’s nest.”

Wow, that’s frightening.

The fruits were scattered all around the forest, so if you eat them, your mind will get manipulated.

Although, I ate an adequate amount of that rye fruit that was around the area, I’m glad that my mind didn’t get manipulated.

“By the way, the abundant number of fruits that you’re holding, is that.”

And, I used that as my staple food, that’s… Even more frightening.

Ah, maybe that’s why, on my way down the mountain, I suddenly got the strange temptation to go back to the slime’s nest.

That place felt so cozy, it made me want to go back and live there.

“Maybe, it doesn’t work on humans?”

“That’s not true. But, once you distance yourself far enough, there’ll be almost no effect.”

“But, I ate it near that Slime.”

“Maybe because the mana inside your body is low. Rye Fruit is made by the Slime’s mana, so every time you’re harvesting that fruit, the mind control will be carried out. However, the mana that present in your body is too low, making it so that the effects of mind control to not activate properly.”

I see, I was saved by my small fry like MP that’s only 1, is it? But in this case, I should be happy, and not sad that I’m alive.

“If it’s like that, maybe the reason why you survived is because of your small amount of mana. Certainly, that Slime would attack the prey that has more mana.”

“It reacted to sound too.”

“Right. Even insects will be eaten, so it’s the troublesome ability.”

I see, so it’s like that huh. In short, that omnivorous Slime would attack the one it detected with a lot of mana first aggressively, after that it will direct its attention to the one moving around it.

It didn’t try hard to eat me, because of my small fry MP that’s at like level 1.

“It’s great to be alive.”

“Do you want to be affiliated with my church? I will make sure you pray every day.”

COUGH!!… So, after moving to the neighboring mountains, you go down the forest and reached Tiez. Without any equipment at that, it must have been hard.”

“For equipment, I have a splendid wooden stick, that also works as my reliable partner.”

“That stick? Oh… Sorry. But it became fuel for the fire.”

Seems like my partner, with whom I spend my time on the mountain together, just became ash.

Thinking about my partner, the flashback of my sworn partner ‘Wooden’ was rolling inside my brain with a sad song.

” ―― God died”

“Hey, don’t you selfishly make me lose my job!”

“It’s good that you didn’t meet any bandits. Right now, a lot of bandits are roaming around this territory. If you would have met them inside the forest, I bet you wouldn’t be here now.”

Now that you mention it. At that time, I was happily walking when I found the road, but now that I think about it, that area was really dangerous, wasn’t it? I was careless!

“Is that so? Thank god I only met them inside the mountain.”

“Oh, glad that you―― Huh?”

Illias-san stiffed.

Amazing, her face looks really funny right now.

This girl can make this kind of expression too huh?

“You met them… inside the mountain?”

“They were a bunch of dangerous people walking around while bringing the arm of a corpse. ―”

“Where!? Where did you see them!?”

She approached me faster than the Slime, and suddenly grab my shirt around the chest area.

Wait, stop, my brain, shaking, my energy, I’m dying, this goril――

Illias shaking our Mc Illustration

“Illias, you’re killing the kid!”

“Ah! F-forgive me.”


While coughing with teary eyes, at that moment, that was the closest I got to death since I came to this world. For sure.

It reminded me of the past, when my chest got grabbed by a drunk bodybuilder. But, she got more power than them.

Humans could die just by getting shaken. I learned this fact today.

Anyways, after arranging my breathing, I told them that when I followed the river downstream, there was a bridge that was broken and after that, I found a cave and came across the bandit around there.

Then, when I was descending the mountain, I passed by a lot of bandits.

Illias-san was trembling angrily.

Illias heard that the bandits had a base inside the mountain, and it was very difficult to find their location, and she received the order for getting rid of them just yesterday.

“I can’t afford to stay still! I need to assemble a subjugation squad immediately!”

“Wait, the kid came here in rush, right? So, I wonder if he remembers the exact place in detail.”

“Now that I think about it, I left a mark on the tree, when I went inside the forest.”

“The circumstances are too good that I’m moved by it. Is it all right to hug you?”

“If possible, please be gentle”

“Both of you are getting along well huh.”

After that, it was decided that I would be in charge of leading them to the base of the bandits.

The time was evening, in front gate of the castle, Illias-san was standing in front of her personnel with me being carried on her shoulder. Nothing to see here, just some poor traveler from another world, looking like baggage to her.

Hmm… I don’t know if whether they are from the same unit as Illias-san or not, but with me included, it’s 10 people.

Most of them look like already in their old age, but that also means, they are experts.

But more than that, aren’t the way you treating me weird? or it’s just that you like to carry baggage with you?

“All of you! Today, based on information from some travelers, I got a report that inside the mountain, there is a cave where the bandits are lurking around it. We need to be on the offense and capture the bandits immediately!”

“Yes Ma’am!!”

“What luck! No, it’s a miracle that we will be the ones to subjugate them!”

“Definitely it’s God’s will for Lady Ratzell.”

With the announcement from Illias-san, I felt that the morale of the knights started to rise.

Unfortunately, I would only be baggage for this matter.

 “It’s hard to assemble a lot of personnel in a rush, so we lack people. But, with all of your courage, the one who’s lacking are the bandits, not us!”

 “Yes Ma’am!”

“Don’t you bring any shame to the knights that failed this mission before us!”

And here I thought that Illias-san was the only gorilla, but maybe all of them are gorillas.

I don’t know whether it was because of their high morale, but the sound of their weapons shaking was weird.

Just now, there was someone’s weapon hitting the ground, wait… it was the ground that was shaking.

“Okay, Let’s go!”

“Wait, Illias-san”

“What? You’ve got something to say?”

“Before we go, could you treat me a bit better?”


“Can’t you treat me like a normal person?”

“… Huh?”

“Oh, young man, I thought that you liked being carried on someone’s shoulder?”

Thus, the knight’s unit led by Illias-san, would attempt to attack the bandit’s base.


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