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-I’m still alive. Well, life didn’t go as plan. Anyway, I’m going back home after a long time of recovery, like soon (For real). Then, I’ll start posting again. Most likely next week. (At max, some time before Christmas)

-I’m updating Yumemiru Danshi again, but it’s mostly stocked chs, so it won’t disturb any of other release. More detailed reason you can check on ch 51 (For those who’re interested).

Status of the projects :
Nigoru Hitomi – Updating and another re-edit of early chs (Done to ch 75, should be better now?)
Teisou Gyakuten Kishi – Updating (Continue most likely this weekend)
Danjohi Jinsei – Updating (At the moment, stockpiling chs, plan to release daily again, most likely this weekend)
Yumemiru Danshi – Updating (Mostly releasing stocked chs) + Editing the old chapters (Slow)
Taikutsu-girai – Editing old chs (Really Really Slow since the author seems on hiatus again, plan to continue after done with re-edit)
Masho Otoko – Ended (Will update the quality of early chs when I have more free times)
Yousei Bishoujo – Ended

Re-edit to the best of I could offer list:
1. Yousei Bishoujo (Done)
2. Nigoru Hitomi (Done)
3. Yumemiru Danshi (Up to ch 13)
4. Taikutsu-girai (29/52)
5. Masho Otoko


So, I forgot to say this, but Isekai Demo – Dropped (Other TL will take it)

In short, I’m not a native English Speaker.
I’m doing this with the intention
to improve my English (Writing Skill)
and I’m doing this alone, without an editor.
So, I’m sorry to say this, but there’ll be a lot of errors.

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  1. Lmao they seriously thought Highserk soldiers would sacrifice their lives fighting the monstere and then they could easily stroll in…